How To Get Burial Insurance For Cancer Patients [2022 Review]

A Cancer diagnosis can cause a lot of stress for people who are diagnosed with the disease. One of the most important things that people need to worry about is their burial costs.

There are many different ways to get this type of insurance, but it’s important to take the time and do some research on what’s available for you and your family.

This article discusses how cancer patients or survivors may be eligible for burial life insurance from their group life insurance policy, as well as other types of life insurance they might want to consider when looking into getting these types of benefits.

Overall, you want to be in the right policy so your family gets the full death benefit when that day comes.

Can I get life insurance if I have cancer?

There are over 17 million cases of new cancer diagnosis in the country. By the year 2040, there will be over 27.5 million new cases. The most common types are Lung and Prostate Cancers.

Be proactive, protect your loved ones from the financial burden if you should suddenly become ill. No one is immune!

We will go over the best life insurance for cancer policy available for cancer survivors, and cancer patients with recent diagnosis.

Can You Get Burial Insurance If You Have Cancer

Can Cancer Patients Get Insurance After Diagnosis

So that burning question, can you get life insurance if you have cancer?

First and foremost, If you or someone in your family is fighting against cancer, we here at pray that you beat cancer forever…

Call us to get more help and accurate details for your best burial life insurance policy options for qualified health impairments. We will make sure when that day comes your family recieves the full death benefit regardless of family history.

Burial life insurance or final expense insurance for cancer patients whether the cancer is over 2 or more than 3 years ago, is important for every age.

Especially for the middle-aged and senior citizens who should be enjoying the rest of their life without worries of final expenses as a life insurance policy will take care of this and full death benefit is paid.

It is important for our loved ones that will be left behind to be free from the uneasiness of the financial burden of paying burial and funeral costs that sometimes goes out of hand when the time comes.

As a cancer diagnosis patient, it is important to secure a burial insurance plan for peace of mind and to enjoy life more with loved ones.

This is why a burial life insurance policy in so important! Again, these are permanent life insurance polcies.

Burial Insurance Cost and Approval For Cancer Patients Your Options

It is important to remember that rates and chances of approval for cancer patients all depend on their survival rate and how their cancer can be easily treated. Burial life insurance carriers will look at this differently for each.

For example, cancer patients with Melanoma are the most aggressive type of skin cancer. In fact, approximately 76,000 new cases diagnosed yearly in the U.S. will have a difficult time applying for a policy.

Whereas, applicants with non-life-threatening types of cancer like basal or squamous cell carcinoma are not an issue. These will not affect burial insurance applications and policy costs. Life insurance for cancer carriers weigh the risk differently.

Above all, the cancer mortality rate is higher for men than women. Overall, life insurance carriers focus on statistics.

When comparing groups according to race/ethnicity and sex, the rate of cancer mortality is highest in African American men.

Lowest for Asian/Pacific Islander women according to the National Cancer Institute.

With that being said, if you are still undergoing treatment we are able to obtain a life insurance policy with no health questions, medical exams, or retrieving medical records or asking about family history.

Our guaranteed issue life insurance with AIG will be able to cover any funeral expenses regardless of health issues when the death benefit is paid.

4 Types Of Policies Available For Cancer Patients

Usually, there will be only 3 types of burial insurance policies available for cancer patients. Although life insurance carriers will vary on insurance quotes. It is important to speak to a burial insurance specialist.

Burial Life Insurance Quotes For Cancer Patients

Can you get life insurance with cancer? Quotes will vary depending on what you qualify for.

Level policies are for former cancer patients who have had no recurrence of cancer for the past 24 months after receiving treatment. You must be of excellent health to be offered a level burial insurance policy with the lowest rates and instant active life insurance. Royal Neighbors is a great option depending on where you are in your diagnosis. The death benefit pays out day one.

Graded policies are for cancer patients with a good outlook on their condition. And have the lowest cost with a 2-year waiting period to get active life insurance coverage for applicants with active cancers. So if death occurs the first two years then no death benefit will be paid and all premiums will be refunded plus 10%.

Modified policies are for more serious cancer conditions and have a more expensive cost or premium with also 2 years waiting period for current cancer patient applicants. However, some modified policies offer a percentage payout. So the death benefit will be paid 30% the first year, 70% the sencond and full year 3 and later.

What about life insurance cancer payout? Is it immediate?

Guaranteed Issue policies have the highest cost and have a 2 year waiting period to have active life insurance coverage. This type of policy is usually offered to cancer patients who are terminal and have the poorest outlook. 

Regardless of what policy you are qualified for, these are permanent life insurance otherwise known as simplified issue whole life.

What Is The Best Cancer Burial Insurance Policy

So it is important to realize your probability of survival to understand what type of final expense insurance policy you are being offered.

Again, if treatment is over 2 years ago then a simplified issue whole life insurance or burial policy will be available regardless of family history.

Also, all cancers are different. Having stage 3 breast cancer will be different than having stage 1 thyroid cancer.

If it is a terminal illness, then we have a guaranteed acceptance life insurance carrier that can assist.

Common Questions Being Asked By Burial Insurance Carriers

Is burial insurance worth buying? Burial life insurance carriers will ask a lot of questions regarding your cancer condition.

