The Truth About Globe Life Insurance | Review

In order to provide an honest review of Globe Life Insurance, we have compiled a list of the pros and cons for you for this type of final expense insurance.

These are based on Globe Life Insurance consumer reviews in addition to Globe Life burial insurance reviews for their final expense insurance product.

Globe Life insurance company does not have a 2 year waiting period policy so you would have to medically qualify. However, there are other insurance companies with better options for life insurance that we will go over.

We hope that this will lead to a more informed decision when it comes to your life insurance needs and purchase. Above all, you want to make sure the death benefit is paid timely, and your family is getting more than accident insurance in the first two years.

After all, it’s all about getting the best life insurance policy available.

Who Is Globe Insurance Company

Is Globe life a good life insurance company?

Above all, Globe Life Insurance has been around since 1951 and currently offers term, whole life insurance for seniors and younger consumers as well as accidental death coverage. The process to get this type of protection is easy–you don’t need medical exams!

Globe Life Logo

All applicants must answer some health questions that will determine their eligibility for the policy if they want a day one death benefit.

In fact, no diagnosis or illness is required here just answers about yourself on paper which makes it perfect if you’re busy with work yet still want security in case something was ever to happen.

Globe Life is a direct-to-consumer life insurance company that sells life coverage online and over the phone. But if you have a health issue it might be better to go to other insurance companies that specialize in a pre existing conditions.

Unlike other companies, they do not have agents so you can get quotes without an appointment or having someone else come into your home to sell their product; also some of their products are misleading.

Globe Life offers a wide variety of life insurance policies. Furthermore, beyond life coverage, the company also provides supplemental health care programs to meet your needs including critical illness and accident protection.

In addition to more standard types like cancer or hospitalization funds that may be needed.

Types Of PlansWhole Life, Term Life, Children’s Whole Life
Plans Available5
Payment OptionsMonthly Mode of Payment
Customer ServiceCan be reached by phone or online
Toll-Free Phone800-742-6787

Globe Life Insurance Company is not one of our top-rated life insurance companies. In fact, we replace these policies often!!

Pros And Cons Of Globe Life Insurance

The Good

  • For a limited time, get your first month of Globe Life insurance for free! If you don’t like it after 30 days and want to cancel without any questions asked then just let them know. They will refund 100% of what’s been paid back in premiums so no need to send anything other than the shipping label :). But ALL life insurance companies do as well
  • Now you can get life-saving coverage in just minutes. With Globe Life, there is no 2 year waiting period and your policy starts immediately!
  • With its final expense insurance policies, you can get life insurance coverage without going through the hassle of making an appointment and visiting a doctor or having a medical exam. You still will have to answer questions about your health but it’s much easier on everyone involved!

The Bad

  • With Globe Life’s term life insurance policies, you may find that your premiums increase as you age and move into new five-year periods. These term life insurance increases can be substantial which will cause them to become more expensive for the rest of time spent on this plan – even if it’s just a year!
  • Is there a 2 year waiting period for globe life insurance? If you want to be able to purchase a final expense insurance other wise known as whole life insurance, policy without having any health questions or undergoing an inspection of your personal records, Globe Life insurance might not be the company for you. In order for their customers’ needs fulfilled they require all applicants go through underwriting processes where everything from age and financial stability comes into play. In addition, they are very strict with their underwriting so a decline with Globe Life insurance does not mean you can not find day on coverage elsewhere. For affordable burial insurance Call us!!!


  • Globe Life has a significantly higher-than-average number of customer complaints. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has received far more complaints about Globe life insurance company than any other company its size, and nearly all were in regards to how policies are handled or claims being processed incorrectly!

Overall, because of these complaints, we are constantly asked the following questions:

Is Globe Life Insurance a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam, they just have more complaints by far than any other life insurance company. In addition, they portray their term policy like whole life, I know this because I replace them almost daily with seniors that are out living it.

Does Globe Life Insurance payout?

Claims on average take more than 30 days. The claim form must be accompanied by the death certificate whether it is term life insurance or whole life insurance.

Globe Life insurance lawsuit?

Yes, most have to do with unfair claims practices.

