Getting Approved For Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Life Insurance

Trustpilot Is aortic aneurysm fatal? The pain of aortic aneurysm bursts is often sudden and severe, with 8 out 10 people dying before they reach the hospital. If you suspect that your loved one has experienced these symptoms then it’s important to take them immediately for surgery! This is why life insurance companies take this…
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guaranteed life insurance no waiting period

“The Truth” Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance and No Waiting Period

Trustpilot You will find out about guaranteed acceptance life insurance no waiting period and what the TRUTH is, so read on! As a senior looking for life insurance you may come across many advertisements on TV and in your mailbox. Please understand that ALL of these you see on TV and in the mailbox on…
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Top 6 Final Expense Companies To Avoid At ALL Costs

Above all, being a senior and wanting to take care of end-of-life needs so your family doesn’t have to you must beware of final expense companies that mislead you. In fact, most final expense companies that seniors interact with really put them in harm’s way. For example, anything you get cluttered in your mailbox via…
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Is ethos a legit company?

The Truth About Ethos Burial Insurance [2022 Review]

After reading this review, you will never want to buy final expense insurance from Ethos. They have an archaic waiting period of two years and their website is misleading (we’ll show how). Is ethos a legit company? Ethos life is underwritten by AAA Life Insurance Company. Ethos offers a guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance plan…
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Pros and Cons of Modified Whole Life Insurance

The Truth About Modified Whole Life Insurance Policies

Looking for Senior funeral insurance with health impairments? Then modified whole life may be right for you. You’ve come to the right place! A modified whole life policy is permanent life insurance great option for those who need senior policies and aren’t covered by an employer or another form of coverage. We’ll explain how these…
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Can you get life insurance at age 86

How To Purchase Life Insurance at 86 Years of Age

Can you purchase life insurance for 86 year old seniors? It’s never too late to start planning for your future and purchasing whole life insurance is a good way to do this. You may think that buying it at 86 years old would be difficult but there are many companies that will work with someone…
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Can you get life insurance if you are 86 and over

The Truth About Life Insurance for Seniors Over 85

It’s never too late to protect themselves and their loved ones with life insurance. We found the best carrier for seniors over 85 who don’t need a medical exam or waiting period, just call us now!! My name is Danny Ray and I am a life insurance expert that has written over 9000 policies and…
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Overview of State Farm Life Insurance

The Truth About State Farm Burial Insurance [Review]

State Farm offers burial insurance to cover the costs of funerals and burials. To find out more about their coverage, continue to read this review! We’ll be discussing how you can get a quote for burial insurance if you’re eligible, what it will cost, and where to buy it. You’ll also learn about any associated…
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Foresters Life Insurance Company

The Truth About Foresters Burial Insurance Review 2022

Foresters Financial life insurance is the fifth largest final expense insurance provider in Canada, and also the US and UK. In addition, one of the top final expense carriers in the US. They are part of the funeral insurance business. We’ll examine their historical history and their burial insurance products. Their service includes Life and…
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Our Review For Gerber Life Burial Insurance

The Truth About Gerber Life Burial Insurance Review

Gerber Life Insurance is a company that offers life insurance policy to senior citizens. This blog post will discuss the pros and cons of Gerber Whole Life Insurance, as well as what you need to know when considering this type of insurance. This is our 2021 Gerber Life Burial Insurance Review. Gerber Is Not Just…
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What Is A 25000 Whole Life Policy And What Are The Basics

How To Get The Best $25000 Whole Life Insurance Policy

A 25000 whole life insurance policy? How much is 25k? You came to the right place. If you want to find the best whole life insurance rates, but can’t get any lower than $50-100K – then this is your lucky day. We’ll show how small policies work and make sure that no matter what level…
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What Happens When you Donate Your Body to Science in USA

The Truth About What Happens When You Donate Your Body to Science

Donating your body to science is a way of giving back after death. With this in mind, it can offer hope for future generations. By donating you are helping others live longer lives with less pain in some cases! If you qualify for donating your body to science it is a much cheaper way of…
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What Companies Does Life Insurance Savings Group Offer

The Truth About Life Insurance Savings Group Reviews

Trustpilot Life Insurance Savings Group is known for selling final expense and term life insurance. But has their track record of providing good coverage been consistent? Should you be worried about them paying a death benefit? We checked them out, and many people are left wondering whether or not this company’s plans will actually save…
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Open Care Final Expense Coverage Plans, Who Are They

