2024 Guide To Best Funeral Insurance For Seniors

To be clear, funeral insurance for seniors is the same as final expense insurance, burial insurance for seniors, cremation insurance, and end-of-life insurance, these are ALL simplified issue whole life policies.

It all depends on how the insurance company is marketing it. But, make no mistake, they are exactly the same.

That should answer the question, “What type of insurance policy pays for funeral and burial costs?”

Owning a seniors Funeral insurance policy is one of the most important steps you can take to secure your legacy. But it is important to find affordable funeral policies to review.

It’s not a morbid thing, it’s just practical for anyone who wants to be in control of their final wishes. In fact, final expense insurance for seniors is the way to go.

You deserve the peace of mind that you have the resources and knowledge available to plan an affordable ceremony or cremation service that reflects who you were during your life.

We know that sometimes it can be hard for seniors on fixed incomes who have limited assets to find quality coverage at rates they are able to afford. But we’re here every day all the time ready and available!

We proudly offer same-day approval without a medical exam so there is no waiting around worrying about what will happen when you pass away if you don’t get approved.

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Funeral Insurance For Seniors Questions Answered

Is it worth getting funeral insurance?

YES, it is!!!!  Getting senior funeral insurance is easier than ever. Most of our clients receive coverage within minutes with no waiting period.

What is the difference between life insurance and funeral insurance?

Funeral insurance is life insurance, they are small whole life policies that usually range from $1500 to $35,000 in coverage. However, we have the best carriers that will offer $40,000 to $100,000 with instant coverage.

What is an alternative to funeral insurance?

Yes, but if you are looking for coverage that will pay when the day comes then this is the best plan.

Other alternatives such as term life are risky as you could outlive the term and all the money you paid in premiums will be gone.

In addition, you could get a pre-need plan, but remember, funeral homes are for profit, and if you live long after and factor in inflation your family may cover the difference.

Immediate funeral insurance coverage is the best thing since sliced bread in protecting your family!

Above all, What happens if your family can’t afford a funeral?  

This is why final expense life insurance is so important! Your family will be going through an emotional time.

In fact, factoring in having to come up with thousands of dollars is gut-wrenching at this time as most do not have this laying around.

The outcome is usually a family going into debt and paying it off in years to come.

What is Affordable Funeral Insurance For Seniors

What happens if you don’t have money for a funeral?

Simply put, your family will be financially burdened. Often times this occurs at the most inconvenient time for them financially. As we know when it rains, it pours.

If you don’t put something in place, most often, your family goes into debt to carry out your final wishes.

What is the best burial insurance for seniors?

Let’s face it when you are looking for final expenses for seniors you want the most affordable funeral policy. In fact, at this age, you are on a fixed income so every dollar counts.

Extremely important to look into funeral plans for those over 65 years of age. When you pass your family does not want to worry about their parent’s, or seniors’ funeral insurance!

When looking for a cheap funeral cover, you want to make sure it is level premium and the death benefit is guaranteed to never go down. We shop for dozens of carriers nationwide to find you the best option.

The carrier you qualify for will depend on your personal profile. Age, health, and medications are key factors in determining this.

Above all, Uncle Sam is not giving you a raise on your social security checks. So it is a necessity to get cheap burial insurance for seniors with a reputable company.

We offer same-day funeral insurance with approval and an active policy in under 30 minutes. In addition, we offer day-one coverage, look at our qualified health impairments list.

Seniors Funeral Insurance Costs For Ages 50-90

How can I pay for a funeral with no money?

When looking for affordable funeral insurance you want to make sure the full cost is taken care of. This will relieve any financial burden on the family.

Often times when our seniors are on a fixed income, their adult children and/or adult grandchildren take care of the costs and become the payors and beneficiaries of their policies.

Above all, the age and health of the senior looking for low-cost funeral insurance will have a major factor. In fact, funeral cover for senior citizens will increase drastically due to age if you do not lock it in.

Here is an example of rates for burial life insurance seniors by age.

Affordable Seniors Funeral Insurance For Males

Age of Applicant$5,000$10,000$15,000

Affordable Seniors Funeral Insurance For Females

Age of Applicant$5,000$10,000$15,000

It’s important to realize the benefits of these policies.

  • Guaranteed Death Benefit
  • Guaranteed Level Premiums
  • Builds cash value

You can now realize why it is important to purchase at an early age. Overall, those looking for burial insurance for parents need to keep this in mind.

Gerber burial insurance rates and AIG burial insurance rates may be slightly higher. Ask Us. 

How will I know which life insurance plan is best for me?

Insuranceforburial.com specializes in life insurance for seniors.

We will isolate your accurate rate class that will determine what carrier is best and what price is the lowest. We do this in minutes all over the phone. Ages of 18 and over regardless of health.

To clarify, up to age 90. (funeral insurance for seniors over 90 is not available)

Instant Approval Funeral Insurance Carriers

Your questions are answered!  

Which burial insurance companies offer the Same Day Instant Approval?