Is Globe Life a reliable life insurance company

I will take the 5th on this one, what I will say, there are so many better options.

Is Globe life insurance legitimate?

Depends on how you look at them, with an overall rating of 2/5 you make the call.

What Type of Insurance Does Globe Life Offer

Globe Life offers five different life insurance plans, but no medical exams are required to purchase. You can still be denied due to your health history and application based on what’s found in the process!

This goes for both whole life insurance or final expense insurance, or their term life insurance policies.

So if you have Parkinson’s‘ you can forget about it. But we can get you covered, fill out the form to the right.

Some types of policies offered are common for grandparents.

Term Life Insurance By Globe Life

Globe Term Life Insurance is an excellent way to protect your assets and keep them from the hands of those who would take advantage. Globe Life offers policies with up to $100,000 in coverage for 10-20 year terms at prices that vary by state according to a person’s age when they buy it.

In fact, even if you’re young or old! Term premiums also go up depending on how long since their last policy renewal date one has been insured. So be careful when you buy life insurance and talk to an independent agent like us.

Furthermore, younger people will pay less each month than older ones do because there are fewer claims waiting times against them as well as higher death rates among seniors which means shorter lifetime benefits packages overall (especially considering health care costs continue rising).

  • Age Range: 18 – 79
  • Coverage Available: $5,000 – $100,000
  • What States Are Available: All 50
  • Do you have to take a Medical ExamNo
  • Health Questions Asked: Yes
  • Is There A 2 year Waiting Period: No
  • Is this Permanent Coverage: No, Term Length
  • Builds a Cash Value: No, Term Length

The term life insurance is policy is set to expire at the age of 80, which can be problematic for any seniors who plan on using this product to cover final expenses or funeral costs. To avoid problems in the future we recommend getting a term policy and making sure you’re clear about what will happen when it expires!

$1 for $100,000 of coverage. Branding phrase used by Globe Life to sell their policies as cheap but ultimately expensive in the long run because of higher than expected premium increases after one-month on-time payment with no claims made yet!

It’s true that premiums can be expensive, but they’re also important for you to understand. There are different price brackets based on your age and every five years will move up one bracket which increases monthly costs!

For example- an affordable policy might not seem as cheap several years down the road if it has been more recently purchased or renewed with this sort of structure in place already.

Globe Whole Life Insurance

Globe Life Insurance or Globe Whole life policy offers a way to protect your family and future generations with $5,000-$50,000 worth of coverage for a cost-effective price.

Your whole life insurance policies build cash value which means you don’t ever have to worry about life insurance premiums going up because it’s built right into them!

And as long as pay on time each month – no matter how old we get or what happens in this world around us, we’ll be covered.

  • Age Range: 18 – 79
  • Coverage Available: $5,000 – $50,000 (depending on age)
  • What States: All 50
  • Medical Exam Required: No
  • Health Questions Asked: Yes
  • Is There a 2 year Waiting Period: No
  • Lifetime Coverage: Yes
  • Cash Value Acumulation: Yes

Whole life insurance policies lock in the monthly price you pay, so you will never have to worry about rate increases. This is exactly what every person wants!

The great thing about whole life insurance plans is that they never change. As long as you have your policy, there’s no need for renewal or an increase in premium payments because it can provide death benefit coverage forever!

Children’s Life Insurance By Globe Life

The future is yours, but only if you buy life insurance or a whole life insurance policy for your children or grandchildren.

With whole life insurance coverage beginning on their first day and up to $30 thousand dollars available in benefits, this could be one of the best decisions that will assist them when they need it most!

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

This is a way to protect your family from the unexpected. You get $50,000 up until 350k in coverage with a guaranteed issue or modified life if you’re between 18-69 years old and mortgage protection policies are perfect for couples because they will provide financial stability when one breadwinner dies!