The Truth About Open Care Final Expense Plans Reviews & Rates

Trustpilot Is Open Care Insurance Company good? Well, they are NOT an insurance company, they are an agency! Maybe you have seen other Open Care Senior Plan Reviews, but we dig deep under the surface! As your loved ones age, it’s important to be prepared for the inevitable. You never know when the time will…
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Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Reviews

The Truth About Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage [2022 Review]

Trustpilot My funeral arrangements need to be taken care of when I die!! Is Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Legit? Is the advantage program legit? The Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Program is a life insurance package that promises to help you pay for your final expenses. It is offered by the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society or…
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The history of American Amicable Life Insurance

The Truth about American Amicable Life Insurance [2022 Review]

Taking control of your life is not easy, but a wise decision. It’s time to invest in the best burial and final expense insurance products so that you can rest assured knowing that all end-of-life wishes will be attended to by loved ones who don’t have to struggle with high costs for funeral planning. To…
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how much is a funeral in texas

Complete Guide In Buying Burial Insurance In Texas (With Rates)

We all know that death is inevitable and we will eventually reach the end of our life, but what happens after? Will your family be able to cover the funeral expenses you left behind when you pass away? What if they can’t afford it or don’t have enough funds to take care of everything for…
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What Are Our Top Funeral Expense Insurance Carriers

Top 8 of The Best Burial Insurance Companies With Rates

A lot of people are unaware that there is final expense insurance, and only when they are faced with the death of a loved one do they realize how important it can be. A funeral home will charge on average $7000 for the funeral costs alone, so if you have no money set aside to…
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Funeral Costs in Florida

Ultimate Guide For Cremation & Burial Insurance in Florida

The process of planning for your final arrangements can be overwhelming, difficult, and confusing. We are here to simplify it with our Ultimate Guide For Cremation & Burial Insurance in Florida! This guide will cover all the basics you need to know about cremation and burial insurance so you can make sure that your loved…
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What Type of Insurance Does Globe Life Offer

The Truth About Globe Life Insurance | Review

Trustpilot In order to provide an honest review of Globe Life Insurance, we have compiled a list of the pros and cons for you for this type of final expense insurance. These are based on Globe Life Insurance consumer reviews in addition to Globe Life burial insurance reviews for their final expense insurance product. Globe…
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Whats The Average Funeral Cost By State

The Truth About Funeral Costs For All 50 States

Funeral Costs are consistently on the rise! That’s why having life insurance and/or burial life insurance in place is so important. Funerals are a rite of passage for all, and they can be costly. But what is the cost in your state? Are you prepared to pay $10,000 or more for burial expenses in your…
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What is a Final Expense Insurance Policy

Ultimate Guide For Final Expense Life Insurance

It is never too early to start planning for the future, but it can be hard to know where to start. We are here to help! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about final expense life insurance including how much coverage you should get, who should buy it, and what questions…
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How Good Is Colonial Penn Life Insurance For Seniors

The Truth About Colonial Penn Life Insurance [2022 Review]

Life insurance can be expensive. However, the company Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company has high rates and a lengthy two-year waiting period that other options don’t have as well. For example, their prices are higher than most which are something to consider when looking at getting life insurance for seniors. There’s also some fine print…
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The 995 Plan. Is It Really $9.95?

The Truth About Colonial Penn 995 Plan [Review/Rates]

Trustpilot Is Colonial Penn Life Insurance $9.95 per month a SCAM? We will go over Colonial Penn life insurance reviews for the 9.95 plan. I am sure you have seen your share of Colonial Penn Life Insurance reviews about their life insurance policies, but this is all about the Colonial Penn 995 plan reviews…. Let’s…
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Green Burial with a Mushroom Burial Suit

The Truth About The Green Burial Movement

Green burial is a new concept in funeral arrangements. It’s more environmentally friendly than traditional burial because it uses less energy and produces fewer greenhouse gases. But what exactly is green burial?Green burial means that the body decomposes naturally, without embalming or other toxic chemicals. In fact, typically in a biodegradable casket made of materials…
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Burial Insurance for Diabetic Amputee

