Burial Insurance for People with Chronic Bronchitis [2022 Guide]

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Burial insurance is a topic that we should all be thinking about. If you have chronic bronchitis or COPD, there are special considerations to take into account when buying burial insurance.

For example, some policies will not cover people with pre-existing conditions like asthma or diabetes. This blog post will help walk you through the process of finding the right coverage and answers to your questions.
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The Truth About Final Expense Insurance For People With Chronic Bronchitis COPD

If you or a loved one have Chronic Bronchitis, it would be best to call us to better help you.

Given that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the 3rd leading disease that causes death in the U.S., chronic bronchitis is a type of COPD that’s also considered a high-risk disease by most insurers.

Most burial or final expense insurance companies out there will charge irregular higher premiums and may impose different types of penalties.

Given that chronic bronchitis is a type of COPD with no cure, you would think that paying higher would make sense… do you?

Nope! Not at all

We here at InsuranceForBurial.com with over 26 years of experience have helped countless people with other types of COPD much worse than chronic bronchitis secure low-cost burial or final expense insurance.

Chronic bronchitis is on our qualified health impairment list.

We only choose to have access from top-tier insurance companies and these high-quality insurance plans are from the country’s top-rated A+ insurance carriers that specialize in chronic disease of the lungs.

Chronic Bronchitis And Final Expense Insurance Companies

Can you get life insurance with COPD?

What is the best life insurance policy for pre-existing conditions? As with all burial or final expense insurance companies, insurers will try to know everything about your past and present diseases, lifestyle and living conditions by asking you diseases and health questions along with your prescribed medication history.

Almost all insurance companies will directly ask about COPD or generally ask if you have chronic lung disease to which you should answer “yes”.

The bad news

Given that chronic bronchitis has no cure and can lead to other types of chronic lung diseases, most burial or final expense insurance companies will have strict rules and guidelines for assessing an applicant with COPD.

Starting from when you were diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, other insurance companies will take a closer look at the frequency of your bronchitis and its severity. Depending on the insurer, they will have different combinations of penalties to compensate for the rate of your risk.

Other companies simply do not have any insurance policy that can take on the risk of chronic bronchitis that they will just flat out reject your application.

There are a lot of final expense insurance companies out there that don’t want to do anything with chronic bronchitis or any COPD- in any case, that’s why getting in touch with a highly experienced insurance agent is essential.

The good news

As you may already know, chronic bronchitis may not have a cure but the key to improving the patient’s outlook is prevention from its triggers.

In this day and age of medicine and insurance, there are a lot of new and effective ways to prevent or manage the symptoms of chronic bronchitis and the best-rated insurance companies in the country know that.

Best Life Insurance For Seniors With COPD

There are a few top-rated A+ insurance companies out there that can offer burial or final expense insurance policy for seniors with the best quality at the lowest price. For instance, this is usually called “simplified”, “preferred”, or “level” type of plan. Let’s use the name simplified.

A simplified insurance plan will have the lowest monthly premiums with no waiting time period, this means immediate insurance coverage starting from day 1 with full death benefits.

So hopefully, you only have chronic bronchitis as your serious health condition, and that you don’t have other diseases or health conditions that will disqualify you for a simplified insurance policy from these top-tier carriers.

Who Offers Final Expense Insurance With COPD

If you have other serious health conditions along with chronic bronchitis that does not pass with these top-rated carriers, do not worry, we here at InsuranceForBurial.com can always find the best possible and most affordable insurance plan even if your chronic bronchitis is severe or you have other serious diseases.

These insurance plans will still be coming from top-rated A+ insurance companies that we have access to.

Another good news is that burial or final expense insurance plans will never require medical or physical exams.

So, how can you qualify for a simplified insurance policy? You need to go through an underwriting process.

Chronic Bronchitis In The Underwriting Process Of Final Expense Insurance Companies

Always keep in mind that every final expense insurance company will have their own way of asking their health questions in the underwriting and will have different rules and guidelines in the quality of insurance policies to be offered as a result of your overall health.

Can a person with COPD get life insurance? The truth today!

Chronic lung disease will definitely come up in the underwriting process or be specific and mention COPD. Other insurers may refer to it as chronic respiratory disease, chronic lower respiratory disease on which you have to answer yes.

Some insurers would just want to know if you have COPD, what type, when you were diagnosed, what medications were prescribed, tobacco use and your lifestyle, etc.

