2024 Royal Arcanum Life Insurance Review (Top Carrier)

Ok, so you are here to learn about Royal Arcanum Life Insurance and if this company is right for you. Well, you came to the right place.

Royal Arcanum Founded in 1877

Royal Arcanum is a fraternal company founded in 1877 with its main purpose to provide moral and material aid, morality, patriotism, and brotherhood to its members.

In addition, educating members socially, morally, and intellectually. But above all, assisting member family members of the deceased and providing death benefits.

They also provide educational loans and annuities. In fact, Royal Arcanum ratings are superior.

So overall, they have been protecting families for over 140+ years! In fact, they are also heavily involved with the community and offer scholarships and grants.

With a motto of, ” No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. “, you can rest assured that the company has a solid moral compass.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, how are their final expense life insurance and other products?


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What Is Royal Arcanum Final Expense Life Insurance

Royal Arcanum has two final expense/burial insurance policies. They have one policy that is immediate coverage, and another that is graded or modified.

Overall, what you qualify for will depend on your health and how you answer the health questions on the application.

Below we will discuss both. You find out that both are among the best options available as long as you live in the states it is offered.

Here are the states Royal Arcanum offers its products:

Simplified Issue Whole Life

Royal Arcanum Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance is right up there with the best rates, lenient underwriting, and a simple application process.

In addition, has just 7 health questions to determine if you qualify. This will determine what your premiums will be.

Here are the Features:

  • Premiums NEVER increase, Death Benefit NEVER decreases
  • Issue ages (No Medical Exam), 20-85
  • Minimum Face Amount, Age 20-85, $2,500
  • Maximum Face Amount, Age 20-69 $50,000, Age 70-85 $25,000

Here are the qualifying questions:

Royal Arcanum Simplified Issue Whole Life Quaifying Questions


These are one of the few carriers that will offer coverage at age 85, what about those over age 85?

Graded Benefit Plan

Royal Arcanum has one of the best Graded Whole Life policies in the industry. To qualify they will only expect you to answer 2 questions.

So if you have any severe pre-existing conditions this may be the plan for you.

Here are the Features:

  • 1st Certificate Year- Return of all premiums paid plus 4.5% interest
  • 2nd Certificate Year- 25% of the death benefit will be paid
  • 3rd Certificate Year and after- 100% of the death benefit is paid
  • Ages 45-85 (50-75 in NY), Face Amounts of $2,500 to $15,000 (up to $25,000 in NY) with NO MEDICAL EXAM

Here are the qualifying questions:

Royal Arcanum Graded Plan Qualifying Questions

As you can see, very easy to qualify and a great alternative to the traditional guaranteed issue whole life with a ROP+10% that you see with carriers like Colonial Penn and Open Care that are Gimmicks.

Royal Arcanum Final Expense Insurance Rates

Now that you know how to qualify with Royal Arcanum, let’s give you some sample rates. We will base these on coverage of $10,000. For burial insurance of 25,000 or more, compare quotes now.

Remember, for the simplified issue whole-life coverage ranges from $2,500-$50,000, and for the graded plan, $2,500-$15,000.

Final Expense Rates For Males

Simplified Issue
Graded Plan
Prices in BOLD are Highly Competitive

Final Expense Rates For Females

Simplified Issue
Graded Plan
Prices in BOLD are Highly Competitive

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What is Royal Arcanum Application Process

Royal Arcanum has a very simple and easy process. In fact, the entire process can be done without a licensed agent coming to your home.

First, you will need to be qualified and make sure this product is available in your residing state.

Once qualified and you know your accurate rate class then we determine how much coverage you need based on your budget.

The most important thing about this process is affordability, why buy a policy that you will not afford 2, 3, 6, or 12 months from now? The only one that makes out in that scenario is the insurance company as they keep all your premiums.

In addition, you have no coverage, and I have to pay back the advance to the insurance company that paid me.

Once this is all figured out, the application is taken right over the phone. This is when we verify your address and payment information, and you pick out your due date.

