Qualified Health Impairments

Same Day Approval

Same Day Approval Burial Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

So here you are! You are about to dive into all you need to know about risk factors and burial insurance! Then find the best funeral insurance quote!

I am sure you have many questions regarding chronic health conditions and burial insurance “funeral insurance”. But also to compare funeral insurance coverage.

Let ME ask YOU a few questions…

  • Do you have pre-existing conditions?
  • Do you want instant same day approval?
  • Are you concerned if you will qualify for instant burial insurance coverage?

Here is the scoop!

You can qualify for instant life insurance coverage with pre-existing health conditions ~ Instant Same Day Approval!!!

In most cases with no waiting period for pre-existing conditions. Even burial insurance with COPD.

Obtaining life insurance for people with medical conditions is a lot easier than most people think. And without a medical exam to boot!

So if you are looking for the best burial insurance policy for pre-existing conditions, then you came to the right place.

Why Funeral Insurance

Final expenses can be overwhelming. Is burial insurance worth it?

Burial insurance is meant to cover the cost of those funeral expenses. We know you do not wish to leave that financial burden on your family.

The whole point of final expenses insurance is upon your passing, the death benefit gets paid to the designated beneficiary.

The beneficiary will be able to take care of the costs of your burial from the funeral home and your celebration of life.

Even if you are an adult child and you don’t want to be stuck with the financial burden of a senior parent dying, give us a call. We will go over burial insurance for parents options.

Final Expense Life Insurance Premiums are Based on a Few Factors:

  • Health issues
  • Medications
  • Chronic illness
  • Age

Is it true the life insurance company will have health questions and will ask about your chronic or acute health conditions?

YES! But do not fret!

In some cases, there are some high-risk health impairments that will require a guaranteed issue policy.

No medical underwriting questions at all, however, there is a two year waiting period.

Burial insurance companies will look at each person differently.

Each company also has its own underwriting niche.

Our same day instant burial carriers cover the following health impairments. Instant approval under 30 minutes with these specific health impairments!!

Instant Burial Insurance With Heart Conditions

Yes, I kid you not!!! Same Day Approval!!!

Instant Burial Insurance With Pulmonary Disorders

Do you think you can’t get coverage if you have cancer?

Think Again!!!

Burial insurance for cancer patients ~ Same Day Instant Approval!!!

Burial Insurance Instant Same Day for Diabetics

Other same day approved health impairments include:

Also, take note, that these carriers are very liberal with people who take a water pill or high blood pressure medication.

Many other carriers will assume CHF (congested heart failure) for those medication combos.

Those of you that are overweight or considered obese, we have same day instant approval burial insurance with NO WEIGHT CHARTS!

Are you a cigar and pipe user? Good news for you!

Many carriers will consider you Non-Tobacco! This is fantastic when you get your insurance quotes from us.

Why is this fantastic?  

Because your premiums will not increase when you are considered non-tobacco!

So sit back, put your feet up and light that E.P Carrillo Encore Majestic Cigar!!! (cigar of the year, 2018! Ernesto Perez-Carrillo will be proud!)

So sit back, put your feet up and light that E.P Carrillo Encore Majestic Cigar!!! (cigar of the year, 2018! Ernesto Perez-Carrillo will be proud!)

Another great feature of these Instant same day burial carriers:

Burial insurance for HIV patients, we got you covered!

This is Peace of Mind!