The Truth about Burial Insurance After Diabetic Amputation

The last thing you want to worry about is how your loved ones will be able to take care of your burial expenses. Unfortunately, diabetes can lead to diabetic amputation- and with that comes the cost of a funeral. The average cost for a basic funeral in the United States is $8,000-$10,000. In fact, that…
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life insurance for grandparents

What You Need To Know About Life Insurance For grandparents [2022 Guide]

The question of how to insure a grandparent is one that many people ask. After all, if you’re contemplating insuring your grandparents for their final expenses or other bills, then the right place to come would be here in this article where we will show you what requirements are needed and offer advice on various…
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life insurance over 80 no medical exam

How To Buy Life Insurance For Seniors Over 80

If you’re looking for life insurance for seniors over 80, there are some things to consider before purchasing life insurance. Your age and health can affect your premiums as well as the type of policy that’s best for you. For example, if you have any pre-existing conditions or are experiencing cognitive declines like Alzheimer’s disease…
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What to do to be considered for low premiums

The Truth How Life Insurance Premiums Are Calculated

If you’re someone who likes to sit back and let someone else take care of the heavy lifting, then we can’t blame you. It’s not easy out there! We get it, and we want to help. That’s why we put together this blog post on how life insurance premiums are calculated. Read on for a…
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The Truth About AARP Life Insurance [Review 2022]

The AARP life insurance program has been around since 1958, which is a really long time ago. And as you might have guessed from the name, it’s for people over 50 years old. But does that automatically mean it’s not right for you if you’re under 50? No! In fact, we think it’s a great…
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Mutual of Omaha: Whole Life Insurance Review 2021

The Truth About Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance in 2022

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance has always been a trusted name in the insurance game. This company is one of the oldest life insurance providers in America, with roots dating back to 1909. Their longevity and success are due to their dedication to putting customers first; they offer great customer service, low prices on quality…
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Facemask Safety for Oxygen Therapy Users

As oxygen therapy users, we know how important it is to protect our skin from damage and keep it healthy. Facemasks are a great way to do this because they can help reduce the risk of infection, such as MRSA, which can be caused by bacteria that clings to masks at hospital and nursing home…
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Complete Royal Neighbors of America Burial Insurance 2022 Review

Senior consumers are always looking to find the best products and services that will best meet their needs. It is a difficult task, but it’s worth it when you find the perfect product for your needs. In this blog post, we will review Royal Neighbors of America burial insurance 2021 in-depth so that senior citizens…
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What is the senior death rate of coronavirus over 65

Coronavirus and Seniors Over Age 60!! What You Need To Know NOW!!

The coronavirus is becoming a major concern for seniors over age 60, and new studies show that the virus may be more common in older adults than previously thought. The virus can lead to “serious respiratory problems and even death,” so it’s important for seniors to know what risks they are facing from this disease.In…
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The Good, The Bad And The Truth About Pre-Need Burial Plans vs. Final Expense Insurance 2022

The death of a loved one is never an easy thing to face. It’s hard enough when they die unexpectedly, but it can be even more difficult when you have the added worry about how their funeral arrangements will be handled. This blog post will offer some insight into pre-need burial plans vs final expense…
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You CAN Get Final Expense Insurance After A Metastatic Cancer Diagnosis [2022]

Many of us are unaware that you can get final expense insurance after a metastatic cancer diagnosis. In this blog post, we’ll explore the topic in depth and provide insight into why it’s so important for senior consumers to understand their options.We will also outline how this type of insurance works and what benefits it…
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diabetic and final expense policy

5 Tips For Diabetics And Final Expense Life Insurance In 2022

You may not know this but diabetes can be one of the most expensive conditions to manage. You’re constantly paying out-of-pocket for medication, insulin, and other supplies. It’s no wonder you want to find a way to save on your premiums! Does Type 2 Diabetes Affect Life Insurance Life insurance for people with diabetes TODAY!!!…
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Burial Insurance for help dependent ADL

Burial Insurance With Dependent Activities Of Daily Living (ADL) [2022 Review]

In the event of your death, you may want to consider purchasing a burial insurance policy. This will protect your loved ones from financial burdens and caregiving responsibilities that would be challenging for them to handle on their own. Burial insurance with dependent activities of daily living covers expenses such as funeral costs, cremation or…
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What Is Burial Life Insurance