In the underwriting process, insurance companies will ask about the following:

  1. Questions about your chronic bronchitis, lifestyle and ask if you have other illnesses.
  2. Prescribed medication history

Underwriting Health Questions For Final Expense Life Insurance

Burial or final expense insurers will directly ask about COPD like chronic bronchitis, simply because it is one of the leading chronic diseases that cause death in the country and it has no cure.

Some burial or final expense insurance companies will ask about what COPD stage you are in and this may heavily impact the quality of insurance plans they will offer you.

Also, with some insurers, if you are in the severe stages of your chronic bronchitis COPD, they will directly reject your application.

Can You Buy Life Insurance On Anyone

This is a fantastic question. Yes and No. Yes, you can but no you can’t WITHOUT the person’s consent and knowledge. You may help guide them through the process.

We have hundreds of calls a day by adult children calling for their parents or their grandparents. But to be very clear, they must know and give their consent and the licensed agent must touch base with them at some point during the application process.

The Stages Of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

In your COPD diagnosis, you probably took the Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV) test. Where they measure the amount of air you can force from the lungs in one second and measured during a spirometry test or pulmonary test.

  • Stage 1, mild COPD, FEV1 is equal to or greater than 80%. This can be with or without symptoms, like excessive saliva, noticeable breathlessness with exertion, and chronic cough.
  • Stage 2, moderate COPD, occurs when your FEV1 is between 50 to 79%. This can be with or without symptoms.
  • Stage 3, or severe COPD, happens when your FEV1 is between 30 to 49%. This can be with or without chronic symptoms.
  • Stage 4, or very severe COPD, happens when your FEV1 is less than 30%. Also known as end-stage COPD.

COPD Life Insurance Underwriting, What You Need To Know

Some insurance companies only want to know if you have it or not. Other insurers will ask the type of your COPD, timing of your COPD diagnosis, if you’re tobacco-free, lifestyle, work environment, etc.

Here are the common questions that insurance companies would ask.

  • Do you have COPD right now?
  • What type of COPD do you have?
  • The frequency of your bronchitis
  • When were you initially diagnosed with COPD?
  • How long ago did you receive advice for COPD treatment?
  • When did you start treating your COPD?
  • When did you last smoked tobacco?
  • What is your working environment like?
  • Do you need help in activities of daily life (ADL)?
  • Are you prescribed to be on oxygen?

Some insurance companies will include COPD, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis into one question i.e. “Have you been advised or received treatment for COPD, chronic bronchitis, or emphysema?”

These questions might render confusion or will cause you to answer hesitantly- you don’t have to answer these alone.

We are here to help you! Not the insurance companies!

Always keep in mind that your answers to these questions should always be the truth, but at the same time, answering them excessively will most likely negatively impact the quality of the insurance plans that you can be offered.

It’s critical to get in touch and ask assistance from one of our seasoned Final Expense Insurance Specialists that can expertly assist you with answering these underwriting questions tactically with the utmost truth to get you the best possible coverage plan.

Prescribed medication history assessment

Chronic bronchitis will be prescribed with different types of drugs such as the following:

  • Antimicrobials
  • Antitussives/expectorants
  • Bronchodilators
  • Systemic Corticosteroids
  • Inhaled Corticosteroids
  • Antiviral Agents
  • Analgesics/antipyretics

Commonly, bronchodilator medications used to treat emphysema and asthma can be prescribed to patients with chronic bronchitis.

Here are some of the most common bronchodilators:

  • Albuterol
  • Anoro
  • Arcapta
  • Brovana
  • Combivent
  • Incruse
  • Perforomist
  • ProAir
  • Seebri
  • Spiriva
  • Stiolto
  • Stiverdi
  • Tudorza
  • Utibron
  • Xopenex

Prescribed medication history assessment is will serve as one of the due diligence processes that insurance companies will take measures to discover other serious health issues that they might take issue with as well.

Best Life Insurance For COPD

Prescription Process For COPD

Insurers may use software or computer programs to assess your prescribed medication history. If you ever filled out a prescription they will know about it and in the process, by knowing what medications you were prescribed- they will know what diseases you have or had.

In a few words… if you were prescribed medication for a disease, they will conclude that you have that disease.

This is the logic of insurance companies when reviewing an applicant’s medication history.

Important reminder: Bronchodilators are commonly prescribed to COPD types, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and others (even asthma).

Now, these bronchodilators can be commonly prescribed to patients with emphysema which is a more severe type of COPD that insurance companies find much more of a higher risk than chronic bronchitis.

It is important to make sure that the insurance company you’re applying to knows that you only have chronic bronchitis (if this is the truth) and you do not have emphysema or other COPD types.