Overall, there are many senior funeral insurance carriers.  Here are just a few A+ Rated carriers. Keep in mind, these are all instant approval burial companies! Also, there are no exam life insurance companies for final expense whole life policies. 

Is There A Waiting Period For Funeral Insurance

Instant Approval Senior Funeral Insurance

Additionally, very few underwriting health questions are asked to receive instant coverage.

In the event that you pass away, it is usually left up to a family member or members of your family to cover the costs of the funeral home, your burial, and in some cases, your debt.

So ask yourself, is final expense insurance worth it?  I think we both know the answer here!

No matter the amount of coverage you are looking for, this will help offset the costs of your loved one’s funeral. 

Senior funeral insurance with no waiting period?

Offer Guaranteed ~ State-regulated program for final expenses with instant Same Day Approval!!! For instance, if you are in general good health one option for you would be Royal Neighbors of America, an A-Rated carrier that also has member benefits built into the policy.

You get discounts and savings from prescriptions, dental, and vision all the way to retail products. If that was not enough, your immediate family member benefits from those same discounts and savings as you, the insured! Incredible to say the least!

Funeral Insurance No Medical Exam

When shopping for affordable burial insurance for elderly consumers it’s important to know that these are simplified issue policies. What that means is, there are a few questions that need to be asked.

In addition, they will want to know what medications you are taking.

Overall, you want to purchase funeral insurance as early as possible. However, funeral policies for those over 65 are still affordable. For example, a senior plan life insurance of $30 000 in coverage will be very affordable at the level benefit rate.

These life insurance rates will change if you have health issues. That’s why it is key to get this done early and often.

Funeral Insurance No Health Questions

When you are looking for senior funeral insurance with no health questions then you are talking about a guaranteed acceptance policy. These are sometimes called GI. They are usually a more costly seniors funeral cover, however convenient. A great option when faced with severe health issues.

In addition, these policies come with a 2-year graded period. For instance, if you were to die the first two years of an illness, all premiums would be refunded plus 10%.

However, death due to accidents will payout day one. Again, if you are healthy you are looking for convenience. If you have a severe illness or preexisting condition, it may be your only choice.

Burial Expense Insurance FAQs

Commonly asked questions…

Is funeral insurance the same as life insurance?

​​​​​​​NO. In fact, they differ in a few aspects. A Burial policy is meant to cover your final expenses such as your burial, funeral home, cremation, flowers, service, etc. They are no medical exams. The coverage amount does not exceed $40,000.  Final expense insurance has many carriers that offer same-day instant approval

How much does it cost for senior funeral insurance?

It varies, just like life insurance, funeral insurance is based on your age and medical history. You can fill out the quote box to the left for a ballpark quote.  

However, we would still need to speak with you for an accurate quote. No policy is one size fits all. No person is one size fits all.

Are there any health questions?

Yes, Burial insurance for seniors and these benefit plans will have some underwriting health questions. This helps us isolate which carriers you qualify with. 

What is Same Day Instant Approval funeral insurance for seniors?


Once we qualify you, you choose the best life insurance company and quotes that fit your budget. We conference in the insurance carrier to our call.  This is called the Voice Signature Application.

We also have the Email Signature Application as well. (See below for details) They verify your information such as name, address, and a few underwriting questions, etc.  

By the end of the call (in most cases, less than 30 minutes) you will have an active policy.  How awesome is that?

Will there be a waiting period before I am approved?

In a word, No! Instant Same Day Approval. In fact, within a 30-minute phone call. You will have an active policy or pick a due date to start.

Why Do Funeral Policies Have A Waiting Period

These would be for consumers that have severe health issues like active cancer, or heart surgery in the last 12 months.

Here are some Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Carriers that offer no exam, and no health questions!

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Voice Signature VS Email Signature Application Process

What is Voice Signature Application?

First, your independent agent qualifies you for multiple same days instant approval carriers.

Second, he/she will ask you a short series of underwriting questions. For example, address, full name, date of birth, health/medical questions, etc. 

Third, once qualified and you compare your quotes, your agent will conference with the carrier representative. At the end of the call, you have same-day life insurance!

Voice Signature & Email Signature Application Process

Finally, the representative will verify all information you discussed with your agent. Then the application gets signed via your voice over the phone directly with the carrier!  

How Awesome is this?  It just can’t get better!

What is the Email Signature Application?

Similar to the process of voice signature, however, you would receive your application via email to Docu-sign.

With a few clicks of the mouse, your application is signed and then submitted directly to the carrier for final processing. Same Day Instant Approval!   Burial insurance for seniors is Easy Peazy!

Funeral Insurance For Seniors Over 60

Ultimately, funeral insurance for seniors’ same-day final expense coverage is the best type of life insurance at this stage of life!

Especially if you are in good health. In addition, most likely, your children are grown and out of your home.

Of course, you still have the term life option. However, you may outlive it if you have longevity in your family. Term policies will most likely require a medical exam. 