The Emergence Of Getting Burial Insurance For Young Adults [2022 Review]

Despite what you may have heard, the end is not near. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a need to plan for it. And while many of us think we’ll be around forever, the truth is that life can be unpredictable and death comes at any time. So if you’re looking for peace of mind…
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How to Use Burial Insurance

Reliable And Affordable Burial Insurance In Philadelphia [2022 Review]

If you’re like many people, the idea of death is something that is hard to think about. The reality of it can be downright scary, and for some people, this fear leads them to not plan ahead for their burial. This article will provide a solution for those who want a simple way to make…
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Tips to Find the Right Burial Life Insurance

How To Find The Right And Affordable Burial Insurance [2022 Review]

Hear ye, hear ye! There is a lot to think about when it comes to planning your funeral and burial. The cost of the service can be one of the most daunting aspects for some families who are still grieving. Burial insurance plans help you plan for these costs so that you won’t have any…
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autoimmune disease and burial insurance

Top Tips For Getting Final Expense Insurance With Autoimmune Disorders [2022 Review]

Picking the right insurance can be a daunting task. There are so many options to choose from, and it’s difficult to know what is best for you. Sometimes, though, we don’t even realize that there are some types of insurance that we’re not qualified for because of pre-existing conditions. If you have an autoimmune disorder…
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final expense insurance on oxygen

Getting Final Expense Insurance on Oxygen [2022 Guide]

You know you’re getting up there in years when the thought of death becomes a little more real. What’s going to happen to my family if I die? Will they be able to afford my funeral and final expenses? If not, I’m going to need some help. That’s where Final Expense Insurance comes into play.…
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Final Expense Insurance For Parkinson’s Disease

A Complete Guide For Low-Cost Burial Insurance For Parkinson’s Disease [2022 Review]

In a world that is constantly changing and becoming more expensive, it’s important to take care of your loved ones after you’re gone. Even if you have life insurance in place, there are other areas where money can be spent on the person who has passed away. When we think about our own mortality, one…
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Burial Insurance for Epilepsy

A Complete Guide To Securing Low-Cost Burial Insurance for Epilepsy [2022 Review]

Some people don’t realize that one of the most important steps in securing a low-cost burial insurance plan for epilepsy is to start early. While this may sound like a morbid topic, it’s vital to ensure you and your family are financially prepared for the unexpected event of death.With more than 70% of Americans without…
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Final Life Insurance and an HIV/AIDS Diagnosis

3 Important Things to Know about Burial Insurance and an HIV/AIDS Diagnosis

“You’re finally getting some time to relax and enjoy life. You’ve been working hard for decades, but now it’s your turn to let loose a little bit. Maybe you even decide to take an exotic vacation that you could never have afforded before retirement. But then suddenly, everything changes.”“That diagnosis is the one thing no…
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Burial Insurance for overweight

A Complete Guide for Low-Cost Burial Insurance for Overweight Issues [2022 Review]

Funeral costs are an issue for everyone, but they can be especially hard on the families of obese individuals. Fortunately, there is affordable burial insurance available for those looking to save money and keep their loved ones’ dignity intact. Read this complete guide to learn all about it! Final Expense Insurance for Overweight Seniors Life…
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Sleep Apnea and Burial Insurance

A Complete Guide to Burial Insurance for Sleep Apnea

Many of us know what it’s like to be tired and cranky – but did you know that your sleep apnea might be the culprit? Sleep apnea is a disorder where breathing is interrupted during sleep, which can lead to an increased risk for high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. If this sounds…
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Burial Life Insurance

Why Burial Life Insurance Is Different From State To State [2022 Review]

Burial life insurance is different from state to state. The cost will vary depending on the kind of coverage you want and where you live. You can get burial insurance through an agent, a funeral home, or an online company, but not all states allow consumers to buy it directly from the insurer. Burial life…
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The Truth About Burial Insurance With Congestive Heart Failure

Do you have a chronic disease like congestive heart failure? If so, then you may be at risk of being buried with debt. You can buy burial insurance to protect your loved ones and provide peace of mind as they take care of the arrangements after your passing. CLICK HERE TO PROTECT SENIORS AGAINST CORONAVIRUS…
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final expense insurance for seizure

