How To Get Burial Insurance For Sleep Apnea In 2024

Understanding Burial Insurance: A Guide for Seniors with Sleep Apnea – this is a topic many of us don’t think about until we have to.

Yet, it’s crucial for those dealing with sleep apnea.

Do you often find yourself feeling tired and irritable? It might not just be due to a bad night’s sleep; sleep apnea could be the culprit.

This disorder disrupts your breathing while you sleep, potentially increasing your risk for serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If this sounds like you or a loved one, there’s no need to wait another minute.

Read on to find invaluable tips and advice on how to secure affordable burial insurance for individuals dealing with sleep apnea.

Final Expense Insurance For Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that can be potentially dangerous as it can lead to serious complications such as heart disease or other metabolic diseases.

Common causes of sleep apnea are overweight or being obese. It is important to know that sleep apnea is on our qualified health impairment list for instant day one approval.

Even though these are very true, having sleep apnea will not get in our way in helping you in securing burial insurance with lowest-cost and immediate protection coverage.

Often times adult children are looking for burial insurance for their parents. Besides, sleep apnea, we specialize in our seniors and all health impairments. You would be surprised, oftentimes we speak with adult children, and they think perhaps their mom and dad may not qualify for day one coverage due to an impairment. I am here to tell you, 90% of the time they do INDEED qualify for day one coverage! Find out today!!!!

Burial Insurance For Sleep Apnea

Above all, finding the right burial insurance with a pre-existing medical condition like sleep apnea is important in saving money. In addition, finding the correct agent is just as important.

Our founder has decades of experience in the insurance industry, we here at have helped many folks with sleep apnea get a rock-bottom price on final expense insurance with immediate protection.

Hopefully, you’ll allow us to help you too, we promise after we’ve helped you with securing high-quality burial insurance in the cheap, you’ll sleep a bit better!

Sleep Apnea And Final Expense Insurance Companies

Let’s start with some uplifting news! Nearly all insurance companies are more than willing to provide affordable final expense insurance to individuals with sleep apnea. In fact, the vast majority of these companies don’t consider sleep apnea a high-risk factor. So, you can take a sigh of relief; to them, sleep apnea isn’t a big deal at all.

Plus, if you’re on oxygen therapy for your sleep apnea, that’s okay too. Insurers won’t hold that against you, so don’t stress about it. And, guess what? You don’t have to worry about medical exams either. They aren’t a requirement when applying for burial or final expense insurance, which is one less hurdle to cross.

Even better, you’re likely to be offered a final expense insurance plan at the lowest premium, with coverage kicking off from day one. This option is often referred to as “simplified,” “preferred,” or “level” by insurance companies.

So, when it comes to final expense insurance, sleep apnea is as easy as pie for most companies. They’re ready to handle its minimal risk, and in their eyes, sleep apnea is a non-issue. As a result, they’re more than ready to welcome you into the fold with a simplified plan. You’re not a risk factor – you’re a valued client.

Now, is there any bad news?

Well, not really.

The only potential hitch could be if you accidentally work with the wrong insurance agency. If that happens, you might end up with insurance plans that are more expensive and don’t offer immediate full protection.

In essence, you might feel like you’ve wasted your time. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you on the right path.

We want to help you avoid these issues, so you can find the perfect burial insurance for your needs.

Hopefully, you’ll move forward with us, you won’t regret it.

Types of sleep apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: This is the most common form. This is when the throat muscles relax. This is by far the most common form.

Central Sleep Apnea: This occurs when your brain does not send the proper signals to the muscles that control your breathing.

Complex Sleep Apnea Syndrome: Also known as treatment-emergent central sleep apnea. This occurs when a person has both obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Underwriting Process Of Final Expense Insurance Companies

There are insurance companies for burial or final expense insurance that will ask about sleep apnea, and some won’t.

As a general rule: If a disease, disorder (like sleep apnea), treatment, living conditions, habit, types of assistance, etc., is or are asked in the questionnaire, then the insurer is strict with it and it’s a high risk for them.

Listen, if you’re asked about sleep apnea during the underwriting process, be honest. Say ‘yes’, because that’s the truth. After that, ask the company or person directly.

Will sleep apnea stop you from getting a simplified plan?

Will using oxygen for it be a problem? If the answer is ‘yes’, then it’s time to walk away. You deserve a plan that understands and accommodates your needs.

We have a team of highly experienced Final Expense Insurance Specialists that have access to the country’s top-rated A+ insurance companies that only offers top-tier insurance policies…

Anyone of our specialists will obviously cross-out companies who underwrite sleep apnea negatively and point you to the ones who are perfectly fine with this sleep disorder that might keep your partner awake during sleep time.

Oxygen or CPAP usage

All insurance companies will always ask if you’re on any device for oxygen therapy- if you’re on oxygen by any type of device, you will be ineligible for any underwritten burial or final expense insurance plan and your only option is a “Guaranteed Issue (GI)” plan.

As we mentioned in this article, oxygen use is perfectly fine with insurance companies as long as the only reason you’re on it is because of sleep apnea.

Oxygen use on the underwriting questions will usually exclude sleep apnea, an example of this is the following:

“Within the last 12months, have you been prescribed to use oxygen to assist you in breathing? Excluding use for sleep apnea.”

If you use oxygen or a CPAP device because of sleep apnea only, you are still eligible for a simplified burial insurance plan, period.

The EASIEST Way To Find The Best Burial Or Final Expense Insurance For Sleep Apnea

Perhaps you’re finding it challenging to locate and secure the best burial insurance plan for sleep apnea.

The root of this problem could be a lack of experience or knowledge from the insurance agent or agency you’re working with. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you cut through the confusion.

Numerous insurance companies are ready and willing to provide a simplified coverage plan for individuals with sleep apnea.

These companies are keenly aware of the nuances of this sleeping disorder, including the necessary safety measures for those using oxygen therapy, like the appropriate use of face masks.

Remember, the road to finding the perfect insurance plan doesn’t have to be hard. With the right guidance, you’ll find it’s easier than you think!

Here’s a COMPLETE list of the qualities that you should be aiming for if your concern is sleep apnea burial insurance and the qualities of the insurance company that offers it:

  • The insurance company that is perfectly fine with sleep apnea and oxygen use because of it.
  • The insurance company with the lowest monthly premium and immediate full coverage for sleep apnea.
  • The policy has the highest benefit payment that can protect you sooner.

Finding An Independent Burial Agent

How do I find an independent insurance agent in Jacksonville, Florida? The insurance agency that you would need to move forward with must have the following qualities when it comes to finding burial coverage for epilepsy:

  1. The agency must be independent to have access to a lot of different insurance companies that can possibly offer the best coverage.
  2. The agency must have insurance agents that are highly experienced burial or final expense insurance specialist that have the passion to help you! Not the companies.
  3. The agency only offers the best policies from the country’s top-rated insurance companies that have stood the test of time in the insurance industry with stable finances and a proven track record.

We here at can proudly say that we have those qualities as an independent insurance agency and we can exactly get you these coverage qualities for sleep apnea and oxygen use for it.

We have successfully helped a lot of clients with sleep apnea with or without oxygen usage secure coverage plans from the country’s top-rated insurance companies that have stood the test of time and challenges in the insurance industry.

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Getting burial insurance when you have sleep apnea might feel like a big hill to climb. But, it’s a step that will ensure your family’s financial stability.

The right plan can help you manage the risks that come with sleep apnea.

More importantly, it can give you and your loved ones peace of mind. So, why not start exploring insurance policies made for sleep apnea sufferers today? (

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