Be that as it may, we don’t suggest term life as an option unless you have a car loan or mortgage payment to still think about.

For one thing, usually, the application process may take up to six weeks until approved.

Assuming you do not have any health issues and you are still young, your monthly premium will be affordable and death benefits are guaranteed as long as you make the monthly payment.

Equally important, as you age your coverage options may change due to health changes, and every year older, your premium payment will increase. 

Important to realize, it is vital to speak with an independent agent for the best quote with the same-day approval life insurance company.

These types of life insurance plans require a few health questions and are permanent life insurance.

Funeral Insurance For Seniors Over 70

Are you over 70? How do life insurance for seniors over 70 with no medical exam and instant same-day approval work? The type of policy is the same as we have discussed above.   

Final Expense policies assist seniors in achieving their goal of protecting their loved ones from financial burdens!

You may have some health issues at this stage of life.   

Because there is no medical exam required, there is no waiting period for these same-day instant approval life plans. 

In fact, you truly would want to buy a burial /final expense policy today.

You are over 70.

For this reason, the longer you keep putting this off and the longer you compare rates, your monthly premiums will increase!

Keep this in mind, to keep your premium payment affordable lower the coverage amount you are looking to purchase. 

Above all, when you pass away, the death benefit is paid to your beneficiary. This money is meant to offset the costs of funeral expenses.  

Life Insurance Burial Policy

Insuranceforburial.com Tip!

Funeral Insurance Plan TIP:  You would like to purchase $20,000 in senior funeral insurance coverage.  You compare quotes with your independent agent.  If for some reason the premium payment is out of your budget. Lower your coverage amount.  WHY? Because SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING.

As a matter of fact, the carrier will not tell you this. Here at insuranceforburial.com, we will walk you through the entire process from health questions to funeral costs to your burial insurance quote. 

Now, let’s discuss Seniors over 80…

Funeral Insurance For Seniors Over 80

What is the best life insurance for seniors over 80? Is it even possible? With same-day Instant approval, permanent life coverage is absolutely attainable over 80 years of age.

No medical exam is required. Very few health questions for underwriting purposes.

Health problem? No problem! We understand at this stage the elderly over 80 may have developed some health issues. For this reason, no matter your health condition there are quite a few life insurance companies that offer instant same-day approval.

Insuranceforburial.com understands final expenses can be overwhelming. We understand you do not wish to leave that financial burden or funeral expenses on the shoulders of your loved ones. This is why you are here!

Unlike term life insurance, these life plans are same-day instant approval.  Simplified issue of whole life policies. Remain Level for the rest of your life!  Premium payments DO NOT INCREASE EVER!

The death benefit is paid out to your beneficiary.  Therefore, they are able to pay for your funeral costs. 

What is your next step…

Most compelling evidence, we have had clients call us with this exact same problem on a daily! They were sold this policy and now here they are over 80 and no burial coverage. 

But what do seniors over 80 do now?  As a matter of fact, most likely you are going to outlive this policy. 

Think about that!  If you have AARP now, give us a call immediately.  

We will compare funeral insurance quotes with same-day instant approval carriers and save you a ton of $$$!

Burial Policy For Seniors

A quick note from Insuranceforburial.Com

Have you been shopping around for funeral insurance quotes online (burial and final expense policies) or via phone? Frustrated? Do you want a whole life policy with no exam but do not know where to begin? 

Stop shopping and allow us to do the shopping for you.  

In fact, we shop you multiple same days instant approval carriers in one simple phone call.  There are dozens of benefit plans you can qualify for. 

Also, Do you have a high-risk health condition or health impairment such as a heart attack?

Let us know! We CAN help you!

Funeral Cover With No Waiting Period

Looking for funeral insurance for seniors today? Give us a call today for your free funeral insurance quotes online.

We look forward to helping protect you and your family from financial burden.

In conclusion,  Peace Of Mind.

Why does insurance often provide peace of mind? Because knowing when we leave this earth, our children or our children’s children will never feel the financial burden when they say goodbye one last time.  Grieving is hard enough…

Insuranceforburial.com specializes in Affordable burial policies for seniors. 

In addition, we also specialize in all health impairments.

Are you hesitant because you have a health problem/condition and you feel you would not qualify? 

In this case, this is especially when you NEED to call us for final expense quotes.  We have many final expense carriers (instant approval burial carriers) for you to qualify with zero waiting period!

Even if you do not qualify for level benefits,  In fact, you will qualify for a Guaranteed Acceptance Policy.  Ask Us Today!

For more information on health and aging: CLICK HERE.

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Funeral Insurance For Seniors is a great way to protect those aging loved ones you care about. When seniors reach their 70s and 80s, they may be in need of the extra protection that senior funeral insurance provides.

If you’re thinking about purchasing this type of policy for your senior parents or grandparents, it’s important to know how much coverage will cost them before signing on the dotted line.

Get an instant quote today so that you can put aside any worry about what would happen if anything happened to one of our most vulnerable populations.

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