Burial Insurance For Seizures

With a rising number of Americans living with epilepsy, it’s important for people to know that they can protect themselves and their loved ones from the financial burden. Studies show that one in twenty older adults will experience a seizure or be diagnosed with epilepsy at some point in their lifetime. With this risk, many…
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Burial Life Insurance Policy and Suicide

The Truth About Suicide and Burial Life Insurance [2022 Review]

As a senior consumer, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is how to pay for your funeral and burial. This can be an overwhelming process with many unknowns and uncertainties. However, it’s also an opportunity to plan ahead and take control of these events that are guaranteed to happen someday. One…
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final expense insurance for Fibromyalgia

Lowest Cost Burial Insurance for Fibromyalgia [2022 Guide]

Is your burial insurance up to date? If you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it is important to know what your options are in regards to burial insurance. In this blog post, we will go over the different types of coverage and potential costs associated with each. Final Expense Insurance For Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia and life…
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burial insurance with a pacemaker

Burial Insurance With A Pacemaker [2022 Guide]

The risk of a pacemaker malfunction is one that many senior consumers are not aware of. If the device malfunctions, seniors may be forced to choose between expensive surgeries and costly medical bills for necessary care until they die. Burial insurance can help cover these costs in case of an unexpected event.A funeral director can…
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Burial Insurance With ICD

Burial Insurance For People With a Defibrillator

Do you have a defibrillator? If so, are you considering purchasing burial insurance to protect your family in the event of your death? Burial insurance is not required and it does not cover any other types of claims. It is meant as an additional protection for your loved ones should something happen to you. The…
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Burial Insurance with cystic fibrosis

Lowest Cost Burial Insurance with Cystic Fibrosis

Who doesn’t want to save money? With funeral costs averaging $7,000 and burial insurance costing as little as $20 a month, it’s worth looking into low cost burial insurance. Cystic fibrosis is not life-threatening but the disease can cause lung damage which leads to an earlier death. If you have cystic fibrosis then this blog…
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final expense insurance for cigar smokers

The Truth About Burial Insurance for Cigar Smokers [2022 Review]

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not smoking cigars? If it’s anything like mine, then it is probably something that would be considered “fun.” Well, now you can have the chance to live life to its fullest without worrying about what happens after death. I’m talking about low cost burial insurance for cigar…
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Low cost final expense insurance for people with depression

How To Get Burial Insurance With Depression (2022 Guide)

Do you know how to get burial insurance with depression? It’s a tough question and we’re here to answer it. The first thing you’ll want to do is find out if your company offers this type of insurance coverage. If they don’t, you may be able to purchase it as an individual plan from a…
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How to find the best burial insurance for chronic bronchitis COPD

Burial Insurance for People with Chronic Bronchitis [2022 Guide]

Burial insurance is a topic that we should all be thinking about. If you have chronic bronchitis or COPD, there are special considerations to take into account when buying burial insurance. For example, some policies will not cover people with pre-existing conditions like asthma or diabetes. This blog post will help walk you through the…
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Burial Insurance for People with COPD Emphysema

The Real Deal To Burial Insurance for People with COPD Emphysema

Many senior adults with COPD or emphysema who have begun to experience the progressive decline in lung capacity know that their health is not going to get better. They also know they don’t want to be a financial burden on their loved ones, so they are looking for ways to create a legacy of protection…
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Burial Insurance for People with Atrial Fibrillation

Burial Insurance for People with Atrial Fibrillation [2022 Guide]

Atrial fibrillation, or AFIB for short, is an irregular heartbeat that can lead to heart disease and other complications. If you’re one of the many Americans with this condition, it’s important to have a burial insurance plan in place so your family won’t have to worry about paying for a funeral or final arrangements should…
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High Blood Cholesterol

Burial Insurance for People with High Cholesterol [2022 Guide]

People with cholesterol issues may have to undergo surgery on their arteries, which could cost a lot of money. Burial insurance is an option for people who are concerned about medical expenses and funeral costs in the event that they pass away unexpectedly. In this blog post, we will discuss how burial and high cholesterol…
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final expense insurance for people with asthma

Burial Insurance for People with Asthma [2022 Guide]