So it is important to know the kinds of questions that will affect your qualification and burial insurance costs.

Moreover, it is important to know that if you get caught in a lie or even an honest mistake in answering insurance company questions, it will result in higher cost, receive a low benefit claim, or completely deny your claim when the time comes.

SO ALWAYS answer the questions honeslty on your life insurance application.

Here is a list of common questions that a burial life insurance company will ask:

  • How many times were you diagnosed with cancer?
  • What is your cancer diagnosis?
  • When were you initially diagnosed with cancer?
  • What is your cancer’s stage?
  • Do you have tumors?
  • Where did/do you have tumors?
  • What type of cancer treatment did you receive?
  • Did your cancer metastasized and spread to other parts of your body?
  • When did you last received cancer therapy treatment?
  • Did your cancer recur?
  • Are you free from cancer now?
  • Did you have this disease within the last 2 years?

Depending on the burial insurance company, answering yes to some of these questions will have your burial life insurance application rejected right away. For burial insurance carriers, family history is not asked as part of these questions.

Every burial insurance company has different rules and guidelines for final expense life insurance qualification.

Burial insurance for Cancer Patient

Life Insurance With Pre Existing Cancer

Top Cases Where Cancer Patients Will Get Rejected Or Pay A Higher Rate For A Burial Insurance Policy.

Currently A Cancer Patient And Burial Insurance

Life Insurance carriers will directly reject you if you are currently fighting this awful disease with a low chance of survival. Some carriers have a 2-year look back, 4 years look back, it truly depends on the carrier as they all have different guidelines.

Can life insurance carriers drop you if you get cancer?

A burial life insurance company will also categorize applicants who are currently taking any kind of medication or therapy meant to treat cancer patients. Once you obtain a policy and get diagnosed with cancer after your approval, life insurance companies cannot and will not drop you.

Also, getting approved for burial life insurance might be difficult for current cancer patients as they are categorized as “higher risk clients” by burial insurance carriers.

Metastatic Cancer And Burial Insurance

Burial insurance companies will always ask if you had metastatic cancer and if that’s the case, then your application will most likely get rejected right away by a lot of life insurance carriers.

At the same time, metastatic cancer patients particularly are a higher risk for burial life insurance companies because of their very low survival rate.

Burial Insurance And Having Had Cancer Within The Last 2 Years

Burial insurance companies will ask applicants if they have had cancer within the last 2 years. Depending on the cancer that applicants have had, there will be an added minimum of 2 years waiting period before getting active life insurance coverage.

Applicants who have had cancer and is currently free from cancer for the last 2 years will receive instant life insurance approval.

Burial Insurance And Having Multiple Occurrences Of Cancer Diagnosis

Can you buy life insurance after being diagnosed with cancer?

All of the life insurance carriers will certainly ask if you have or had more than one cancer diagnosis or if the same type of cancer occurred again. Your application will be flat-out rejected if that is the case.

This is why it is important to have a permanent life insurance policy in place.

Malignant Brain Tumors And Burial Insurance

Burial life insurance carriers understand the high risks for applicants with a malignant brain tumor. There will be more questions if the applicant has a benign or malignant brain tumor so it’s best that the applicant must always have someone for assistance when applying.    

Sarcoidosis Patients and Burial Insurance

Above all, sarcoidosis diseases are not a type of cancer, but the life insurance company categorize it as having cancer because of the increased risk of it progressing to cancer. Furthermore, there is a higher increased mortality rate every year.

After all, applicants with sarcoidosis are amongst the ones who will have a hard time getting good rates or even be approved for a life insurance policy.  

Guaranteed Final Expense Insurance For Cancer Patients

So, is there hope for getting good rates and guaranteed life insurance for cancer patients?

Can it be true? Life insurance for cancer patients?

YES, there are burial life insurance carriers that will still approve final expenses same day insurance policies for cancer survivors. Depending on your cancer condition and how long you’ve had it.

In fact, some burial insurance companies will offer life insurance plans that will require a specific waiting period with additional costs or some kind of penalty clause to guarantee a final expenses insurance plan to pay the funeral home.

So it is important to consult with a highly experienced and licensed Burial Insurance Specialist to know how you can qualify and still get the best deal for a final expense life insurance plan or funeral insurance.

Best Life Insurance For Cancer Survivors with A+ rated burial life insurance carriers

Best life insurance for cancer survivors?

Here at, our top-rated A+ burial life insurance carriers can approve burial insurance for cancer patients with SAME DAY INSTANT APPROVAL.

Burial Assistance For Cancer Patients

Contact one of our final expense insurance specialists that specializes in burial life insurance for cancer patients.

Additionally, we also specialize in other diseases that aim to offer the same day, instant life insurance coverage in under 30 minutes.

We work with top A+ rated burial insurance companies in your state while providing an easy no-nonsense application process with a voice signature application.

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The right burial insurance for cancer patients will help ensure your loved ones have the best possible funeral and cremation. As a result, you can rest easier knowing that everyone who is important to you has been taken care of in the way they deserve.

We offer affordable life protection plans with no medical questions or waiting periods so it’s easy to get burial insurance for cancer patients today! Get a quote from us now by filling out this form on our website and we’ll be happy to answer any question about how our policies work.