How to Secure Final Expense Insurance After Metastatic Cancer In 2024

Many of us are unaware that you can get final expense insurance after metastatic cancer diagnosis.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the topic in depth and provide insight into why it’s so important for senior consumers to understand their options.
We will also outline how this type of insurance works and what benefits it provides.

Burial Insurance After Cancer

How to get life insurance after Cancer?

Getting life insurance after cancer can be overwhelming. Do not feel defeated, we got you!

What you need to understand is that almost ALL life insurance carriers have a two-year look back for cancer.

How do I get life insurance after cancer? Most people face a 37-40% chance of having cancer of one type or another. Some are easily and quickly treated and some are very aggressive and difficult to overcome.

Many put a person at risk for long-term health issues. Life insurance after cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. As you know, a cancer diagnosis is a pre-existing health condition.

It is why so many people with a cancer diagnosis get their estate planning done, including buying burial insurance.

It is also why young adults are finding it imperative to have final expense insurance in place while they are still young and at optimal health.

Burial Insurance For Cancer Patients

As part of a broader set of life plans, burial insurance is a very wise investment. Especially when you can have a cancer recurrence.

Why? Several reasons:

  • It eliminates the need for your family or loved ones to struggle to find a way to pay for a funeral or to deal with financing one and paying for it for years afterward
  • It can be found from some of the leading names in insurance
  • It may offer a return of premiums to beneficiaries
  • It may provide a no-waiting period form of coverage
  • It may be available even with chronic or high-risk health issues, including metastatic cancer

Of course, not all carriers make this type of burial insurance available, and that is due to the unpredictable nature of metastatic cancer.

Let’s take a brief look at it, and then explore how to find coverage if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with some form of metastatic cancer recently.

Getting Insurance After Cancer Diagnosis

Understanding The Challenges Of Metastatic Cancer

Can cancer patients get insurance after diagnosis?

Metastatic cancer is not one type of cancer but is the spread of cancer to an area it had not existed before.

Typically, cancer cells will migrate via a person’s bloodstream or lymph nodes, and travel from its point of origin to an entirely different area.

Life Insurance With Pre-existing Cancer

Can you get life insurance with a pre-exiting condition?

There is a lot of different terminologies associated with it.

For example, a person may hear they have a secondary tumor or distant metastasis. However, the basic meaning is plain: the cancer cells have spread to another part of the body.

Sadly, there are many types of cancer that remain difficult to detect, and it is often once the cells have spread that symptoms emerge.

Even then, some cancer’s point of origin remains a mystery. Once any form of cancer is diagnosed, treatment will begin immediately with the goal of slowing or halting the spread or growth of the disease.

Most of the time, there are factors such as the type location and size of metastatic cancer that determine how the treatment is done.

That is why if you have a history of cancer, or even heart attack/stroke, a critical illness policy is something you should always have.

Final Expense Insurance For Metastatic Cancer

Can you get life insurance after cases?

In many cases, you will be faced with a guaranteed insurance policy with a 24 month waiting period. Due to the following:

Typically, it is a systematic approach that includes medications, chemotherapy, radiation, and even surgery. Often it is multiple treatments, and when the cancer is no longer responsive to treatment.

There are still steps such as palliative care that reduces symptoms and eliminates side effects of both treatment and cancer itself.

Most patients have a customized treatment plan based on their specific issues and needs. The emphasis is always quality of life and comfort, and individual prognoses vary widely based on any number of factors.

A metastatic cancer diagnosis is never good news, but there is much that can be done about the issues.

And while treatment is ongoing, it is the right time to make all kinds of plans for the future, including organizing essential insurances that protect your family or loved ones from unmanageable expenses.

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Burial Insurance For High-Risk Health Issues

Managing treatment for cancer seems like it will take up a great deal of time. Yet it surprises many patients to experience the level of care that cancer experts provide.

They may experience few side effects, have treatments a few times per week, and feel quite well in spite of their diagnosis of multiple cancers.

This leaves some with a lot of free time in the schedule to make plans for everything, including finding burial insurance or final expense insurance.

These are the exact same thing and exist to alleviate your family from finding the resources needed for the long list of items involved in most funerals.

Can You Get Burial Insurance If You Have Cancer

After all, experts say that an average funeral costs more than $7,000 and that budgeting in the area of $10,000 is much wiser.

This can cover everything from cremation to burial, and all of the fees associated with these processes.

The big question… Can you get life insurance after caner diagnosis?

The trick, as one can guess, is to find a provider. The good news is that some of the most recognized names in insurance welcome people with high-risk health issues.

Burial Insurance For Metastatic Cancer

Do most life insurance policies cover cancer?

They offer burial insurance policies and will not require a medical exam in order to provide coverage. Often beginning coverage the same day that an application is made.

Guaranteed Life Insurance For Cancer

Described as guaranteed acceptance life insurance plans, they will have a 24 month waiting period.

While they are a bit higher priced than coverage for those without any high-risk or chronic health issues, they are not exorbitantly priced.

After all, they are often for people over the age of 50. Frequently purchased by seniors with fixed budgets.

How do you get started? It is best to work with a firm that can supply multiple quotes from all of the best names in burial insurance policies.

No one wants to spend days submitting applications or requests for quotes only to be bombarded by phone calls or emails that demand more time or more information.

Can Cancer Patients Get Burial Insurance

That is why so many will turn to resources like They make instant quotes available and allow shoppers to compare quotes with only minimal information needed.

If you, or a loved one, has been diagnosed with some sort of metastatic cancer, and there are concerns about final life expenses, now is the perfect time to find out about guaranteed burial insurance coverage.

Eliminating worries about how to pay for a funeral is a great gift to provide to those you love, and with such an easy path to beginning coverage, today is the perfect time to learn about your options.

Can You Get Life Insurance On Someone Who Is Dying

The simple answer Yes. However, your loved one needs to be aware and give consent to follow through with a policy.

Also, If they actively have a cancer diagnosis, they would only qualify for a guaranteed issue policy.

For more information about metastatic cancer, CLICK HERE.

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There is a lot of misinformation out there about how you can get life insurance after cancer.

Some people say that it’s impossible, while others have been able to purchase coverage with the help of an agent or broker who understands their situation.

The truth? You CAN get final expense insurance after a metastatic cancer diagnosis – and we would be happy to tell you more!

Get in touch today for your free quote on low cost life insurance policies designed just for those living with cancer.

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