If you are a senior citizen with asthma, then read on to learn about the benefits of burial insurance. There is an increased risk for seniors with asthma and allergies because their immune system is weaker than it was in their younger years. Burial insurance will help cover any costs that may arise from sudden…
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final expense insurance for applicants with arthritis

Burial Insurance For Applicants With Arthritis

Burial insurance is important for people of all ages, but with a growing number of senior citizens in the United States, it becomes even more crucial. Arthritis can be a debilitating condition which leads to many limitations and can make everyday tasks difficult. This article will explore how arthritis might affect your burial insurance application…
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final expense insurance for bipolar disorder

Simple Guide To Burial Insurance for Bipolar Disorder

Are you someone who is bipolar? Do you know someone who is bipolar? If so, then this blog post has something for you! Bipolar life insurance! The first thing that I should mention about burial insurance for bipolar disorder is that it’s not the same as regular or bipolar life insurance. Funeral costs are often…
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Final Expense Insurance Coverage With Kidney Disease

Simple Burial Insurance For Kidney Disease [2022 Guide]

As a senior with kidney disease, you know that it is important to plan for your death. There are many expenses associated with the end of life and burial can be one of them. One way to help prepare for this event would be to purchase a burial expense insurance policy so that you don’t…
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The best kind of burial or final expense insurance for Hepatitis

Final Expense Insurance For Hepatitis

“If you have Hepatitis, or are at risk of developing the disease, then you may want to consider final expense insurance. Final expense insurance provides a predictable way for your family to pay for funeral costs and other related expenses if you should pass away before retirement age.”This blog post will provide information about how…
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Mental Health: Understanding and Dealing With Disorders [2022 Review]

It’s no secret that mental health is on the rise. A growing number of people suffer from a mental disorder, and it’s largely due to our busy lives. We’re always rushing around trying to get everything done, but we’re also never satisfied with what we do accomplish because there is always something else we want…
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Best Burial Insurance for People with Schizophrenia [2022 Guide]

Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental disorder that can be debilitating for the sufferer. The disease affects how people think, behave, and understand reality. It can lead to problems with work or school, socializing with friends and family members, as well as more serious issues like delusions or hearing voices. Schizophrenia can also make…
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final expense insurance for diabetic retinopathy

The Truth About Final Expense Insurance for Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes affects the eyes. It can cause mild problems such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, but it can also lead to blindness if not managed properly. If you are diabetic and have retinopathy (the most common form of diabetic eye disease), then you might want to consider a final expense insurance policy that will cover any…
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Simple Burial Insurance For A Blood Clot [2022 Guide]

Senior citizens are susceptible to many ailments and diseases including blood clots. Blood clots can be very devastating and even life-threatening. However, it’s important that you know that thrombosis life insurance may be an option for you if this is a concern. If you have been diagnosed with a blood clot, contact us today at…
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Burial Insurance For The Blind [2022 Guide]

Burial insurance is typically thought of as something that the wealthy or elderly need. However, burial insurance can be a very wise investment for anyone who has a disability and may not have enough money to cover the costs associated with their funeral arrangements. For those who are blind or have low vision, this can…
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The Truth About Burial Insurance and High Blood Pressure

We all know that high blood pressure can lead to serious health problems, but it is often hard to find the time or motivation to deal with the issue. However, now there’s a way for seniors to make sure they are covered in case something happens without having to sacrifice their busy schedules. Burial insurance…
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Diabetic Neuropathy and Burial Insurance

The Truth About life Insurance For Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetes is a disease that affects many people, so it’s not surprising that there are many different types of diabetes. It is important to know which type you have in order to find the best treatment for your condition. One type of diabetes can lead to kidney failure and eventual death; this is called diabetic…
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diabetic nephropathy and final expense insurance

Final Expense Insurance For Diabetic Nephropathy [2022 Review]

Are you a senior citizen with diabetes? If so, your kidneys may be at higher risk due to diabetic nephropathy. In fact, 1 in 4 patients with type 2 diabetes will experience kidney damage by the time they reach 60 years old! That’s why it is essential for seniors who have been diagnosed with this…
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Simple Guide For Life Insurance with Type 2 Diabetes

You’re already living with a chronic disease and are trying to figure out how to live life. Now you have Type 2 Diabetes, which brings its own set of challenges. It’s hard enough just dealing with the day-to-day tasks and now there is this new issue that can affect your life insurance coverage? How do…
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Type 1 diabetes and Burial insurance

