Burial Insurance With Cirrhosis Of The Liver and Liver Disease

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Liver cirrhosis can significantly reduce life expectancy, making it essential for those with the disease to have burial insurance in place.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize they need this coverage until it is too late. This lack of awareness often leads to improper planning and, as a result, costly and time-consuming funerals.

Are you having a hard time getting burial insurance with liver cirrhosis? Don’t worry, just a quick call to us. Can you have your loved ones protected?

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In this article, we’ll go through how insurance companies underwrite cirrhosis applicants to determine the level of risk and what policy options you have if you have a history of liver cirrhosis and liver disease.

And finally, how to find the best financial insurance policy for your needs.

Burial Insurance with cirrhosis of the liver: Burial Insurance with liver disease

The presence of liver disease is not a reason for canceling your burial insurance. It is a fact that you must disclose it to the insurer. The insurer may choose to increase your premium or cancel your policy, but they don’t need to.

If you have cirrhosis of the liver, then you will have to pay more premiums for your burial insurance. It is because a person with this health condition may not live longer than the policy’s term.

If he survives for five years, he will still have to pay higher premiums compared to someone who does not suffer from this disease. Underwriting guidelines are similar to kidney disease.

It is important to note that there are no specified conditions under which an insurer can cancel your burial insurance policy.

However, you should know about all the terms and conditions before buying a burial insurance policy, as they are used by most insurers when deciding whether or not they should cancel your policy if you die during its tenure or before its expiry date.

Best Insurance Policy Option If You Have a History Of Cirrhosis Of The Liver

When you have cirrhosis, you may encounter several policy options when applying for burial insurance.

It is important to remember that all of your health issues will come into play when making your decision. If you have cirrhosis of the liver, several policy options could be available to you.

“Full Protection Immediately” Policy Plan Option:

If you have liver cirrhosis and want to get burial insurance, this option is probably your best bet.

It means that no matter your medical condition. You will still be able to get full coverage for your funeral costs at any time during your life.

However, in most cases, this will mean paying a higher premium than someone with no chronic illness or pre-existing conditions.

Few burial insurance companies will offer you a total death benefit upfront. There’s no waiting period.

“Graded” Policy Plan Option

This option means that if you were approved for burial insurance with cirrhosis of the liver but still had some medical problems with it.

Overall, then you would have some coverage during the first two years of owning your policy while paying less than what they would typically charge someone healthy and never had any other pre-existing conditions or chronic illnesses affecting their applications in any way whatsoever (in terms of premiums).

This policy will pay at least 30%-40% of your death benefit if you die within the first year. If you die within the first two years, we pay out up to 70-80% of your death benefit.

“Modified” Policy Plan Option

If you’re diagnosed with cirrhosis, then you may be able to get burial insurance coverage. However, there are some limitations to keep in mind.

One of them is that your policy will not pay any benefits until the third year of coverage.

If you pass away in the first two years after purchasing your plan, the insurer will not pay anything for your funeral expenses or other related costs.

Get Declined Altogether

Another possibility is that your provider will be declined altogether because of your medical condition.

In this case, it’s best to check with several carriers before buying life insurance with cirrhosis as a pre-existing condition so that you can compare quotes and find the best deal on burial insurance for people with liver disease.

Do I need a medical test to qualify for Burial insurance with cirrhosis and liver disease?

It is not a prerequisite to taking a medical test to qualify for cirrhosis of the liver insurance.

When applying for burial insurance, you might be asked to answer some basic health questions since liver cirrhosis can be an issue.

You don’t have to provide medical records or blood and urine samples. That makes it easy and hassle-free.

A prescription check is a mandatory step to getting insurance company approval.

They will ensure that you are not taking any prescriptions that interfere with your plan; if they do, then there will have to be an additional payment made. The approval often comes in minutes.

Burial Insurance Underwriting With Cirrhosis And Liver Disease

Liver cirrhosis and liver disease are conditions that insurance companies will take into account when assessing your application.

They will typically ask you questions about your general health to better understand your current health status.

Some common questions asked about liver cirrhosis are

  • Have you been diagnosed with liver disease or conditions such as chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver in the past?
  • Are you currently suffering from any other medical condition?
  • How long have you had your current condition?
  • Have you been diagnosed with cirrhosis or liver disease in the past two years?
  • Do you know what caused your condition?

