How To Get Burial Insurance After Stroke In 2024

If you have been turned down for stroke insurance coverage in the past, don’t be discouraged. You have come to the right place for life insurance for stroke survivors.

If you have a stroke, your odds of being alive 10 years later are only 30%. That’s why it’s important to protect yourself financially.

One way to do that is by purchasing burial insurance. Burial insurance is a type of insurance you can buy that will help pay for your funeral costs when you die.

If you want to buy burial insurance, fill out the form on the right. We have some helpful information about this product below.

Life Insurance For Stroke Patients

Final Expense Insurance for a Full-Blown Stroke 

Can I get life insurance if I had a stroke?

Having a pre-existing medical condition like a stroke will cause any life insurance or burial insurance company to look at you with more caution.

The burning question…. Does having a Stroke affect life insurance?

Is a stroke classed as a critical illness?

First of all, to avoid confusion about getting the best final expense or burial insurance plan possible, you or a loved one need to prepare the following:

  • Know the date when the last stroke was diagnosed.
  • What type of stroke was diagnosed, a “mini-stroke” which is a transient ischemic attack (TIA) or a “full-blown” stroke or cerebrovascular accident (CVA).
  • The prescribed medications for your stroke and how long you’ve been taking them.
  • Any mental or physical ailments that resulted from your stroke.
  • Any other disease or disorder that you and your family had before the stroke? Such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, peripheral vascular disease, or diabetes.
  • Tobacco usage history
  • Any family history of stroke

Some things will help decide what kind of burial insurance policy you or a loved one could get.

At, we specialize in finding you same-day coverage regardless of any health impairment.

Can You Qualify For Burial Insurance After A Stroke

What you need to know about life insurance for stroke victims… Above all, help for stroke victims without insurance might sound bleak. In fact, some carriers will be more lenient than others.

These carriers are the ones we will bring to you.

In most cases, getting burial insurance for stroke victims can be obtained, and yes that will be day 1 coverage.

We have carriers that specialize in stroke and will even give you a level benefit if you have prescribed blood thinners the previous day.

This right here is crucial! The right coverage, and the right carrier for your needs at day one coverage is possible.

Importance Of The Date When Your Last Stroke Was Diagnosed 

Some companies will ask when your last stroke was. This is because a stroke might happen again and we don’t know how bad it would be.

Most final expense insurance for full-blown stroke applications will postpone within 12 months from stroke diagnosis. In fact, insurance companies will likely result in policies that have the highest rates.

In some cases, there will also be a minimum of 2 years waiting period. Your beneficiaries will only receive the full death benefits if you pass away after 24 months upon approval.

We have the carriers that will give you instant same-day coverage!!

Final expense or burial insurance companies will offer better payment policies but still with a minimum of a 2-year waiting period. This is with any type of stroke diagnosis within the past 24 months upon application. 

Life Insurance For Stroke Victims

Can you get life insurance after a TIA?

If you wait 24 months after your last stroke, some insurance companies will give you a level policy with a low rate.

With immediate active insurance coverage that may come with some great additional features.

Given the nature of stroke which is highly unpredictable and can occur without warning, you or a loved one should try to get an insurance policy as soon as possible.

Contact our final expense insurance specialists that have access to a lot of A+ insurance companies.

We will expertly help you get the best final expense insurance policy in any predicament that you or a loved one is in right now because of a stroke.   

Life Insurance After Mini Stroke Vs a Full-Blown Stroke

Burial Insurance and Mini Stroke

Is there a waiting period for burial insurance? Mini-strokes or TIA as long as there is no permanent injury to the brain (which is unlikely with TIA) final expense insurance companies will easily offer a final expense insurance level policy.

This policy has the best pay rates and has immediate active insurance coverage that may come with great additional features.   

Read more about final expense insurance for mini-strokes.

Full-blown Stroke and Burial Insurance

Life insurance payout for stroke… The truth behind a Guaranteed Issue Policy….

Can you get life insurance if you had a stroke?

Full-blown stroke or CVA in contrast to a mini-stroke, as you may know, is often very serious and could lead to permanent brain injury or death.

Insurance companies will offer a policy for people who have had a stroke. This is so the person’s family will not have to worry about money.

This policy will have a bit higher payment rates and a waiting period of 2 years. 

Read What Our Clients Say About Us

Burial Insurance and Activities of Daily Living Score

This simply means a score on how well the final expense of an applicant can handle activities of daily living. Such as bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting and eating.