Simple Guide For Final Expense Insurance With Type 1 Diabetes

The first thing you know about when it comes to life insurance is the death benefit, right? Wrong. The key component of a whole life policy is the cash value. If you’re in good health, then there’s one more important aspect that needs to be taken into account: Type 1 Diabetes. Read on and find…
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Insulin dependency

Final Expense Insurance For Insulin Users [2022 Review]

What’s the worst that could happen if you’re a senior and have to pay for your insulin? Well, you might end up in the hospital or worse. That’s why it’s so important to get final expense insurance. It will make sure that you are taken care of financially should anything unfortunate happen- like not being…
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Final Expense Insurance For Non-Cancerous Tumor [2022 Review]

Many of us have a fear that our life will come to an end with some type of cancer. The thought is not only terrifying but also saddening because we know the impact it would have on family and friends. We may be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there are insurance…
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Home health care and burial insurance

Final Expense Insurance For Home Health Care [The Truth] 2022 Review

Are you tired of being in the hospital? Want to go home and stay there? Well, with Final Expense Insurance for Home Health Care, you can! The coverage from this type of insurance is designed to help your family members cover the cost of your long-term care needs. So if that’s what you’re looking for,…
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final expense insurance on blood thinners

The Truth about Blood Thinners and Burial Insurance

The safety of your family is important to you, which is why we’re here. When it comes to burial insurance and taking blood thinners, Above all, there are a few things that you need to know before buying a policy for the best price. Let’s take a look at some options for coverage today! Can…
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burial insurance after mini stroke

The Truth About Final Expense Life Insurance After A Mini-Stroke

If you or someone close to you has experienced a mini-stroke, you may be wondering what the impact is on your life insurance coverage. This blog post will explore the importance of final expense life insurance and its implications for those who have had a mini-stroke. In most cases, if an individual has gone through…
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Final Expense Insurance for a Full-Blown Stroke

The Truth About Burial Insurance After Stroke

If you have a stroke, your odds of being alive 10 years later are only 30%. That’s why it’s important to protect yourself financially. One way to do that is by purchasing burial insurance. Burial insurance can be purchased at any time and provides permanent financial security for your family in the event of your…
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Burial Insurance

How To Get Burial Insurance For Cancer Patients [2022 Review]

A Cancer diagnosis can cause a lot of stress for people who are diagnosed with the disease. One of the most important things that people need to worry about is their burial costs. There are many different ways to get this type of insurance, but it’s important to take the time and do some research…
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Burial Insurance After a Heart Attack

How To Buy Burial Insurance After Heart Attack [2022 Review]

The best time to buy burial insurance is before you have a heart attack. After a heart attack or other heart conditions, the risk of death can go up by 20%. If you are in your 50’s and haven’t bought burial insurance yet, it may be time for you to do so now. Burial insurance…
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elderly with diabetes looking for burial insurance

Get the Truth about Burial Insurance For Diabetic Seniors [2022 Review]

Diabetes is a chronic disease that impacts the way your body processes sugar. People with diabetes are at higher risk of heart and kidney disease, stroke, blindness, limb amputation, and death. Many people suffering from diabetes require insulin injections to keep their blood sugar levels in check. Diabetes can also affect your insurance coverage for…
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how do I get same day burial insurance

The Truth About Burial Insurance with Pre Existing Conditions [2022 Review]

Trustpilot It’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to life insurance with pre-existing conditions. Not only are there many different types of life insurance, but they each have their own unique rules, benefits, exclusions, and limitations. As a result, it can be hard for consumers to find coverage and make an informed decision…
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instant same day burial insurance for seniors over 80

The Ultimate Guide To Burial Insurance For Seniors

Owning your own funeral and burial insurance is one of the most important steps you can take to secure your legacy. It’s not a morbid thing, it’s just practical for anyone who wants to be in control of their final wishes. You deserve the peace of mind that you have the resources and knowledge available…
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The Truth About Buying Burial Insurance For Parents 2022

Can you take a life insurance policy or final expense insurance for parents? What if they have a pre existing condition? Can I buy funeral insurance for my parents and are they the same as a final expense Insurance or burial life insurance policy? Yes, as long as they are aware! In fact, it’s a…
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