The Truth About Open Care Final Expense Plans Reviews & Rates

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Is Open Care Insurance Company good? Well, they are NOT an insurance company, they are an agency!

Maybe you have seen other Open Care Senior Plan Reviews, but we dig deep under the surface!

As your loved ones age, it’s important to be prepared for the inevitable. You never know when the time will come when you need to make decisions about their care and what they want.

That’s why you need to look into final expense insurance to protect your family. Overall, the best way to find the right final expense plan is through an independent insurance agency that offers a quality life insurance plan.

This article will look at in detail the Opencare Final Expense Plan and whether it’s good for you. But overall, you should always shop multiple insurance companies with an independent agent like us.

This Open Care Seniors Final Expense Plans Review helps you understand all of the options available with a plan that should be tailored to your loved one’s needs.

Whether they are looking for coverage in case something happens or just want peace of mind knowing that if they do pass away, their family won’t have any unexpected expenses on top of grieving them like monthly payments on debts or additional end of life costs.

Open Care Seniors has a plan that is perfect for anyone over 65 years old! Or Do they?

Here is our overall review of the Open Care Senior Final Expense Plans.

Open Care Final Expense Coverage Plans, Who Are They

The Florida agency, Open Care Seniors is a legitimate and well-known life insurance company that specializes in selling final expense life coverage without a medical exam.

They also sell term life insurance policies for those who need them as well as accidental death coverages with Medicare product alternatives to help protect you from outliving your money!

Although term life insurance you will probably outlive coverage as only 98% of term policies actually payout.

It’s hard finding information about this business but our research uncovered some interesting facts such as their long list of commercials on TV showcasing $25k worth of free benefits available only through the insurer’s services – talk about persuasive advertising huh?

Open Care Life Insurance is the type of plan you should never take seriously. It’s not surprising that there are so many different rates for this company, with some starting at only $7.49 per month!

Another Gimmick? Also, READ THE FINE PRINT!!

A similar option from Colonial Penn will set your family back $9.95 – but don’t be fooled by them because if anything happens to one person in our family that has this policy they will find out coverage goes down every year you get older.

So it’s important to make sure you have a reputable company that pays final expenses with a guaranteed death benefit. But overall, life insurance policies provide instant day one coverage is what you want.

These policies’ death benefit remains level unlike other gimmicks like Colonial Penn $9.95 Plan.

Check with multiple companies by speaking to a national independent agent like us. If you are in good to moderate health you can find much better options than a waiting period policy like Mutual of Omaha.

Below you will find other final expense insurance companies to avoid.

What Is The Process Of Open Care Life Final Expense Plans

OpenCare final expense plans are available for up to $50,000 in a death benefit. It’s a whole life policy where prices never increase. In fact, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved one’s final expenses will be taken care of.

Most importantly, without any hassle or stress. In addition, it even builds cash value!

Open Care Funeral Insurance offers two options to choose from.

  • The guaranteed acceptance plan requires no medical questions or health questions and guarantees approval, regardless of your current condition or past illnesses like blindness or even terminal illness–but there will be a 2-year waiting period before the death benefit begins during which time you are not eligible for death benefits payments on any deaths arising out. The monthly payment is usually significantly higher as well. So make sure this is your last resort. And ALWAYS read the fine print.
  • On the other hand, simplified issue are for healthy applicants where all applicants must answer some basic questions like medical questions or health questions regarding their medical backgrounds but qualification depends on what they say. These simplified issue whole life policies are usually better priced.

The type of Opencare senior plans will be dependent on if you medically qualify.

OpenCare final expense plan is a senior insurance plan or end-of-life needs. The difference between this and the regular Opencare plan is that they don’t immediately cover you once approved.

This is a guaranteed issue final expense life insurance plan that doesn’t ask any health questions. Although it is a whole life insurance policy, it does not even come close to the best available. Gerber life offers a pretty good GI. Yes, Gerber Life is the baby food maker.

Instead of requiring an additional two year waiting period before coverage begins in which time your premiums are refunded with interest added onto it (interest rates on death benefits).

In fact, we only offer these types of policies to consumers that have major health issues like cancer or dementia. So if you don’t have these you should not be getting a two year waiting period policy.