As a matter of fact, almost all of the final expense or burial insurance companies will not offer any kind of policy to an applicant that needs help with activities of daily living.

Thankfully, we have access to an A+ insurance company that can offer level insurance policies with low payment rates and immediate active coverage.

If you don’t pass with them, we have another A+ company that can offer the next best insurance option but with slightly higher payment rates and a minimum of a 2-year waiting period. 

Read more about Final Expense Insurance for applicants needing help with ADL

Home Health Care And Burial Insurance

Is life line screening a good idea? Yes!!! Be proactive today!

It’s pretty common that people with stroke impairments need assistance for home health care until recovery time or up to a lifetime. 

We have access to good insurance companies that will offer insurance policies for people who have had a stroke. The coverage is active right away, and the payments are low.

Again, if somehow you won’t qualify for a level policy then the next best final expense insurance offer will also come from an A+-rated insurance company.

The cost would be a little bit more with a minimum of a 2-year waiting period.

Burial Insurance and Being In a Nursing Home

In any case, to return a full-blown stroke survivor to the highest possible level of functionality, a nursing home is the best environment to help facilitate a speedy recovery. 

If you or a loved one will be or is in a nursing home, your best option is a guaranteed issue policy that has no health questions or a review of your medical history. 

Getting The Best Final Expense Insurance After A Stroke

Can you get life insurance after a stroke? In any case, there is no time to waste and it is important to find the right final expense insurance specialists who are licensed in almost all of the states and has access to A+ top-rated insurance companies.

Depending on the type of stroke you have experienced and the time frame will depend on the type of product you will qualify for.

A Full-blown stroke is different from a TIA or Mini Stroke. So speaking with your agent is important. It is even more important to be extremely transparent with your agent, or order for them to help you properly.

Best Burial Insurance Carrier For After Stroke

You have got this far, now we will show you the best carrier that we use for our clients with stroke history.

In fact, they specialize in both strokes and mini-strokes. They will also give you immediate coverage a day after the blood thinners were prescribed!!

That makes Royal Neighbors of America our # 1 Stroke carrier!!

How Does Burial Insurance Work

We here at work with you and will be with you every step of the way to finally get you the best possible final expense insurance plan after a full-blown stroke.

“Call us now and let us help you find the best final expense insurance today” –

For more information on stroke rehabilitation, CLICK HERE.

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  1. What’s burial insurance?
    Think of burial insurance as a special savings plan that helps pay for your funeral and other final costs when you pass away. It’s like a safety net for your family during tough times.
  2. Can I still get this insurance if I’ve had a stroke?
    Absolutely! Even if you’ve had a stroke, you can get burial insurance. There are special plans out there for people with health issues like strokes.
  3. What do I need to qualify?
    Different companies might ask for different things. Usually, they’ll want to know your age, how your health is, when you had your stroke, and if you’re taking any treatments.
  4. Will my stroke make the insurance cost more?
    Sometimes, yes. Since having a stroke can be risky, insurance companies might charge a bit more. But don’t worry, you still have options.
  5. Are there different kinds of plans for people who’ve had a stroke?
    Yes, there are! For example, some plans don’t need a health check but might cost a bit more. Others might have special rules about when they start helping out.
  6. How do I apply?
    It’s pretty simple. You fill out a form with your personal details and health info. Some plans might ask for a health check, but others won’t.
  7. How much coverage will I get?
    It varies. Usually, burial insurance covers from a few thousand dollars up to about $50,000. This helps pay for funeral costs and other final expenses.
  8. Do I have to wait before the insurance works?
    In some cases, yes. If your stroke was recent or if your health is a bit shaky, the insurance might have a waiting period. This means it might take a little time before it fully kicks in.
  9. Can my family use the money for anything?
    Yep! Once they get the insurance money, they can use it for anything they need, not just funeral costs. It’s there to help them out in any way.
  10. How do I pick the best plan for me?
    Take your time and look at different plans. Think about what you can afford and what you need. Talking to an insurance agent who knows a lot about these kinds of plans can really help you make a good choice.


The truth is that a stroke can happen to anyone, at any time.

It’s important for people who are experiencing or have experienced a stroke, and their loved ones, to know the facts about this debilitating condition.

If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, or heart disease- all of which may contribute to strokes – it’s vital that you take steps now to protect yourself from future risk factors by making lifestyle changes.

To learn more about how burial insurance works after a stroke or if your family should consider adding coverage as part of an overall financial plan before tragedy strikes call 855-380-3300 today!

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