Accidental Death Life Insurance

You’ve heard about accidental death, Globe Life’s accidental life insurance coverage. It provides up to $250,000 for covered losses with no medical exam and includes these features:

  • A Common Disaster Benefit for the surviving spouse of an insured person is to increase their death payment in a mutual accident.
  • Dismemberment coverage pays for any bodily injury that results in losing one hand or foot; an eye plus partway up through all four limbs would also qualify if it lost them completely at once.
  • The Commercially Scheduled Airline Benefit lets you claim for a greater amount if your loved one is killed during their flight as an insured passenger on commercially scheduled airlines. Bodily Injuries will be paid at 200% of the principal benefit, up to $100k in total compensation!
  • What if the primary insured passed away due to a covered accident? Globe Life would pay an additional 10% for each dependent child between 15 and 22. This Educational Benefit is available only on the family plan, with no limit as long you are enrolled in it!
  • When an insured is saved by wearing their seatbelt, Globe Life Seatbelt Benefit will pay 10% more than the original amount.
  • The Paralysis Benefit is a life-changing event for many, and it can be the difference between living in constant pain or being able to live your most active years.
  • The Inflation Benefit of this policy means that every year the primary insured’s benefits will be increased by 5% until they reach a maximum amount or are 70 years old, whichever comes first.

Why not consider an accidental death family plan?

This option could be the perfect solution for you and your loved ones. When it comes time to buy life insurance, many people are usually unsure of what they need or want in order to protect themselves from financial risks that may arise at any moment during their lifetime; but if there was ever one thing guaranteed beyond all others – accidents happen!

Accident-based policies are a guaranteed issue and cannot be denied because your health was not perfect or you’re over 70 years old – but it pays off if there’s an unfortunate death between 18-69!

Make sure that Globe Life will cover the costs of accidents by carefully reading through their criteria for covered accidents

Globe Life Insurance Available Riders

What are riders on a life insurance policy offered by Globe Life?

Here are the riders that are available:

  • The Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit is a special rider that can be added to your policy and will allow you 50% of benefits before they are due, if diagnosed with qualifying terminal illness.
  • Globe Life will temporarily reduce your premium if you are disabled and have the Waiver of Premium rider on a policy. It cancels at age 60, so make sure it’s there for that date or else!
  • In the event that you have a term or whole life policy, it’s possible to add on an additional rider for your children. This extra coverage will give them up until their 25th birthday with $10K worth of benefits at any point between 30 days old and 23 years old! With this special “Term To 25” Rider thats available.

Globe Term Life Insurance Quotes

How much is Globe Life insurance?

Globe Life has an average to worse-than-average price for individuals in good or excellent health. Rates vary by state, but once you factor out the $1 monthly premium it’s actually pretty reasonable!

Globe Life Insurance Rates For Females


Globe Life Insurance Rates For Males


If you’re nonbinary, don’t let Globe Life’s requirement that applicants identify as male or female prevent your application.

Most life insurance companies haven’t updated their underwriting processes to reflect an awareness on gender issues and might be outdated or restrictive in some way–but it doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives!

***Overall, GLob Life does not have a lenient underwriting, so some of the most common health impairments are a decline. So it does not just depend on someone and not being able to perform ADLs.

Are There Better Alternatives Than Globe Life Final Expense Burial Insurance

Don’t be fooled by the Globe Life final expense coverage, almost all of the time they’re just trying to sell you their term policy! To that, we say no.

When it comes time for death there’ll probably never be any way of knowing until it’s too late.

I know, what about their whole life insurance policy, right?

I can’t believe how hard it is to get final expense life insurance from Globe. Even if you want whole life insurance coverage, they probably wouldn’t accept your application because of the common health issues that seniors deal with!

A funeral insurance policy from Globe Life insurance is not really ideal for anyone especially seniors. You can easily get much better rates and offers with other companies too!

Call us at 1-855-380-3300, our agents will determine within minutes what life insurance carrier would be best suited to provide you a more suitable deal than theirs in less time or money spent on your end.

Globe Life Complaint Index

Globe Life’s complaint ratio is much higher than the national average. This surprising statistic has caused concern among consumer protection groups and others who are looking out for your best interests when it comes to life insurance services.

The NAIC reports on this data every year in order to make sure that we’re all staying up-to-date with any issues affecting the life insurance industry overall!