Dual-Purpose Medications For COPD That Are Red-Flagged By Insurance Companies

To avoid confusion, basically, conclusions will depend on your doctor’s remarks on why you were prescribed dual-purpose medications, especially bronchodilators.

Keep in mind, these processes of prescribed medication history assessment will be different from one insurer to another especially with drugs that are dual purpose.

It’s always good to take it upon yourself to know the past and current medications that you were prescribed and why.

In the end, it is crucial to call and get in touch with our highly experienced Final Expense Insurance Specialists to help you sort through all of these out and avoid confusion. We will gladly walk you through this medication history assessment with dual-purpose drugs.

Chronic Bronchitis And Oxygen Therapy, Can I still Get Coverage

Especially on a Venturi mask, if you were prescribed to be on oxygen therapy by your doctor, this can mean that your chronic bronchitis is getting severe that you are highly prone to hypoxemia or having low levels of oxygen in the blood.

In this case, the only possible insurance option is a “Guaranteed Issue” (GI) plan.

If you are determined to secure a final expense insurance plan, we encourage you to secure this plan right away.

Most insurance companies will reject COPD applicants that are prescribed to have oxygen therapy. This just means, they do not have a guaranteed issue policy for anyone who has any chronic lung disease.

Imagine going through all of the questions in the underwriting only to be rejected at some point… This will be time wasted for you with the time you spent applying- and this can be very frustrating.

This is another reason why it would be very convenient to work with one of our Final Expense Insurance Specialists.

What our insurance specialist will only need from you is a little bit of your time for your details.

Burial Insurance Companies And Various Coverage Plans For Chronic Bronchitis

After going through the underwriting process with the health questions and medication history assessment, burial final expense insurance companies will get back to you with insurance policy offers that match your risk level according to their guidelines.

Can you get life insurance on anyone? You would have to have insurable interest and most importantly the permission of the proposed insured. They must be aware! Otherwise, it is a fraud! You may help your loved ones obtain final expense insurance.

Always keep in mind that every insurance company will have its own standards in assessing your overall health and have different insurance policy qualifies.

Now, all aspects of your health become an important factor in what kind of insurance policies you will be offered.

At this point, now that you have honestly answered all of the questions of your application, it’s very important to keep your expectations in check.

Here are the most common offers you may get from final expense insurance companies:

#1 Lowest rates and with immediate coverage (no waiting time period)

What is simplified issue life insurance? If you’ve been reading this article from the top, you can remember that we mentioned this as a good possibility.

Again, a simplified insurance plan will have the lowest monthly premiums with no waiting time period, this means immediate insurance coverage starting from day 1 with full death benefits for your beneficiaries.

Now, the description of this plan called simplified insurance or coverage is pretty much straightforward, but it’s important to keep in mind that there are of course conditions in qualifying for a simplified insurance plan because this type of plan is usually what’s being offered to a person with perfect health.

For sure, this will be what you would want, and making our clients happy gives us joy and pleasure- and we will work hard with you to get this amazing plan for chronic bronchitis.

As of now, there are only a few top-rated A+ insurance companies that can offer a simplified plan for chronic bronchitis COPD- and at the risk of sounding redundant, they have different conditions for you to qualify and each has their own questions.

We kindly invite you to call us, it will be worth it to know your eligibility with a simplified plan from these top-tier insurance companies.

What we only need from you is your health and medication details for us to assess which of the few top insurers will see your health situation the best to give you the lowest rate.

#2 A policy with a higher monthly premium

This will still come from a top-rated insurance company and will be the second-best option if you did not qualify for option #1 which is a simplified policy.

This insurance plan will cost about 15 to 40% higher than a simplified plan (the plan being offered to a person with the lowest risk). Like a simplified insurance plan, this policy will have immediate insurance coverage, meaning, 100% of the death benefit will be paid to your beneficiaries if you pass away starting on day 1 of your plan.

Given the nature of chronic bronchitis COPD, this is still a good plan, although the fee is a bit higher, the great thing about this plan is that the coverage will be instant starting day 1.

Again, only a few insurance companies that can offer this plan (next to a simplified one) and we represent them as well.

#3 A policy with 24 months waiting period

This will be for chronic bronchitis applicants with a higher risk which will have a waiting time period to compensate for the risk. The waiting period is usually 24 months minimum, but if you pass away anytime within the waiting time period, all of your payments will be refunded with %10 interest to be paid to your beneficiaries.

The upside to this option is that when the time comes, your beneficiaries will still receive more money than what you have paid for.

