Burial Insurance And Cancer Recurrence: A Complete Guide

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When someone experiences cancer, they not only have to deal with the stress of dealing with a disease but also the stress of figuring out how to pay for all the additional expenses that come with it.

One way to help alleviate some financial stress is by getting affordable cancer recurrence burial insurance, which can help reduce financial stress while going through a second or third round of treatment.

“It is better to risk starving to death than die of a disease.” This saying is particularly relevant when considering burial insurance and cancer recurrence.

Working on your insurance policy can be difficult, especially when trying to figure out what coverage you need and how much each policy will cost.

InsuranceForBurial.com recommends that everyone consider getting cancer recurrence burial insurance if they struggle with finances after the first round of treatment. Let’s look at what it means to have Cancer Recurrence, what options are available to you, and how it can impact your life should you need coverage for such an event.

Burial Insurance And Cancer Recurrence

Burial Insurance And Cancer Recurrence: What is it?

The term, “recurrence” refers to cancer’s return or recurrence after treatment. Cancer can come back in the same place as before, or it can spread (metastasize) to other body parts.

Recurrence is more likely with certain types of cancer, such as prostate and breast cancers. Reoccurrence can happen months or years after treatment ends.

Some people with early-stage cancers never have a recurrence, while others find their cancer comes back years later.

Suppose you are diagnosed with cancer while covered by a burial insurance policy. In that case, you may be eligible for additional coverage if your condition deteriorates and a recurrence occurs within two years after the date of diagnosis.

Your insurer will not pay benefits if you have another life insurance policy or a disability policy covering this event.

If you are diagnosed with cancer, can you still get life insurance?

If you or your loved one has cancer and doesn’t currently have life insurance, it is still possible to get coverage.

Contact us for more information about what steps need to be taken.

Determining how much coverage you’re eligible for and what you’ll pay at the end of the day hinges on:

  • Your cancer type
  • What stage is it at?
  • Your prognosis.
  • Your treatment strategy

Is it possible to get life insurance if you have cancer?

The answer is yes. It is possible to get life insurance if you have cancer, but there are some limitations depending on your cancer type.

Cancer survivors are eligible for life insurance but may need to meet specific requirements. For example, some cancers must be in remission for a specific period before the application can be approved.

Others may require regular checkups and blood tests to ensure that cancer does not recur.

The most common cancers are:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Melanoma Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • non-Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Endometrial Cancer
  • Kidney Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Liver Cancer 
  • Thyroid Cancer

If you’re looking for life insurance for someone with cancer, you must understand how much coverage they need and how long they will need it.

It would help if you also considered whether any other medical conditions might affect their eligibility for coverage or premiums.

In most cases, if you have a disease like breast and prostate cancer with a high survival rate, you may still qualify for coverage and get standard rates 2 years after diagnosis.

Cancers that are more aggressive and have a lower life expectancy in the US are less likely to be approved for life insurance through the traditional process.

But again, getting a burial insurance policy with active cancer can be accomplished.

Getting life insurance for cancer is tricky; the earlier it is detected, the better. Stage 0 or Stage 1 cancers may still be insurable and may even qualify for standard rates after 2 years from the last treatment.

It can be challenging for cancer survivors to buy life insurance, even if they follow their treatment plan and have a good prognosis.

The problem is that traditional life insurance doesn’t work the same way as burial insurance coverage.

How does cancer recurrence affect burial insurance?

Cancer recurrence coverage is not included in funeral insurance plans because recurrent cancers are considered pre-existing conditions after two years of diagnosis.

If you were to purchase burial insurance while you had cancer or another serious illness, your policy would exclude any claims related to those conditions for the first two years.

However, if over two years since the last treatment, you should have no problem getting an immediate policy with no waiting period.

If fact, several options are available if you want to protect yourself from future medical costs.

For example:

  • You may be able to obtain life insurance through your employer or other group plan offering guaranteed issue coverage (coverage guaranteed regardless of pre-existing conditions).
  • You might also consider purchasing a guaranteed issue whole life insurance either through an existing plan or through an independent broker/agent specializing in writing these policies.

Can my burial insurance policy cover my cancer recurrence?

Yes! Some burial insurance plans will cover the cost of your funeral should you become terminally ill, so long as your doctor says there is no chance of recovery or remission from your illness.

If you are still receiving treatment but are expected to die within 12 months of diagnosis, your plan will cover all of the costs associated with your funeral services as long as the policy was active and is a level policy.

In most cases, burial insurance plans will only cover up to 100% of the funeral service’s cost if you accelerate the benefit, including embalming fees or burial plot costs.

However, some companies offer policies that cover up to 50% of these expenses, so it’s worth shopping around before making your decision!

The key to knowing how to search for the proper rate class when it comes to finding a policy is understanding these three options:

  • If you are currently diagnosed and are receiving treatment, then the only policies available are graded/guarantee issued whole life. These are 1-2 year waiting period policies.
  • If you have had cancer in the past, and treatment has ended over 24 months ago, then you are able to receive level day one coverage.
  • If you have a history of cancer in your family, my advice, get it soon and early.

How Life Insurance Works if You Have Cancer

If you are in remission or were recently diagnosed, some life insurance companies will require the traditional physical exam method. It makes it hard to afford the amount of coverage you need.

