How To Buy The Best Burial Insurance In Texas In 2024

Are you in search of the best burial insurance in Texas? You came to the right place!

If you have been shopping for burial insurance in Texas and still can’t make up your mind you will once you read this.

Texas burial insurance otherwise known as Burial Insurance Texas, is easily obtainable, even if you have health issues or you have been turned down.

In fact, working with the right agent is more important than finding the cheapest rate.

We all know that death is inevitable and we will eventually reach the end of our life, but what happens after?

Will your family be able to cover the funeral expenses you left behind when you pass away?

What if they can’t afford it or don’t have enough funds to take care of everything for you? This is where burial insurance in Texas comes into play.

Final Expense and Life Insurance Texas

Texas burial insurance protects your family from the expenses of common end-of-life situations.

A final expense policy can also help pay down mortgages, make car payments and cover other expected debt – all while giving you peace of mind in knowing they’re taken care of!

Buying burial insurance for seniors in Texas can be tricky, but has the best policies to cover you.

The process is similar across state lines and there are plenty of things that all potential customers need to know before they buy their policy from us!

Do not get this confused with state-regulated burial programs you see advertised, ALL burial insurance is regulated.

How Much Does a Funeral Cost in Texas

How much do funerals cost in Texas?

The average cost of a funeral in Texas is about $6,950 which may seem like an exorbitant amount to pay.

However, it’s actually below the national median!

You see, this number includes not only what you’ll be paying at your local undertaker’s office but also all other expenses related such as flowers or cremation urns for instance – providing families have some extra funds set aside before they begin planning anything final (and many don’t).

So…… How much is a funeral in Texas?

Planning a funeral in Texas is not an easy task. You will need to plan for the following expenses:

Expense Breakdown
Expense Breakdown
Expense Cost
Burial $6,850
Casket $3,000
Transportation $330
Viewing $200
Embalming $730

Funerals are expensive, and they can cost different amounts depending on who you work with.

In 2017, the National Funeral Directors Association did a study and found that funeral costs in America have increased by 6% every year for 5 years!

Whether you’re nestled in the coastal areas or residing inland, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed choice about burial insurance in your Texas hometown:

How Much Does a Cremation Cost In Texas?

The cost of cremation in Texas is about $3,700 with services and just under two thousand dollars without. The average urn costs under $300, but this will vary by provider so be sure to ask around before you buy one!

Cremation Expense Breakdown
Cremation Expense Breakdown
Expense Cost
Cremation with service $3,720
Basic Urn $275

Whether it is burial costs in Texas or cremation costs you need to divide what is the best decision for you. Overall, a Texas funeral is among the below-average costs nationwide compared to Florida.

What Do Final Expense Life Insurance Policies in Texas Cost

The cost of final expense coverage varies depending on the company and your needs. Below are the best rates available based on age and gender.

Here’s a quote chart to help you get started:

Average Cost of Burial Insurance For Males

Age of Applicant$5,000$10,000$15,000

Average Cost of Burial Insurance For Females

Age of Applicant$5,000$10,000$15,000

We have coverage ranging from $2,000-$50,000. Whatever you are looking for you can get a better idea by filling out the form on the right and seeing rates in seconds.

How are the Burial Insurance Rates Calculated

The price of funeral insurance for seniors in Texas can be determined by four factors. These include:

  • Your health is the most important factor when it comes to determining what type of burial insurance plan you qualify for. The healthier you are, the more economical your premiums will be and with this specific product once awarded coverage never changes in price no matter how old or young, we may get!
  • Securing yourself at an early age through enrolling now before prices increase drastically later due only large-scale aging rates among older generations.
  • It’s a well-known fact that men pay more than women for life insurance so gender has to do with it. This is because on average, they live four years longer and have far fewer opportunities to apply accidents or illness as the cause of death in their obituaries prioritizes male deaths over female ones!
  • The more coverage you take out, the higher your premiums will be. But it’s a trade-off!

The Lone Star State has a long history of regulation, and that tradition continues in Texas. The state’s Department of Insurance is responsible for regulating the prices that consumers will pay on their policies – after all, what good can happen if you’re paying too much?

**Stay away from gimmicks such as the 995 plan you see late at night on TV!

Facts About Texas Funeral Statistics

Funeral services can be costly, but luckily there’s a range of prices available to suit any budget. Burial in Midland will cost you more than elsewhere throughout Texas:

The average burial costs $7,861 and cremation $6363 is much cheaper than the more expensive cities such as Housten ($8,443) or Corpus Christi ($8,252).