The number of complaints about a life insurance company’s premiums written in each year dictates their index score. An insurer who receives less than average complaint numbers will have an index above 1, while one that sees more unhappy customers has a higher figure – 2 for those who filed two or three claims per person compared to just 0-1 respectively.

In 2020, Globe Life insurance was the worst of all individual life insurers with a complaint index that year measuring 6.56 and more than six times average for other like companies in its market share category measured by complaints based on issues such as policyholder service problems.

In fact, this includes how claims were handled or surrendered; billing disputes over whether premiums had been paid when due.

Globe Life has had a poor track record for customer service in the past three years. The company had an index score of 6.74, which is not good at all!

In 2019 it only got worse – people lodged 8.39 index score against them that same time period alone and this will surely put off potential new clients who are seeking protection from Globe’s shaddy business practices.

Globe Life Insurance Ratings

Globe Life insurance and Surrounding Affiliates have been downgraded by AM Best to an “A” rating, which is still a very good ranking in the industry. The company’s low risk-adjusted capitalization was cited as one of many reasons for its current status.

However, Globe also highlighted its strong balance sheet with little indebtedness from other assets or business lines. This could mean they have more room if there are any financial issues arising within subsidiary companies.

How Can I Cancel My Globe Life Insurance

Globe Life insurance offers the most generous 30-day money-back guarantee. They will refund your entire policy if you’re not satisfied with it for any reason within that time frame! Most Life Insurance companies offer a “10 day Free Look”.

With so many complaints about how Globe Life insurance company handles policies and accounts, make sure you read all policy documents carefully before signing.

Customers have lodged numerous complaints to complainants that the company is unfair in their treatment of customers who want out at any time with no questions asked!

If you have a policy with Globe Life insurance, consider the 30-day introductory period and then read through all of your documents before canceling.

Make sure that there aren’t any hidden fees or charges!

You can cancel by calling 1-877-577-3860.

Globe Life Vs The Competition

Globe Life Insurance policy doesn’t require you to have a medical exam, but it still can deny coverage because of your health history. However, there are so many better options out there.

For those in need of instant coverage, we find many consumers consider Colonial Penn or AARP. But again, these are the two top consumer complaint carriers, we HIGHLY recommend finding better alternatives.

Although the company offers guaranteed issue policies for people between the ages 50 and 85 with no medical exam required premiums are also locked at an affordable level.

But as we explained before in another article, the Colonial Penn 9.95 plan (units) decreases coverage annually due to age.

Here is the comparison of Globe Life Insurance and Colonial Penn:

 Globe LifeColonial Penn
Number of Plans53
Service MethodPhone, WebPhone, Web
AM Best RatingA (Excellent)A- (Excellent)
Price RankFairFair
Complaints Trend6.568.85

Globe Life Insurance policy offers the perfect solution for you if your employer has life insurance and isn’t providing enough coverage. With Globe, there’s no need to deal with waiting periods! You can buy supplemental policies without having any medical exams at all.

Restrictions You Need To Be Aware Of

If you’re in your 20s and just starting out, a term life insurance policy from Globe Life insurance might seem like an attractive option. However, most of Globe’s clients are seniors.

Above all make sure to ask about their age restrictions before getting one! The life insurance company only offers coverage up until the age of 80 or 90-years old with several complaints coming from consumers who paid tens of thousands towards premiums but then discovered that once they lived past this threshold, there would be no more benefits for them at all.

In fact, making these policies basically useless as soon after paying off initial fees many people were left without any sort of protection whatsoever. This is why we replace many of these policies.


Globe Life Insurance policy is NOT a great option for those who want the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re fully covered, and with MANY drawbacks.

For starters, coverage amounts are limited and premiums may be more expensive than what you could get elsewhere.

Globe Life has never been known as a company that listens to their customers. In fact, the number of complaints about this life insurance carrier is staggering with hundreds coming in per month!

So when you’re making such important decisions as signing up for life coverage or not it would be wise to spend some time reviewing Globe’s policies beforehand.

Reach out to us for the best alternatives. Keep in mind, if it is jamming your mailbox or a paid spokesman on late-night TV is telling you to buy, BE SUSPECT.