Final Expense Insurance For Diabetic Nephropathy in 2024

Are you a senior citizen with diabetes? If so, your kidneys may be at higher risk due to diabetic nephropathy. In fact, 1 in 4 patients with type 2 diabetes will experience kidney damage by the time they reach 60 years old!

That’s why it is essential for seniors who have been diagnosed with this condition to invest in final expense insurance. We know that final expense insurance can seem like an unnecessary purchase at first—but there are many reasons it could be a life-changing investment for you and your family.

The Truth About Burial Insurance For Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetic nephropathy or diabetic kidney disease is a common complication of Type 1 and 2 diabetes. All of which are pre-existing conditions. 

So if you’re reading this as a diabetic patient, always put your health first above all.  And do not allow any complications to develop such as diabetic nephropathy. 

Always bear in mind that we here at can help you secure the best possible burial or final expense insurance there is…

No matter how severe your diabetic nephropathy or diabetic kidney disease is. 

Many who are searching for an affordable burial or final expense insurance while having diabetic nephropathy just get offers that are just unacceptable, or worse, will not get any policy offers at all. 

So, how can anyone qualify for burial or final expense insurance that is affordable? Let alone paying with the lowest rates and immediate insurance coverage? 

Can I Get Burial Insurance With Diabetic Nephropathy

How The Timing Of  Your Diabetic Nephropathy Or Diabetic Kidney Disease Affects The Quality Of  Your Final Expense Insurance Offers 

In this case, timing is everything for every final expense insurance company with regard to diabetic nephropathy.

The time that you had or have diabetic nephropathy will directly affect the quality of the final expense insurance policy you will be offered. 

This is basically the general underwriting process of every insurance company when it comes to diabetic nephropathy.

So it is critical that you contact our Final Expense Insurance Specialists to expertly guide you into this process to get the best possible insurance policy offer. 

Your Diabetic Nephropathy Was Over 2 Years Ago What You Need To Know

Granted that you don’t have other serious health or kidney complications within the last 2 years.

We can say congratulations to you for winning over diabetic nephropathy and that you are definitely qualified for a simplified or level final expense insurance policy.

A simplified/level type of policy is what’s being offered to a perfectly healthy person- this type of policy has the lowest payment rates, immediate insurance coverage (no waiting time period). 

Furthermore, if you go forward with us, we can get you additional benefits at no additional costs from our dozens of top-rated A+ insurance companies that we have access to. 

Your Diabetic Nephropathy Was Within 2 Years Ago, Will I Qualify?

Within this time period, you might think that the possibilities of getting immediate insurance coverage with no waiting period are lost- it’s not!

It is still possible, and your beneficiaries can even receive up to 20k in full benefits. That is why it is essential to call our Final Expense Insurance Specialists if you fall into this category. 

Most applicants that had diabetic nephropathy within this category will unavoidably have to pay a higher rate. Apart from that, in most cases, there will a waiting period to receive the full amount of benefits. 

But what about applicants with severe diabetic nephropathy with the age 40 and above? 

Learn Today About Final Expense Insurance With Diabetic Nephropathy

A Final Expense Insurance Policy For Diabetic Nephropathy With No Questions Asked 

Even if you or a loved one is between the ages of 40 to 89, there is still a top-rated A+ insurance company that will offer a policy no matter how severe your diabetic nephropathy condition is.

Their insurance policy offer will, of course, have the highest payment rates but with no medical questions asked and will be approved within the same day of applying in less than 30 minutes! 

With all the things mentioned above, this is how we can help you get the best possible policy for your present health condition with diabetic nephropathy. 

How Can Help You Find The Best Final Expense Insurance Possible 

We just need a little bit of your time to ask you some questions regarding your diabetes and other health conditions in the present and past (past 2 years) 

Here are some of the important issues that we need to know to get you the best final expense insurance for you. 

  • Your height and weight 
  • Your units of insulin taken a day 
  • Your medications currently taking 
  • Your last diabetic nephropathy 
  • Your other diabetic complications 
  • Other health complications 
  • Have you ever been on or been advised to have dialysis? 

Affordable Burial Insurance For Diabetic Nephropathy

With these details and our masterful knowledge of every underwriting process of final expense insurance companies.

We will present your offers and options from the best top-rated A+ insurance companies that will see your entire health profile the best. 

Final Expense Insurance Specialists

Our final expense insurance specialists have over 26 years of experience and are licensed in 49 states.

For final expense insurance quote New Hampshire, to a final expense insurance quote Wisconsin, all the way to New York, we have you covered. We are fueled by the passion of getting anyone the best and most affordable insurance policies out there.

For “instant life insurance quotes” today talk to us now! We promise you a simple interview process with no non-sense requirements. 

For more information on diabetic nephropathy, CLICK HERE. 

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The bottom line is that if you have diabetes, then you need to get final expense insurance. And it’s not just because of your risk for diabetic nephropathy or kidney disease – having a chronic condition also means you are more likely to require expensive care in the future and we’re here to help with that! Click below now for a free quote from our team of experts today.

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