You can have the policy start immediately, or pick an effective date. Then you are sent a DocuSign via email or SMS text for electronic signatures.

BAMM…….You have coverage!!

Royal Arcanum Overview of products

Single Premium Whole Life

This plan provides a one-time payment that covers the whole life certificate. You can relax knowing you and your loved ones are protected from any harm with Royal Arcanum’s protection!

Plan Features:

  • $3,000 to $50,000 for ages 0 – 15
  • $3,000 to $100,000 for ages 16 – 80
  • Immediate Cash Value
  • Dividend Participation
  • Fully Paid Up Protection

Why worry about monthly payments when you can plan for the future?

20 Pay Life

With Royal Arcanum 20 Pay Life, you never have to make a payment after the 20th year. In addition, this policy offers a living benefit. You can also draw off the cash value in case of emergency financial situations like college, [ay bills, and retirement.

Guaranteed Educational Loans for Juniors; If you are enrolled as Juniors from age 0-14yrs 11 months for $50,000 in coverage you will receive a college Educational Loan up to $10,000 at 4% interest.

  • Age 0-4yrs 11 months, $10,000
  • Age 5-9yrs 11 months, $6,000
  • Age 10-14yrs 11 months, $4,000

Here are the Features:

  • Fully Paid Up
  • Dividend Participation
  • Certificate Loans

Life Paid Up at 65 Plan

When you reach the age of 65, your certificate becomes paid up and no further premiums are required. However, life continues to protect you for as long as needed with this one simple policy!

Features of Life Paid Up At 65:

  • DIVIDEND PARTICIPATION: After two years of membership, the certificate participates in all distributions of surplus.
  • CERTIFICATE LOANS: Loans are available on the security of the Certificate for a sum equal to the cash value.
  • EXTENDED PROTECTION: In the event of non-payment of premiums, protection of the Certificate may be extended for such period as a member’s equity may provide.
  • PAID-UP PROTECTION: If all premium payments are made to age 65, the Life Paid-Up at 65 certificates is fully paid up. Upon application prior to age 65, a reduced paid-up participating Certificate will be issued for such amount as the member’s cash value will provide.
  • CONVENIENT PREMIUM PAYMENTS: Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual payments to fit your personal budget.


Royal Arcanum Annuities allows you to invest now to have savings or income in your retirement years. Your Annuity will supplement your retirement income to offset a shortfall from savings.

Here are some great reasons to purchase a Royal Arcanum Annuity:

  • One of the most competitive rates in the industry
  • Membership in one of the oldest fraternal benefits societies in the United States
  • Avoids Costs at probate
  • No contract fee, transaction fee, or premium charge
  • Every dollar goes to your cash value
  • Earn interest immediately

In addition, you will receive options at the maturity of life income or a specified period.

Educational Loans & Scholarship Programs

Royal Arcanum has loan and scholarship programs to assist in higher education. Below are some of the benefits of these programs that members can have.

Scholarships & Grants

Royal Arcanum Scholarships

There are scholarships out there for high school seniors who want to go on and get their degree! You just need the right qualifications, like being under 20 years old.

  • Two $10,000 Scholarships
  • Two $8,000 Scholarships
  • Two $5,000 Scholarships
  • $1,500 Scholarships
  • Five $600 Grants each for graduating High School Seniors.
  • Ten $250 Grants each for College Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Winners were drawn by lottery from applications submitted by members in good standing who have not won a Royal Arcanum Scholarship.
  • Four $750 Grants awarded on a competitive basis to students enrolled in undergraduate programs, who have completed at least one year in an accredited college
  • Four Awards of $500 each were selected by random drawing.
  • Orphan Scholarships: Up to $20,000.

Final Thought

If you’re in the market for a life insurance policy, an annuity, or need to take out a loan for school, you may want to consider Royal Arcanum.

This fraternal company has been providing quality service and products for over 140 years. They offer a variety of services and have something to fit everyone’s needs.

And if you’re lucky enough to be one of their scholarship recipients, you can attend college with little-to-no debt!

So what are you waiting for? Get a quote today!