However, with burial insurance, these carriers only have a 2-year look back. That means if treatment stopped over 24 months ago, you will receive a rate the same as someone who never had cancer.

When choosing life insurance, remember that there are many things to think about. Every company has its underwriting guidelines; Company B might do the trick even if Company A doesn’t work for you.

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to speak to an independent agent like a InsuranceForBurial.com agent.

Finding the right fit could take some time and effort, with potentially a few rejected applications along the way. However, we can isolate the right carrier in minutes.

If you’re looking for life insurance for cancer, please don’t have to go it alone. You’re already dealing with a lot and don’t need the added stress of finding a policy.

Here at InsuranceForBurial.com, we are an agency with access to many of the top life insurance companies to help you get the coverage they need.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the top-rated A+ insurance companies in the country. This way, we can ensure that our clients are getting the best coverage.

Plus, we offer innovative additional benefits at no extra cost.

No-Medical Exam Required to Apply

No-medical exam for life insurance is a type of policy that does not require an underwriting exam or physical exam.

It means that the insured person doesn’t have to undergo any medical tests before they can get approved for a policy.

The only requirement is that they must be able to provide proof of good health by asking health questions and that they have never been diagnosed or treatment with any form of cancer in the last two years.

We specialize in no medical exam life insurance–you can find it at an affordable price.

Call us today and speak with an agent and find out what type of insurance you may be eligible for when addressing cancer.

Life Insurance for Stage 4 Cancer Patients

Life insurance for stage 4 cancer patients is much like life insurance for any other person. The difference is that this type of policy covers the cost in the event of death.

While there are many different life insurance policies, they all have one thing in common: they pay out a specified amount of money to someone after your death.

Many people take out life insurance when they have children or want to ensure their family is taken care of if something happens to them.

Stage 4 cancer patients can get a policy to cover the costs of their burial. Still, it’s essential to understand what kind of coverage is available so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you need it.

We can help you with that.

What are the benefits of burial insurance for cancer patients?

It gives peace of mind to your loved ones that they won’t have to go into debt as a result of your death.

It can help prevent your family from liquidating their assets to pay for your final expenses, which could leave them with no savings or investments. Or worse, going into debt.

It provides financial security for surviving spouses and children after they have lost their primary breadwinner due to an untimely death from cancer or other illness.

Can burial insurance cover cancer recurrence?

Yes! Many people think that cancer recurrence won’t be covered by burial insurance because they believe it’s only intended to cover long-term health conditions like heart disease or diabetes, but this isn’t true.

Many policies will even cover second cancers:

If you were diagnosed with breast cancer and were treated for it successfully, then got diagnosed with lung cancer later in life and passed away, your family would be eligible to collect on the policy. It is because lung cancer is considered a separate condition from breast cancer — even if it came from the exact root cause (for example, smoking).

However, suppose you developed lung cancer due to your original diagnosis and died from it within two years of diagnosis (but after treatment).

In that case, some limitations could be placed on your claim depending on the type of policy purchased. These are those 2-year waiting period policies.

What are the options for coverage if my cancer recurs?

You may be concerned about financial security if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Luckily, there’s help available to protect your family.

Insurance policies that cover cancer can be divided into three categories:

Cancer-only policies. These policies cover the cost of treatment for specific types of cancer but not other medical conditions. This type of policy is best suited for people at high risk for a specific type of cancer. Usually, based on their family history. Or because they were exposed to a known carcinogen (a chemical that causes cancer) in the workplace.

General health insurance with an endorsement for cancer care. A general health policy covers everything from checkups and prescriptions to hospitalization and surgery. But if you get sick with cancer, some insurers will pay for treatment costs. These costs are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid (Medi-Cal in California).

Cancer-specific health insurance plans. These plans provide comprehensive coverage for all aspects of your treatment. Including prescription drugs, hospital stays, and other expenses associated with your illness.

How to Get the Best Life Insurance for Cancer Recurrence Patients?

We know that any coverage for recurrence cancer is likely crucial for you. That is why we offer various types of coverage for any impairment. Including our expert team to help you find the best one.

InsuranceForBurial.com is always here to help our clients find the best plan to suit their needs effectively and attractively. If you need help with an outdated medical condition and want an affordable, customized solution, then we can help.

Above all, we thoroughly understand underwriting and rates from all top-rated burial or final expense insurance companies we represent.

We are an independent agency with access to some of the best Final Expense Insurance Specialists available.

Our team of well-experienced specialists that have top-level access to all the top insurance companies. We only offer high-rated insurance plans.

We have the drive to offer the best possible burial or final expense insurance to people, regardless of their health.

At InsuranceForBurial.com, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best possible options for their situations. We promise to make the entire process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Final Thought

Cancer is often considered a death sentence, but that is not always the case. This article explored the options available for those who have been diagnosed with cancer, including burial insurance.

Burial insurance can help cover funeral expenses and other final costs. The chance of cancer recurrence is always a worry for those who have battled the disease.

This article provides an in-depth look at burial insurance and how it can help those affected by cancer.

Contact us today to get started on securing an affordable policy tailored just for you. To get an accurate burial insurance quote, call our agents at (855) 380-3300, or fill out the quote form on this page.

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Burial Insurance and Cancer recurrence