Most Expensive Cities For Burial and Cremation In Texas

Texas Burial & Cremation Cost Breakdown
Texas Burial & Cremation Cost Breakdown
City in Texas Burial Cost Cremation Cost
Austin $8,152 $6,638
Corpus Christi $8,252 $6,659
Dallas TX $8,121 $6,557
Houston TX $8,443 $6,821
Midland $8,578 $6,953
State Average $7,861 $6,363

Most Cost-Effective Cities For Burial and Cremation In Texas

Texas Burial & Cremation Cost Breakdown
Texas Burial & Cremation Cost Breakdown
City in Texas Burial Cost Cremation Cost
Abilene $7,555 $6,018
Amarillo $7,353 $6,004
El Paso $7,088 $5,767
Lubbock $7,635 $6,156
San Antonio $7,430 $6,052
State Average $7,861 $6,363

Not Including:

  • A headstone, monument, or marker.
  • A cemetery property plot of land and a columbarium

These are all items that can cost you dearly if not planned for beforehand so make sure to consider these costs when deciding how much something should weigh into your budget!

Texas Cremation Laws

Texas law protects the dignity of all humans and prevents any unnecessary handling.

The cremation process must follow strict guidelines, which include waiting 48 hours after death before proceeding with burial or other disposition services.

Some families have a limited amount of time to make arrangements for a loved one who has passed away.

The County Medical Examiner or Justice Of Peace may waive this time limit and allow the family to make arrangements without any cost.

These include such things as emergency situations where immediate disposal is necessary in order to prevent violation against a person’s body right under state law.

There are various funeral homes that offer waivers upon request.

Texas Cremation Statistics

In 2020, Texans decided to be cremated just over 50 percent of the time. It is estimated that in 2030 projections are expecting this number will increase by leaps and bounds in coming years: 68.4 percent!

The law prohibits having one’s remains handled less than 48 hours after death unless waived with a medical examiner or justice-of-the-peace.

There are so many ways to say goodbye.

  • You could have your cremated remains scattered on private property if a consenting landowner,
  • interred in the cemetery for all those who came before you and beside some rosebushes too!
  • Or maybe keep them by their loved ones’ side at home
  • Scattered in uninhibited public lands or beaches and rivers
  • Columbarium

No matter what they decide there will always be something special about holding onto memories that can never truly die with us.

Leading Causes of Death in Texas in 2017

Dwindling health? No problem!

We have burial insurance companies that work with all of the conditions shown below.

Above all, we can help you. In fact, no matter what your situation might be, we will find a policy just for you and make sure it fits within any budget constraints as well.

A final expense life insurance plan with gives Texans more than one option when looking into their options.

Above all, there is always an insurer out there willing to accept even difficult situations such as chronic illness or disability.

So, save money while still being able to enjoy life should anything happen.

Leading Causes of Death in Texas
Leading Causes of Death in Texas
Leading Causes of Death in Texas Deaths
Heart Disease 45,346
Cancer 40,668
Stroke 10,790
Accidents 10,763
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease 10,650
Alzheimer’s disease 9,545
Diabetes 5,832
Septicemia 4,268
Kidney Disease 4,256
Chronic Liver Disease/Cirrhosis 4,107

What Is The Life Expectancy In Texas

Life expectancy in Texas varies greatly depending on gender, population, and place. In fact, males on average in 2018 lived to 76.6, females 81.7.

The most important thing to remember is that you will never find cheaper burial insurance in Texas plan than the one today.

Planning for tomorrow can save your family from financial ruin, and protect them in case anything happens to their loved ones.

Do not take good health lightly—a change of any kind could mean higher rates or even longer waiting periods before coverage starts again!

Explore how different groups live longer than others with this map above. These senior consumers in the orange and red areas have pre existing medical conditions.

How Long is The Free Look Period In Texas

The free look period for life insurance in most states is 30 days, but Texas offers a whopping 15.

During this time you have the right to refuse an offer and be refunded any money paid!

It’s important to not wait too long to cancel a policy because if you wait, you won’t be able to get a refund. Sometimes, if someone makes a mistake with payments, you may be able to get a refund.

