The Truth About Burial Insurance With Chronic Pancreatitis

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It is no secret that those with chronic pancreatitis often require expensive treatments and procedures.

What you may not know, however, is that many of these treatments are not typically covered by traditional burial insurance policies. This can leave loved ones struggling to find the funds to cover final expenses.

Several burial insurance companies do offer policies to those with chronic pancreatitis, but it is essential to do your research before selecting a policy.

Policies vary in terms of coverages offered and premiums charged. As a result, it is essential to understand what you need your policy to provide before selecting one.

At, we understand that it can be challenging to get burial insurance when you have a condition like chronic pancreatitis. That’s why we’re here to help.

We specialize in high-risk life insurance, and our data shows that we offer better rates than our competition. So call us today and let us help you protect your loved ones.

What Is Burial Insurance With Chronic Pancreatitis?

Burial Insurance with Chronic Pancreatitis is an insurance policy that pays the beneficiary in the event of death.

The amount paid depends on the plan chosen by the insured but will usually pay for a complete burial service and interment.

It can be helpful for those who do not have any other life insurance or who may be unable to afford full coverage on their own.

Chronic pancreatitis is the term for this condition that lasts for a long time. It can cause other, more severe health problems if not well managed. In some cases, it may require a home health aid.

Chronic pancreatitis may be caused by several factors, such as smoking and chronic alcohol and drug use. It can also be due to genetics or infections.

If you use tobacco, marijuana, or other drugs, many insurers will require you to stop using them for 1-2 years before they approve your life insurance application.

An insurance company will also look at the time when chronic pancreatitis occurred. If it went away a few weeks before applying for coverage, this might result in your rates being good.

However, if it occurs more than once, it may be harder to get coverage.

The more frequently you experience pancreatitis, the more difficult it will be to find low-cost life insurance.

What does Burial Insurance with Chronic Pancreatitis cover?

Burial expenses: The insurance will cover the cost of a burial plot, casket, and other miscellaneous expenses related to the funeral.

Death benefits: The insurance company will pay the insured’s beneficiaries a death benefit in case of an untimely death. The amount paid is determined by the type of policy purchased and how much coverage was selected.

Funeral service costs include funeral home fees and transportation costs if required by law or asked for by the deceased’s family members or close friends.

Final Expenses: This is a lump sum payment made directly to you at any time before your passing away from your insurance company that covers all your funeral-related expenses such as embalming, cremation or burial, opening and closing of gravesites (if required), securing plots, etc., but does not include any medical bills incurred during treatment or hospitalization before death under this plan.

Symptoms of Chronic Pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis is a disease in which the pancreas becomes inflamed and loses its ability to produce digestive enzymes. It leads to pain, nausea, vomiting, and other digestive problems.

The symptoms of chronic pancreatitis include:

Pain in the upper abdomen (belly) that gets worse after eating or drinking alcohol

Jaundice — yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes due to buildup of bile in your blood (jaundice)

Dark urine — darkening of your urine due to high levels of bilirubin in your blood (jaundice)

Loss of appetite and weight loss — chronic pancreatitis can lead to malnutrition because it affects your ability to eat and digest food properly. In severe cases, malnutrition can cause low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia).

Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea — These are signs that you have inflammation in your digestive tract. They can be caused by food passing through an inflamed area of your pancreas or by infection from bacteria leaking from an ulcerated area of your digestive tract into your abdominal cavity (peritonitis).

Fatigue, weakness, and lethargy: You might always feel tired because one of the hormones your pancreas produces helps regulate blood sugar levels. Without enough of this hormone, you may suffer from low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

Do I need a medical test to qualify for Burial insurance with Chronic Pancreatitis?

No medical test is required to qualify for burial insurance with Chronic Pancreatitis. When you apply, you will only need to answer a few questions about your health.

Applying for life insurance doesn’t have to be a hassle! You won’t need to submit any medical reports or blood samples. The insurance provider will usually approve within minutes.

Overall, burial insurance requires NO Medical exam. Even health issues like COPD can be covered without an exam.

