Buying Burial Insurance With High Blood Pressure In 2024

We all know that high blood pressure can lead to serious health problems, but it is often hard to find the time or motivation to deal with the issue.

However, now there’s a way for seniors to make sure they are covered in case something happens without having to sacrifice their busy schedules.

Burial insurance is an affordable way of ensuring your family doesn’t have any major financial burdens following your death. This post will cover why you should consider this type of coverage of hypertension life insurance and how it works.

Life Insurance High Blood Pressure and What You Need To Know

You are reading this because you have high blood pressure and want to make sure that your final expenses will be taken care of. Well, let’s get started! In order for insurance companies to cover your funeral costs, they need some proof that you had a life insurance policy with them at the time of death.

So the first thing we need is a copy of your most recent life insurance policy or an application for it if you’re not currently insured with them. Also, please give us a list of all prescription medications that you take regularly and any medical conditions or surgeries that were performed in the last ten years (if applicable).

Then we’ll go through everything so there are no surprises later on down the road!

Burial Insurance for High Blood Pressure

Can you get life insurance with high blood pressure? Find out Now!

We can tell you right now, here at we can find you the best Top-rated A+ insurance companies who have the best final expense insurance policies.

Carriers will take on the risks of hypertension or high blood pressure. These policies have the lowest rates with immediate insurance coverage which means no waiting time period.

Contact our Final Expense Insurance Specialists to help you get this sorted out and secure the best possible burial or final expense insurance specialist for you!

Getting The Best Final Expense Insurance For High Blood Pressure

Now, let’s get to the hard part first (not really).

High blood pressure and Life Insurance… Will the Insurance Carriers approve me?

Other insurance companies will unusually mention or ask about high blood pressure or hypertension. If so, hang up the phone or leave! Why?

Because if an insurance company will directly ask about high blood pressure or hypertension, they are on the lookout for it and will either charge you more or reject you.

Can I Get Life Insurance With High Blood Pressure

Can you die from high blood pressure?

Remember high blood pressure is considered a pre-existing qualified health impairment. The carriers will consider all your medical conditions in relation to your high blood pressure.

Top-rated A+ companies will not even mention or ask about high blood pressure because their policies are passively well arranged for it!

If Your Hypertension Is Under Control

What is considered high blood pressure life insurance?

Blood pressure that is not controlled by medications will be a red flag for insurance carriers. Controlled by medications and monitored by your doctor, then no worries, any insurance company will accept you right away! You can choose any final expense insurance company out there and they are happy to offer you a policy.

But you wouldn’t want just any insurance company, right?

The Truth, You Did Not Manage Your Hypertension Within The Last 2 Years

Blood pressure and life insurance today!

For whatever reason, your high blood pressure was not managed within the last 2 years.

Do not worry, though there are a few insurance companies that will charge more for applicants with high blood pressure or hypertension.

There are more top-rated A+ insurance companies out there that will offer the lowest payment with immediate insurance coverage.

Same day Insurance For High Blood Pressure What You Need To Know Now

Which means no waiting time period!

Basically, dealing with high blood pressure alone is not an issue with top-rated A+ burial or final expense insurance companies.

So to make sure you’re getting the best deal there is, you need to get in touch with a seasoned Final Expense Insurance Specialists that only has access to said top-rated A+ insurance companies.

No physical exam or medical history review. Just a few questions, no sweat!

Hold on though, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for everyone…

Another important thing to remember, high blood pressure that is uncontrolled could lead to stroke and heart attack. It is always wise to see your medical physician regularly.

Burial Life Insurance Prescription Drug History

Medications Being Red-Flagged By Insurance Companies

Denied life insurance prescription history?

There are particular medications that insurance companies look out for when evaluating applicants with high blood pressure.

There are insurance companies that will place you in a high-risk category if you’re taking any of these medications listed below.

  • Amlodipine
  • Amyl Nitrate
  • Atenolol
  • Carvedilol
  • Coreg
  • Diovan
  • Furosemide
  • Hydrochlorothiazide
  • Lasix
  • Lisinopril
  • Lopressor
  • Losartan
  • Losartan
  • Metoprolol
  • Monoket
  • Norvasc

There are a lot of medications for high blood pressure that other insurance companies are not ok with. These may be because of the long-term effects or side effects of the medications listed above.

Do not let this worry you though, we here at can expertly find you better benefits offers from top-rated A+ insurance companies even if you’re taking these medications above.

How To Get The Best Final Expense Insurance Policy With High Blood Pressure

After reading the things mentioned above, you might think that it’s very easy to get a final expense insurance policy if you’re dealing with high blood pressure or hypertension. Right? Well, the answer is… Yes and No. Wait, what?!

Let us explain…

Yes, because there are a lot of final expense companies that are OK with high blood pressure or hypertension and would offer you a final expense insurance policy easily.

Sounds good right?… But do you only want just any insurance company? Before you plunge into the market for insurance, let us tell you what we can offer.

Burial Life Insurance With Hypertension

We here at only work with top-rated A+ insurance companies that offer the best burial or final expense insurance coverage for anyone who has high blood pressure.

Same Day Instant Approval Coverage!

With over 26 years of experience, we have successfully helped over 95% of our clients who have high blood pressure get the lowest rates and immediate insurance coverage (no waiting period).

If you have other serious health problems along with high blood pressure, we can still find you the best most affordable final expense insurance coverage from the best insurance companies.

Call us (855) 380-3300 ext. 2

For more information on blood pressure, CLICK HERE.

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