Good to know: Also, another reason to take advantage of this is that it is much better than “Certificates of Deposit” (CD) or “Share Certificate” through banks. No bank CD or Share Certificate will give a 10% interest back.

#4 A percentage will be paid immediately or more after some time

This will be for a high-risk applicant as well.

If you are offered this option, it’s best again to consult with a highly experienced Final Expense Insurance Specialists for advice if this option is the best possible for you.

A percentage will be paid from your full death benefit if you pass away in the first 12 months, then a higher percentage within 13 to 24 months.

This is commonly called a “Graded plan” Usually, here’s the percentage of payout per time.

  • 30% on the first 12 months
  • 70% on the 13 to 24 months

If you complete the 24 months waiting period, your beneficiaries will be paid the full (100%) death amount.

#5 A combination of higher rates and waiting time period

Now this will be offered to applicants with the highest risk.

This is a common type of policy on a lot of insurance companies for applicants that they deem at the highest risk.

This is pretty much straightforward, this will be at a higher cost of 15 to 40% monthly premium with a minimum of 24 months waiting time period- and depending on the insurance company, there might be or no benefits at all (during the waiting time period).

So, other companies may have a payout plan like a graded plan (percentage per year).

Insider tip: A “guaranteed issue plan” from a top-rated A+ insurance company would be sometimes much more rewarding or sensible than option #4 or #5, to check if this is the case, do that math or call and consult with us.

In the end, the decision will be ultimately yours and you can ask one of our independent

Final Expense Insurance Specialists for advice if this option is the best possible for you.

Remember, we here at InsuranceForBurial.com works for you! Not for the insurance company. You, the client, come first.

#6 Guaranteed Issue (GI) Plan

As the name suggests, you are guaranteed to be accepted given that you are legally capable of entering into a contract or have a legal guardian that is. There will be no questions asked or no medication history review to go through.

We can certainly have you approved with a GI plan within 10 minutes via phone call.

Given the highest risk that the insurance companies are willing to take, the monthly premiums will be higher and will strictly have a 24 month waiting time period. Also, if you pass away anytime within the waiting time period, all of your payments will be refunded with 10% to your beneficiaries.

This plan is the only option for the seriously ill and with your decision to be prepared when the time comes, to give your family peace of mind- securing this option will always be a good decision.

How To Find The Best Burial Or Final Expense Insurance For Clients With Chronic Bronchitis COPD

Well, this article about final expense insurance for chronic bronchitis has been very long, and believe us, we try our best to keep our articles comprehensive while being concise and really informative- we will update our articles with its latest news from the insurance industry.

Now, If you are reading this article, it’s most likely that you have made peace with your current health condition.

We salute you for wanting to be prepared for the “inevitable” (like for everyone) while living out your life worry-free for your loved ones by benevolently getting a burial or final expense insurance policy.

Does State Farm Have Burial Insurance

Yes, but guess what? You will indeed be paying double the amount in premiums.

Be aware of bundling, it is not always a good thing. They make it sound like you are getting great deals and rates. The fact is, State Farm is great for auto and home. Not for protecting your loved ones from this financial burden!

More about us at InsuranceForBurial.com

What is the best final expense insurance? Now that you have found us, we are confident in helping someone like you with chronic bronchitis COPD get the best possible insurance plan from the country’s best insurance companies.

We have helped over 95% of our clients who came to us with chronic lung disease and we helped every one of them regardless of their condition.

Here at InsuranceForBurial.com are formed by a team of highly experienced Final Expense Insurance Specialists that has a passion to find the best possible burial insurance policy no matter what their diseases are or health issues.

We have over 26 years of experience helping clients and are licensed in 49 states. We only represent top-rated A+ insurance companies that offer excellent final expense insurance plans at the lowest rates.

What we only need from you is a little bit of your time to know your details.

We have a masterful knowledge of the underwriting process and rates of the country’s best insurance companies, so with your details, we can absolutely tell you which company will offer the best possible plan for your chronic bronchitis COPD condition

For more information on chronic bronchitis, CLICK HERE.

Talk to us now! We promise you a simple no non-sense interview process with no pressure.


In conclusion, you should be looking into getting a burial insurance policy for yourself or any loved ones with chronic bronchitis. You don’t want to end up in the same boat as many people who are living with COPD and do not have an emergency plan in place! Get a quote today from our team of experts by filling out this form! We can help make sure your family is protected both financially and emotionally if something were to happen to you. Contact us now so we can get started on creating a personalized plan that will work best for you and please share this blog post link with anyone else who may need it too. By helping them learn about the importance of protecting themselves against these diseases.