Instead, you should be in a level benefit whole life with affordable premiums to cover burial expenses like Mutual of Omaha Living Promise. This way when that day comes you will be able to take care of the funeral and other final expenses.

We are a national insurance brokerage, which means we match you up with the best carrier for your individual profile.

What Is Opencare Term life

The insurance agency has a temporary senior plan with a $25,000-$500K limit for adults 18-75. The Opencare life insurance policy is term insurance that is only available to those who are already medically qualified.

While most people don’t use this plan to cover funeral costs, OpenCare has a great tool for covering temporary obligations like living expenses.

For example, if you happen to die before your mortgage is paid off and have term life insurance plans available which provide full benefits for the life of the term.

However, there’s no guaranteed acceptance option so it’s important you check your eligibility before applying! If you are looking for life insurance for your grandparents, be sure to shop around to cover final expenses.

Open Care Final Expense Insurance Plans, How Do They Work

Open care senior plan is final expense insurance or burial insurance that gives the ultimate peace of mind. It’s just like regular life insurance from an insurance company, but with one important difference: you don’t have to take a medical exam.

Simply buy a policy and be on your way – it’ll cover everything from headstones right down to urns for cremation ceremonies so that when someone close dies there are no questions left unanswered at their funeral home reception desk. Just like a Gerber life policy.

Get the best burial insurance and never worry about outliving your death benefit, unlike a term life insurance plan.

Open Care Senior Plan Final Expense whole life provides:

  • Permanent protection, as long because you pay your premiums (and don’t die before getting old), no one can cancel due to age or health issues; –
  • No premium increases for LIFETIME! The best Burial policy is designed not to have any at all ages–it’s an investment for today AND tomorrow… Forever!!!
  • It covers first day full regardless if it’s natural causes like cancer(or accidental) death. Even though we’re talking about life here but hey who knows what could happen anymore so why take chances

Burial life insurance is a great way to ensure that you have all your bases covered. An Open Care senior plan is a final expense plan that offers between $5K and 50k in protection with no medical exam, so it’s never too late for peace of mind!

What are Open Care Final Expense Plans Cost

The price of a policy will depend on various factors such as your health history. If you’re healthy, there’s no need to worry about your rates going up because they already have an affordable base package available for $7.49 per month which covers non-smokers and people who don’t smoke more than two packs per day ($2k worth).

For those with higher health care needs or seeking coverage amounts greater than what is included in this basic plan however prices start getting expensive!

Below I’ve listed some examples given my own personal experience shopping around online:

Open Care Female and Male Non-Smoker/Smoker Rates

Age At

You can get quotes for any age and amount you desire with their online quoting tool. It doesn’t require a phone number or email to do so, which is really nice!

What You Need To Look Out For Before Buying A Open Care Final Expense Policy

The one thing you need to be aware of is the waiting period. Opencare frequently and prominently advertises how they cannot deny a death benefit for their product, which is true for people 85 years old or younger.

However, any company that sells guaranteed issue life insurance will always have a 2 year wait time before your application can actually go into effect-not bad considering most policies nowadays offer at least this much protection!

Why Open Care Is NOT the Best Place To Purchase Final Expense Insurance

It would seem that the only way to know for sure if a company is reputable and trustworthy or not, are with negative reviews online.

But since there aren’t any of those on their website, you have no choice but to take them at face value when they say things like “we offer great service.”

We cannot always be too careful about who we trust in this world where bad news seems inevitable!

That said though – having multiple insurance companies offering similar burial life insurance coverage can help ensure getting an affordable price without sacrificing quality by comparing offers from each firm individually before making your final decision.

One of our go-to life insurance companies is American Amicable and AETNA CVS/Health from Accendo life insurance company and of course Mutual of Omaha.

Other carriers we work with are Prosperity Life Group (Only cigarettes considered tobacco rates), Liberty Bankers Life (Great For Bipolar Disorder/COPD which is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Guarantee Trust Life (Up to Age 90) that has a limited graded death benefit.


We hope you’ve found the information in this post useful. If you have any questions about our final expense plan, please get in touch with us at or call 855-380-3300 and we will be happy to answer your questions!

We are a family-owned independent agency that is passionately focused on providing you the best deal with no waiting periods so families’ peace of mind is intact.