Burial Insurance For The Blind [2020 Review]

If you are dealing with more than just blindness and have other health complications, please call us so that we can better assist you in getting the best possible burial or final expense insurance in the market.

Final Expense Insurance For The Blind

If you or your loved one had some trouble finding the right burial or final expense insurance for being blind, you’ve come to the right page.

We can definitely help you find the best burial insurance policy plans from top-rated A+ insurance companies whether you’re dealing with blindness alone or have other health complications.

We specialize in preexisting conditions and being blind is a qualified health impairment.

We can absolutely help you find the best possible burial insurance offers in the market today.

What You Might Be Missing Out On When Finding A Burial Insurance Policy

As you may have experienced applying for burial insurance for someone who’s blind can be frustrating.

Especially if you are not working with an independent insurance specialist that has access to insurance companies with policies designed for blind clients.

The fact is, there are top-rated A+ final expense insurance companies that can offer the lowest payment rates and immediate insurance coverage (no waiting time period) for anyone who’s blind.

We here at InsuranceForBurial.com are formed by a team of prudent Final Expense Insurance Specialist that has a high success rate in finding the best burial insurance policy for the blind from industry-leading insurance companies.

Also, given your situation, we can simply do the application process easily through the phone. Sounds good?

We can just call the insurance company on a three-way call to approve you via voice signature application. No pressure, No Hassle.

So What Is The Best Possible Burial Insurance Policy Out There For You?

Is there a waiting period for burial insurance? The best type of final expense insurance there is, is commonly called Simplified, Preferred or Level- names depends on the insurance company.

This type of policy is the best simply because it has the lowest costs and has immediate insurance protection starting from day 1 (no waiting period). By the way, this is what’s being offered to people who have perfect health.

So how can you get a Simplified, Preferred or Level type of burial or final expense insurance?

The Underwriting Process For Burial Insurance For The Blind

What is covered by burial insurance? Underwriting is the process where insurance companies ask specific sets of questions to assess applicants how much a risk they are and what kind of policy to offer them.

They Will Mostly Ask About The Following:

Personal Details

This will be mostly about your age, gender, height, weight, ethnicity, occupation, salary, etc.

Health Questions

These will be questions about your present health condition, family history of diseases, tobacco use, alcohol or drug consumption, lifestyle, etc.

The main questions in this area would be diseases that insurance companies are on the look-out for. These questions will vary from one insurance company to another, like for example…

Mostly all insurance companies may not ask about the applicant’s vision or being blind because they do not think blindness is such a risk- and this is actually with most insurance companies.

The Truth About Blindness And Final Expense Insurance

But hold on, blindness may come with other health situations that would affect the quality of the policy to be offered. Insurance may additionally ask about the following questions…

Are you currently under home health care?

Do you need full assistance with activities of daily living?

Most people who are newly blind will need some time to adjust to the activities of daily living and others who have other health complications will require home health care.

Best Burial Insurance Companies For The Blind

Other insurance companies are so much concerned with applicants that require home health care and assistance with activities of daily living that they just bluntly reject burial insurance applicants for it or offer them policies with higher costs with waiting time periods.

Fortunately, there are top-rated A+ insurance companies that are not strict with home health care or ADL assistance that they do not ask about it. These insurance companies will most likely offer a simplified type of policy that has the lowest payment rates and with no waiting time period.

We have access to these top-rated insurance companies that are absolutely OK with being blind and needing home health care and activities of daily living assistance.

So please contact our Final Expense Insurance Specialists to assist you to get this sorted out.

Final Expense Insurance Medications And Medical Records Assessment For The Blind

With regard to blindness, there are no specific medications that will directly indicate that you’re blind. So insurance companies won’t really know what you’re blind by reviewing your medications.

When insurance companies review your MIB, they will take a look if you have some serious illness within the past 2 years, and with regards to you being blind, it won’t matter because almost all of the top-rated A+ insurance companies couldn’t care less about blindness.

Sounds great, right? yup!

These are the things insurance companies look-out to determine eligibility and what kind of policy to offer to the blind.

Great News For The Totally Independent Blind Person

If you’re just dealing with blindness and you’re totally independent… you’re golden! You’re out of the woods! The ball is in your court!

You can pick any insurance company that you want and they will offer 100% immediate full benefits insurance coverage from day 1 at the lowest payment rates without a doubt.

How To Get The Best Burial Or Final Expense Insurance Policy For The Blind

How we here at InsuranceForBurial.com can you help you find the best final expense insurance possible.

We are formed by a team of prudent final expense insurance specialists that has a passion to find the best possible burial insurance policy to anyone who’s dealing with blindness.

We have over 26 years of experience and are licensed in 49 states. We only offer the best policies from top-rated A+ insurance companies with innovative additional features at no extra costs.

What we only need from you is a little bit of your time on the phone to ask you important details about your health and your situation being blind.

Even if you have home health care assistance, we can get you coverage!

For more information on the vision impaired, CLICK HERE.

Talk to us now! We promise you a simple interview process over the phone via voice signature application.

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