Accurate Final Expense Quotes And Oxygen Use in 2024

You know you’re getting up there in years when the thought of death becomes a little more real. What’s going to happen to my family if I die? Will they be able to afford my funeral and final expenses?

If not, I’m going to need some help. That’s where Final Expense Insurance comes into play.

It can cover things like your funeral or cremation costs, cemetery plot costs, and other expenses related to settling your estate so that you won’t leave your loved ones with financial stress after you’ve passed on.

Final Expense Insurance Quotes And Oxygen Use

Above all oxygen, use is dangerous in the eyes of the insurance company. In fact, not only is it administered when you have a severe health issue, you need to be responsible.

The good thing is it’s on our qualified health impairments list for same-day coverage.

Millions of people have estate plans and ensure loved ones are financially stable after they have passed away.

One area that many forget to consider, though, is the area of burial coverage.

Also known as final expenses, they can actually be met with comprehensive burial insurance policies designed to pay for a funeral and other final expenses.

The Federal Trade Commission notes that the cost of a funeral is usually far more than most realize and that even a simple funeral may be impossible to afford for many households.

There are basic service fees, services, and products that might include embalming or caskets, grave preparations, and much more.

No one wants to think of their loved ones struggling to make plans, pay for a funeral, and then suffer financially for months or years afterward.

In other words, burial insurance or a final expense insurance plan pays for all funeral costs and spares your family any financial hardship and upset.

Burial Insurance And Oxygen Use

What About People with Medical Issues

What does burial insurance cover?

Over the decades, more and more consumers have built such coverage into their plans, but many hesitate if they have a chronic or potentially fatal condition.

For example, someone with aggressive cancer might feel they would not qualify for burial insurance once a diagnosis is made.

And while there are some carriers who refuse to offer coverage for some pre-existing conditions, not all are of that mindset.

Unfortunately, many people who use oxygen will not even bother seeking burial insurance because they are certain that this treatment will negate their chances of coverage.

The good news is that this is an inaccurate belief.

High-Risk Burial Insurance and Oxygen

There are “high-risk health issue” carriers able to provide burial insurance for almost any health impairment, and many can have a policy in place the same day coverage is requested.

These firms specialize in coverage for those with some of the most common conditions or issues, including the millions of people forced to use oxygen to remain healthy regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Does it matter why you are using oxygen? It shouldn’t.

Many carriers will not ask clients to undergo a medical exam, but will instead require clear answers to some qualifying health questions, and then extend the quote.

Let’s take a moment to consider why oxygen treatment might be so problematic to some insurance carriers, and then how you can still protect your family’s wealth by finding the right carrier for your final expense insurance coverage.

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Buying Burial Insurance When Using Oxygen Treatment

Whether your medical providers call your use of oxygen “supplemental” or “therapeutic,” chances are good that you require it to remain healthy.

Physicians prescribe oxygen because you have a condition that is preventing you from getting enough through regular respiration.

It might be that you have a lung issue such as lung disease or trauma, but it might also be due to the following:

Your doctor probably had you go for a blood draw to measure the amount of oxygen in your blood or used a pulse oximeter to check levels.

If you had too little and displayed symptoms of low oxygen (fast heart rate, difficulty breathing, wheezing, and so on), they probably decided to put you on oxygen.

This could mean you have portable oxygen gas tanks, liquid oxygen tanks, or a concentrator that makes it for you on-demand (from the air around you).

You might use a nasal cannula to receive it, which is common, but you may also use a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device or a mask.

The benefits of using oxygen therapy can be quite profound, and for many, they include life-saving benefits.

And though you may not find your need for oxygen much of a frustration or hassle, chances are that there are other issues related to it that can become a bit of a headache.

And you can probably already guess that it has to do with shopping for burial insurance while relying on oxygen!

For many, this process will quickly become a challenging one, and it is due to that simple fact pointed out a bit earlier: most insurance carriers are less than willing to extend coverage to those with health impairments of many kinds.

Famous Carriers Make Burial Insurance Available to People Using Oxygen

Most final expense insurance carriers will not approve you if you are currently using oxygen to assist in breathing.

You will be faced with a guaranteed issue policy. But this is ok as your end goal is still the same. Protecting your loved ones from financial burdens.

Chances are you would recognize the names of insurance carriers glad to extend coverage to people with health issues or impairments that might normally negate their chances.

And what makes them even more appealing than their good names and willingness to offer coverage is that many also refund payments to beneficiaries if death should occur within the first few years of coverage.

This means that there is a higher amount returned than the buyer may have put into it in the first place.

Though it is meant as long-term coverage to help your loved ones during what is sure to be a sorrowful and trying time, it doesn’t hurt to also look for the best deal possible.

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Final Expense Insurance Quote

Who has the best burial insurance?

At, you can use a simple tool to get instant quotes, compare the details and costs, and obtain coverage all on the same day.

Through the site, you can access some of the top-tier providers of final expense insurance, and get the burial insurance needed.

In fact, even if you or a loved one is currently on an oxygen regimen and struggling with a difficult health issue.

To learn more about Oxygen use, CLICK HERE.

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Get ready for the future with final expense insurance. With so many uncertainties in life, it’s never been more important to plan ahead and prepare for what may come.

Protect your loved ones from financial hardship by getting a quote on Final Expense Insurance today!

The day you need coverage can be tomorrow – or next week – but don’t wait until it’s too late because we want you to live a long time (and get lots of oxygen)!

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