Ethos Life insurance 2024 Review You Don’t Want To Miss

After reading this Ethos Life Insurance review, you will never want to buy final expense insurance from them. They have a waiting period of two years and their website is misleading (we’ll show how).

Is ethos a legit company?

Ethos life is underwritten by AAA Life Insurance Company. Ethos offers a guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance plan with no health questions.

It has an extremely long waiting period, so it’s not right for everyone but 130% of premiums are refunded if you die before your term is up!

The whole life policy from Ethos is straightforward and easy to understand. The following are all of the features:

  • premiums won’t increase,
  • coverage never expires (as long as you continue paying),
  • guaranteed approval for those between 66 – 85 years old;
  • availability everywhere but New York where it has not been approved by state authorities–
  • two year waiting period if applied within 30 days after purchase with non-accidental deaths not allowed during this time frame

How Do Ethos Life Insurance Competitors Stack Up

We know you want the best for your family, and we encourage transparency in all aspects of the purchase.

That’s why if there is one company that can deliver on its guarantee with certainty and honesty it’s NOT Ethos!!

However, they offer an inexpensive burial insurance policy guaranteed to be better than any other available at such a low cost! Thanks, AAA life insurance.

Above all, we offer these types of policies to severely ill consumers. If you do not have cancer or dementia, then we will be able to find you an instant approval burial carrier.

Ethos Flaws You Cannot Ignore

Based on our analysis of the Ethos website, it appears that they are not being entirely truthful.

The company seems to have many discrepancies in its policies and marketing which is why we’ve outlined some key differences between what you’ll find here or elsewhere on its site versus how things really work with this particular provider:

For example, they claim that you will have instant coverage, which is completely misleading and false.

Their policy is a two-year waiting period. If death occurs within those 24 months you get nothing but the premiums returned.

Look to us, we will find you burial insurance with no waiting period policy.

So much for “Instant Coverage”

The big problem with their marketing strategy is that it’s misleading.

Their page promises instant coverage, but when you print “Instant Coverage,” every senior will think they are insured immediately and not subjected to a two-year waiting period. This brings us back full circle!

This type of trickery from Ethos might seem like common sense nowadays, considering how many people fall, victim, each year.

However, at, we have personally spoken to clients who dealt with Ethos and we always replace the policy.

All plans like Ethos GI have a waiting period of at least two years. There are no exceptions to this rule, even if you die from an accident or misadventure while covered under your policy- but don’t worry!

This time frame allows for accidental deaths as well so that extra coverage won’t be gone just yet 🙂

Above all, when you know how consumers will respond to advertisements, it is important to act with dignity and get your messaging right and honest.

They take a low and shameful route instead of being honest.

Ethos Quotes and burial insurance cost?

When you use the quote tool on their website, it starts by giving a range of prices but doesn’t mention how much coverage they just quoted.

It leaves me wondering if I am getting enough protection for what matters most in my life – my home and family!

The absolute last thing you need is some insurance company trying to charge a higher premium just because they can.

They might ask for personal information, like your Social Security number or medical records if it has something in writing that says “HIPPA consent.”

The thought of providing my Social Security Number is INSANE! Why would I need to give out such personal information when just getting a quote?

And how can anyone be expected at getting quotes without giving their HIPPA-release handle first?

There are many reasons to be concerned when buying life insurance.

The first is that you don’t know the price range of your coverage, which can lead not just to making an expensive mistake but also to being underquoted by providers who quote too low and lose out on money!

Ethos does this perfectly with their sneaky technique for getting our digits without even offering us anything worth having – how unethical!!

These are the same prices that Ethos offers, or very close to it. Remember- they’re just selling guaranteed acceptance coverage from AAA!

Ethos Life Insurance Coverage Vs Top Competitors

Age RangeFemale $10,000
In Coverage
Our Top Carrier
Age RangeMale $10,000
In Coverage
Our Top Carrier

Don’t Be Fooled By Ethos, There Are Much Better Plans Out There

Remember, guaranteed acceptance life insurance is not for everyone.

Most people can qualify for a senior final expense policy that asks questions about their health and it will have no waiting period-in addition to being less expensive than a GUARANTEED ISSUE PLAN from Ethos!

It’s also important to note: if you’re looking into getting this type of coverage but want/need GUARANTEED APPROVAL POLICY instead (which might actually cost more), call AAA directly at (888) 523-1863 – they deserve your business much better anyway. is your first choice for quality burial insurance.

We represent over a dozen highly rated companies and will compare all the top insurers in your state to find which one (if any) has a no waiting period policy at an excellent price.

Overall, with competitive rates that are lower than those offered by most competitors! Call us today at 855-380-3300 ext 2 for the final expense department.

Ethos Life Insurance Company Background

With the help of data, Ethos promises to issue coverage so consumers don’t have to take a medical exam.

They do this by leveraging their knowledge and algorithms which are designed with input from experts in different fields like medicine or genetics engineering among others – all centered on what’s best for you as an individual person!

  • Ethos life insurance customer service number: (415) 322-2037
  • Corporate headquarters: 75 Hawthorne St, Suite 2000 San Francisco, CA 94105

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The review mentions a two-year waiting period in Ethos policies and potential issues with their marketing strategy, which might be seen as misleading.

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If you have been considering purchasing a final expense insurance policy, we recommend that you do your research and find the right type of coverage for what is going to work best with your needs.

Try out our article on the ultimate guide to burial insurance for seniors.

While some people feel it’s a wise investment, others may not need the protection as much as they think.

We want to make sure that our readers are educated about this major purchase decision so that it goes smoothly from start to finish.

You can get started by filling out our contact form or calling one of our knowledgeable staff members today!

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