Some companies might not use the word cirrhosis specifically in their health questions.

Burial Insurance With Liver Disease

Instead, they might word it more generally, asking if you have ever been diagnosed or treated for any liver disease or condition.

If you have cirrhosis, you will need to answer ‘yes’ to that question as it is a liver disease or condition.

Live Disease:

If you have liver disease, you may be able to get burial insurance with cirrhosis of the liver.

If you have been diagnosed with liver diseases such as primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), or cirrhosis, you can still get burial insurance with cirrhosis of the liver.

Liver Transplant

Most insurers will ask about transplants in their health questionnaire. You will see the question asked this way:

  • Have you ever undergone a liver transplant?

If you have undergone a liver transplant, you will likely be declined for burial insurance with liver cirrhosis.

Most insurance companies believe that patients who undergo transplants are at much higher risk for complications from their underlying condition than others, so they are less likely to pay out if something happens to them.

  • Are you a candidate for a liver transplant?

If you are, you may have to disclose that you have Hepatitis C and a severe liver condition.

When you do not have Hepatitis C and your liver disease is not severe enough to require a transplant, your insurer may offer coverage at standard rates.

When you have Hepatitis C and a severe liver condition, some insurers will refuse to cover you.

Others may offer only limited coverage, excluding coverage for any illness related to your liver disease or Hepatitis C treatment (which means no coverage for any other medical need).

Other insurers may offer full coverage but at higher rates than standard rates.

Benefits of Burial Insurance

There are many benefits of having burial insurance if you have cirrhosis or liver disease. Some of the most important benefits include:

  • Peace of mind – Having a plan for final arrangements helps your loved ones avoid the additional stress that comes with making decisions during a difficult time.
  • Financial security – funeral and burial expenses can be costly, and it’s essential for your loved ones not to have to worry about this expense at a time when they are already grieving.
  • Coverage for all stages of the disease – many burial insurance policies will continue to pay out even if you reach end-stage liver disease, which is why getting coverage as soon as possible is essential.
  • Avoid debt – If you die before paying off a loan or mortgage, your family will have to pay off the remaining debt. But with a burial insurance policy in place, your family can avoid paying off any loans you may have owed at the time of your death.

How To Find The Best Burial Insurance With Cirrhosis And Liver Disease?

Here’s a list of the qualities to look for in a suitable insurance plan, as well as the company that offers insurance plans for applicants:

  • The insurance company will accept an applicant with cirrhosis and liver disease without any problems.
  • The policy has the highest benefit payment that can protect you immediately at a very affordable monthly cost.
  • One of the significant benefits of using an insurance company over a cash price with a hospital or senior living facility is that you can customize your needs and still have coverage with immediate care.

When considering an insurance agency to provide burial coverage for those with cirrhosis or liver disease, it is essential to find one that possesses the following qualities:

  • You deserve an insurance agent who is experienced in burial and final expense insurance and passionate about helping you. Not just any insurance company.
  • The agency must be independent to access multiple insurance companies that could offer the best price.
  • Agencies only offer the best policies from top-rated insurance companies with a proven track record of paying.

Final Thought

We here at InsuranceForBurial.com have those qualities as an independent insurance agency. And we can get you these policy qualities if you have cirrhosis and liver disease. 

BurialForInsurance offered burial insurance to people who were having trouble acquiring one. We believe it’s essential that every person has the opportunity to achieve peace in their final days.

We’re proud to help people with cirrhosis and liver disease get the best burial insurance plans at an affordable price with same-day coverage.

Our experienced Final Expense Insurance Specialists have access to top-rated A+ insurance companies at our insurance agency.

These companies only offer the best insurance policies with valuable additional benefits, all at no extra cost.

Our company’s passion is to help people get the best possible burial or final expense insurance coverage regardless of their health situation. We need some information from you!

We want to make things easy for you. With this guidance, we’ll present affordable options that fit your needs.

Planning for the future can be difficult, but one thing you can do to ease the burden on your loved ones takes out a burial insurance policy.

With burial insurance, you can set aside money to cover funeral costs, so your family doesn’t have to worry about it.

Apply online today to get a quote and find an affordable policy that meets your needs. 

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