Burial Insurance Underwriting With Chronic Pancreatitis

Most policies require a medical exam, and some may require a waiting period before coverage kicks in. However, some providers offer instant coverage without any medical exam or waiting period.

The best place to find these policies is at insurance broker sites like, which has many different providers offering instant burial insurance quotes.

What is the typical information that insurance companies request during the underwriting process?

What is your current state of health?

Have you been diagnosed with any illnesses?

What medications have you been prescribed in the past?

Have you ever been hospitalized for any reason? These questions can help assess your risk for developing certain diseases, such as heart disease.

The underwriter will likely want to review your medical records and any test results related to your pancreatitis to decide.

Often, life insurance companies will ask for additional tests to determine whether or not your case of chronic pancreatitis is related to alcohol or tobacco use.

What Information Do We Need If You Have Chronic Pancreatitis?

Some of the questions you may be asked about your pancreatitis diagnosis are

  • When were you diagnosed? By a GP or specialist?
  • What were the symptoms that led to the diagnosis?
  • What type of pancreatitis did you have? Acute or Chronic?
  • What was the necessary treatment for your pancreatitis?
  • Did you have to stay in the hospital for your chemotherapy treatment?
  • Do you know what caused your pancreatitis?
  • Have you previously abused any drugs or alcohol?
  • Don’t have enough points on your driver’s license? Things like multiple moving violations, a DUI, or a suspended license?
  • Have you been in a hospital or physical rehabilitation center within the last two years?
  • Have you applied for a social security disability benefit in the past 12 months?

How much does Burial Insurance for chronic pancreatitis cost?

Burial Insurance for chronic pancreatitis is a type of burial insurance that covers the expenses associated with a funeral, including the burial or cremation of your loved one.

If you’re looking for coverage for more than one person, you can also find policies covering multiple people.

The cost of this type of insurance varies based on the coverage provided and the number of people covered by the policy.

In addition, you can still get the level preferred rate with pancreatitis. For example, Mutual of Omaha will offer a 60yr old male senior $10,000 in coverage for $43.76/month.

What are the benefits of purchasing an InsuranceForBurial policy with chronic pancreatitis?

It is a common question because the benefits of purchasing an insurance policy for burial with chronic pancreatitis are numerous.

It’s affordable and easy to apply for.

It helps your family members deal with the financial burden of your illness.

You can use it to pay for medical expenses and other funeral costs incurred during your illness or death.

You can choose from a range of coverage options and choose from several plans depending on how much coverage you want for yourself and your family.

The policy is flexible enough to add or remove members as needed and change the amount of coverage and the premium amount per month or year if it is a fixed-term plan.

How To Finding Life Insurance with the Most Serious Types of Chronic Pancreatitis

In some severe cases, the pancreas fails to function correctly, which can devastate other parts of your body.

When people suffer from pancreatic failure, their kidneys are severely weakened, their blood pressure can skyrocket and even complicate how their heart functions.

One mitigating factor in chronic pancreatitis is a genetic predisposition, including hereditary Hemochromatosis.

Chronic pancreatitis is a long-term, life-threatening condition. If you’re looking for life insurance, don’t wait!

Apply now to protect your family. By not taking full advantage of the process we’ll be discussing with you, your premiums will only go up as you age.

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If you have a health issue, let us help you find the best plan for your situation.

Our team is committed to helping you find the best final expense plan for your needs. We work with people with pre-existing conditions and those who want to ensure they have a good policy.

Our agents are ready to help you find the right plan for you.

Our in-depth knowledge of the underwriting questions and rates of the top-rated funeral life insurance companies means you can rely on us to find the perfect policy.

We can find and compare the best insurance plans on the market even if you’ve had health problems in the past. Just give us a little information, and we’ll get to work.

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Final Thought

Chronic pancreatitis can lead to severe health conditions, including death. Don’t worry if you have chronic pancreatitis and are unsure what to do about your burial insurance, don’t worry.

This article provides a list of companies that offer burial insurance to those with chronic pancreatitis. Get a quote today and rest easy knowing it will take care of your loved ones after you’re gone.

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