What Kind of Agent Should I work With Captive or Independent?

There are two types of agents you can work with when applying for a policy. What type should I choose?

Captive Agent

Captive agents are one of the most common types of insurance brokers in America. This type has a contractual agreement that allows them to represent only one provider.

In fact, this makes no sense because you aren’t exposed to shopping around for different companies, better coverage, and most of all, BETTER rates.

An example of a captive agent is someone that works at State Farm.

Independent Agent

Meet your perfect match: An independent agent. These professionals can find you the best Texas burial plan for your unique situation and offer lower prices.

They are contracted with multiple carriers being better able to offer you a better-priced, and better-value option policy based on your needs.

How To Find the Best Burial Insurance For Seniors In Texas

Having good health is important. It is important to find a health insurance company that will accept all your health problems.

There are companies out there that can help, so look around and find the best one for you.

The only question now becomes- which ones?

To find the best burial insurance in Texas, work with a final expense agency that represents multiple companies. helps you get the best insurance plan for you. They will look carefully at your health and compare different plans so you can get an affordable plan that is still good quality.

Working with an agency like is like having a personal assistant that takes care of all the hard stuff for you.

You literally save time and money by not calling 10 different insurance companies, one phone call does it!

Is Purchasing a Burial Policy for Parents That Live In Texas Ok

Purchasing Burial insurance in Texas is a great way to help cover the costs of burials for loved ones. There are, however some rules you need to follow when applying:

  • Your relative will have involvement in this process which means they can sign their name and answer any medical questions that may come up during an interview with an agent or policyholder.
  • You cannot take out burial policies without consent from parents as well as other relatives who might require it despite being able to purchase such coverage.

Texas Pre-Need Funeral Insurance

What’s a Texas Prepaid Funeral? It’s more than just planning your funeral arrangements before it happens.

A prepaid funeral plan is governed by the Financial Code in Texas (chapter 154) and has specific permit requirements, so make sure you fully understand these legalities before agreeing to one!

Living Expenses In Texas

The cost of living index for the state of Texas is a surprisingly low 100 when compared to other states.

When you’re shopping, try to find the lowest prices, so you can save money. But no matter how hard you try, there will always be things that are too expensive to buy.

Think carefully before you spend a lot of money on something.

Texas’s cost of living is 93.9, while the average is 100 in the United States

Living Expenses in Texas vs. United States
Living Expenses in Texas vs. United States
Living Expenses In Texas Texas United States
Grocery 93.7 100
Health 95.4 100
Housing 84.3 100
Median Home Cost $243,600 $291,700
Utilities 99.2 100
Transportation 103.3 100


What exactly is Texas burial insurance?

Think of burial insurance in Texas as a financial safety net. It’s specially designed to take care of funeral and related expenses, offering relief to your loved ones during tough times.

Why is burial insurance a good choice for Texans?

Funerals aren’t cheap. When you get burial insurance, you’re essentially prepping in advance for these costs. This ensures your family can focus on healing, not bills.

Is there an age limit for availing burial insurance in Texas?

Typically, burial insurance in Texas is geared towards folks aged 50 to 85. But remember, this might slightly differ based on the insurance provider.

Will I have to go through a medical check-up for this insurance?

Here’s some comforting info: In Texas, many burial insurance plans skip the medical exams. They might just have a couple of health questions to see if you qualify.

What elements determine my burial insurance cost in Texas?

Your age, overall health, and chosen coverage amount play key roles in deciding the premium. It’s wise to scout around and weigh multiple policies to get one that aligns with your financial situation and needs.

Is the insurance payout strictly for funeral costs?

Although the main goal is to address funeral charges, the received benefit is flexible. After managing the funeral costs, any extra funds can be utilized however the recipients wish.

How does burial insurance in Texas stand apart from regular life insurance?

Here’s the deal: Burial insurance zeroes in on managing end-of-life expenses, hence the benefit amount is often smaller than what you’d find with general life insurance. The emphasis is on being cost-effective while ensuring those final expenses are looked after.

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Burial insurance in Texas is a necessary purchase for anyone who might need it.

Whether you are buying this insurance as an individual, or on behalf of your family members, make sure to buy enough coverage and not be afraid to ask questions about the different policies that are available.

With rates like these, there’s no reason why any Texan should live with fear when thinking about what will happen after they die. Get a Quote TODAY!

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