The Truth about Burial Insurance After Diabetic Amputation In 2024

The last thing you want to worry about is how your loved ones will be able to take care of your burial expenses. Unfortunately, diabetes can lead to diabetic amputation- and with that comes the cost of a funeral.

The average cost for a basic funeral in the United States is $8,000-$10,000. In fact, that is without any add-ons like flowers or cremation costs. Furthermore, if you’re one of many people who have been diagnosed with diabetes and are on insulin therapy- then this blog post is for you!

We’ll talk about why it’s important that those who suffer from diabetes should consider purchasing Burial Insurance. Especially After Amputation caused by Diabetes.

Burial Insurance is a Necessity For Anyone With Diabetes

Above all, whether you have type 1 or 2 diabetes, diabetes is the leading cause of amputation in the United States. Overall, it’s estimated that more than 50% of people who lose a limb to diabetes will die within five years. This means that if you have diabetes, your risk of losing a limb or even dying from this disease is much higher than for someone without diabetes. And if you do lose an extremity to this disease, you’re going to need burial insurance!

In Reality, finding Burial Insurance After Amputation From Diabetes can be challenging! However, you can’t afford to get coverage now! Get started today by clicking here and we’ll be happy to help answer any questions about how our plans work. We offer affordable rates on burial insurance after amputation from diabetes so don’t wait another day before getting covered!

I know life is hard and you need to focus on keeping your diabetes in balance. Overall, it can be even harder if one of the complications that come with type two diabetes leaves you without a limb. The good news is there are insurance companies available who will provide coverage for people like us! If we have health problems other than our amputation then they may take longer to approve us or might not accept us at all.

So it’s important that before contacting them we make sure everything else about our health checks out too. That way when applying, we get approved as soon as possible and don’t miss any more time waiting!

How Is Final Expense Underwriting Impacted By Diabetic Amputation

In a field where every insurer will want to know about any amputations related to diabetes, some insurers are more understanding of senior applicants with such an injury than others.

Every company wants information on whether or not their application has ever had an amputation as the result of diabetic complications; however, there is variation in how each insurance company responds when they find out that someone does have such experience. Some companies may be less strict and allow for a better chance at getting coverage while other companies might deny outright from just hearing three words: “amputation due to diabetic complication.”

Final expense life insurance companies are more likely to decline you for coverage. For example, if you have already had an amputation due to diabetic complications, they will most likely reject your application with a flat decline and charge you higher rates as well. They may still take on the risk of providing some form of coverage but it is far less than what would be offered at regular costs without any waiting period (this scenario is very rare).

Do you have a missing limb? If so, we can help. Maybe it’s your leg or hand – whatever the case may be, our agents are experienced and qualified to find out if there is an insurance carrier that will accept you in spite of this condition.

Finding The Best Burial Insurance After Amputation From Diabetes

Finding your cheapest and best final expense policy is incredibly simple, but you have to follow this formula.

Paying for a burial can be expensive no matter what kind of funeral or memorial service arrangements are made beforehand. With the price tags on funerals reaching $10k easily in many cases, it’s not hard to see why people want some form of guarantee financial plan.

This will provide money for their loved one’s last wishes if they should suddenly die before retirement age without any life insurance protection whatsoever.

We all know how difficult obtaining such protections can be: diabetic amputees may find themselves constantly turned down by insurers who refuse them coverage due to an amputated leg history being found as “life-threatening” risk factors;

So you’re a diabetic? You should talk to an agency that specializes in life insurance for people with diabetes like us here at Our agents have deep knowledge of this type of underwriting and can accurately assess which companies would work best based on your history, as well as compare rates so they can recommend whichever company will give you the most competitive deal possible!

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The truth about burial insurance after diabetic amputation is that it’s not difficult to get. You just have to know where to look and how much coverage you need, as well as what other life events may trigger a payout.

If your family members are concerned for the future of their loved one who has diabetes, or if they want peace of mind in knowing that all possible outcomes will be protected, we urge them to contact us today for more information on our policies.

We can provide funeral planning services at no charge and guarantee competitive rates when compared with other providers nationwide. Call now!

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