Final Expense Insurance After A Mini-Stroke

burial insurance after mini stroke

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Not all companies view mini-stroke applicants lightly.  You want to make sure to avoid them. Want to get the best coverage from A+ companies with same day approval? We sincerely invite you to call us to help you get the best final expense insurance today.

Can You Get Life Insurance After A Stroke

The Life Insurance Scoop After Mini Stroke

Can I Get Final Expense Insurance After A Mini-Stroke

Right off the bat, let us give you the best news now.

So if you’re looking for final expense insurance after a mini-stroke then let us say this, a lot of insurance companies are fine with it.

Although considered a pre-existing condition, a lot of final expense or burial insurance companies don’t really take mini-stroke seriously.

But don’t just apply to any insurance company for final expense insurance. You would want top-rated A+ insurance companies and we have access!

But wait! Other insurance companies take issue with a mini-stroke and will give you a hard time getting the best final expense insurance.

As a matter of fact, to avoid them, call us today! Our final expense insurance specialists will get you the best deal for a mini-stroke final expense or burial insurance for you or a loved one at a low rate and immediate coverage.

Can I Get Life Insurance If I Had A Stroke

Why Do Final Expense Or Burial Insurance Companies Welcome
Mini-Stroke Applicants

Getting life insurance after a stroke, is this possible? It’s because mini-strokes or transient ischemic attack (TIA) is commonly non-life and doesn’t usually cause permanent damage to the victim’s brain or any impairments after experiencing a mini-stroke.

Listen to the signs, If you have high blood pressure that is not under control, this could lead to a stroke.

Studies show that people who experienced mini-strokes has a good chance to live longer (with a healthy lifestyle) than one might expect despite it being half named “stroke.”

So the bottom line is, if you’re applying for final expense insurance after a mini-stroke, lead a healthy life and did not get any serious impairment after a mini-stroke, you can easily be offered with the best level insurance policy.

A Level type policy is the best, with low payment rates, immediate active insurance coverage with no waiting period and added innovative
features at no additional cost that are available from A+ insurance companies.

So, if you’re a mini-stroke applicant, don’t just apply from any insurance companies. You want A+ insurance companies that have the best additional benefits! We got your back on that so please do not hesitate to contact one of our final expense insurance specialists.

Burial Insurance After Mini Stroke

Can ALL Mini-Stroke Applicants Be Sure That They Will Get The Lowest Costs And Immediate Coverage?

Like all important things in life, we cannot rely on certainty and all of us must impede frustrations.

Not all final expense insurance companies look at mini-stroke lightly, a lot of them will look at all aspects of your present health, medication and medical history, family illnesses and your lifestyle.

So if the insurance company you’re applying to has a strict policy for any small detail in any personal information that you submitted to them, they will most likely offer you insurance policies that have higher payment rates with 2 years minimum waiting time for a full death benefit…

Or worse, reject you or a loved one’s burial or final expense insurance application.

So it’s paramount that you consult with a burial or final expense insurance specialist that knows how insurance companies view your present condition as a mini-stroke applicant.

There are a lot of factors that will come into play and the best insurance specialist will know right away which insurance company will give you or your loved one the best possible burial or final expense insurance based on your current situation.

What To Prepare When Applying For Final Expense Insurance As A Mini-Stroke Applicant?

  • The date of your last mini-stroke was diagnosed
  • Prescription medication history
  • Any impairments that resulted from a mini-stroke
  • History of family illness, especially diabetes, hypertension, heart disease or brain tumor.
  • Tobacco usage/history
  • Any family history of stroke

How The Date Of Your Last Mini-Stroke Affects Your Final Expense Insurance Options

From here, this article will often mention insurance companies that are strict with mini-stroke applicants.

Insurance companies take into account the date of the applicant’s last mini-stroke and these are basically how they categorize applicants based on the date of an applicant’s stroke and their guidelines.

1) The applicant’s mini-stroke was within the last 12 months.

Applicants that fall into this category will be a high risk for most insurance companies. Most insurance companies will only offer final expense insurance policies with the HIGHEST payment rates with 2 years minimum WAITING PERIOD.

2) Applicant’s mini-stroke was within the last 12 months of a 24 months look back.

Applicants in this category will have better offers from insurance companies. The final expense insurance offers at this category will have better payment rates but still a minimum of 2 years waiting period for a full death benefit release.

3) The applicant’s mini-stroke was more than 24 months ago.

Applicants at this category are mostly offered the best final expense insurance which is a level policy with the lowest payment rates and with no waiting period- immediate active coverage.

Now, do you fall into the first and second category? Call our final expense insurance specialists to get the lowest price and possibly with no waiting time period for final expense insurance coverage from A+ insurance companies with same day approval.

Prescription History Review

Basically, burial or final expense insurance companies review an applicant’s prescription history to discover any present disease or condition.

So now you’re applying for final expense insurance after a mini-stroke and you have submitted your prescription medication history.

If you applied to an insurance company that is very cautious with a mini-stroke, then medications used to treat a mini-stroke will be red-flagged- these are usually blood thinners.

Then, they will review how long have you been taking them by taking a look at the date when the prescription was first filled for cross-checking that you did not have any stroke incident in the past 24 months.

This is one of the ways how insurance company investigates your application.

Stroke Insurance Coverage

What Is The Best Final Expense Insurance For A Mini-Stroke Applicant

As long as mini-stroke applicants for final expense insurance do not have other unfavorable factors such as other serious illness or poor lifestyle.

Any insurance company will offer a low rate and immediate coverage insurance policy. Final Thoughts

Here at, we know that you wouldn’t just want any insurance company. We know that you want the best!

Our team of final expense insurance specialists has over 26 years of experience in the investment and insurance industry.

Licensed in 49 states and has over 3 dozen top-rated A+ insurance companies to choose from.

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