The Truth about American Amicable Life Insurance [2022 Review]

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Taking control of your life is not easy, but a wise decision. It’s time to invest in the best burial and final expense insurance products so that you can rest assured knowing that all end-of-life wishes will be attended to by loved ones who don’t have to struggle with high costs for funeral planning.

To ensure that you’re adequately prepared for the future, it’s crucial to invest in quality life insurance. With so many companies claiming they offer some of the best coverage options available and few top-tier products on the market, finding a company with superior policies can be difficult – but not impossible!

The history of American Amicable Life Insurance

American Amicable is the best provider of burial insurance. It was founded over a century ago in 1910, and it’s also one of the oldest US companies out there today.

Under American Amicable Group (of) Companies, you can find other amazing providers such as The American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas, Occidental Life Insurance Company North Carolina, etc., which are all top-notch services!

The American Amicable Life Insurance Company, or ALICO in short, was founded on the principles of customer service and trust. They pride themselves on being different from traditional insurance companies by providing a unique one-stop-shop for all your life needs – not just insurances but retirement products as well! American Amicable Life Insurance offer final expense, simplified universal life, simplified term,  and modified whole life insurance with daily advance commissions.  

The catch is that their operations are run through an online platform which means you need to be careful about what company’s product(s) you’re buying into so there’ll never be any surprises later down the road…ALCO has partnered with local agents throughout America who can sell some of our simplest policies and provide great personal consultations.

The company offers many different types of insurance, including life and medical.
  • They offer term life plans for a specified period or until the age of 100;
  • universal policies that provide coverage over your entire lifetime;
  • Modified products available across their website.

The company boasts 5,000 employees managing assets worth $109 million in total today with an additional 6 billion dollars’ worth insured under these companies to date!

There are many options when it comes to burial insurance. You have the Return of Premium plan, Amicable Graded Insurance Plan, and their Immediate Benefits plan. Before looking at details about each option in detail, let’s take a look at what they offer financially first!

What is American Amicable Life Insurance Rating

American Amicable has excellent ratings from top-ratings companies including the BBB and A.M Best Rating, which have given it an A rating for Excellence in 2015 February.

Which are some of the final expense products you could buy from America Amicable Insurance Company of texas? The A+ and the A rating by our company give you the assurance that your investment will be safe, not just at the time of application or purchase.

What they offer in Final Expense life insurance products

American Amicable Final Expense – Golden Solution Series

This is a company that has a reputation for being one of the best in America. As they offer insurance products that are great at covering funeral expenses, other burial costs, and maybe even medical bills or debts, most people will want to take advantage of their services as it can be difficult knowing what should happen when someone passes away.

Contrary to popular opinion though, many customers find American Amicably’s rates considerably higher than those offered by competing companies but still worth it due to all the good options available from them.

This plan is offered to those aged 0-85, and the maximum premium paying period allowed for this plan is 110 years.

The minimum face value of $2,500 could be paid by applicants between the ages 50-75 who are able to access a death benefit amounting up to $35,000 in case of their sudden demise while individuals above 76 can avail themselves with an additional coverage worth only about 20 grand max.

The Graded Plan is the best option for seniors who are between 50 and 85 years old. You can get a maximum death benefit of $20,000 with this plan if you’re eligible to apply in the US or Guam, Puerto Rico.

This Seniors burial insurance plan offers whole life permanent coverage that will be perfect as your final expense protection needs- so it’s not just about saving up money before you die!

Day One Immediate Death benefits

If you’re looking for a fully paid final expense policy, then this is the one. Payment will be made immediately in full if death occurs – no waiting around to see what happens or hoping that an accident doesn’t happen first!

Waiting Period or “Graded Death Benefits”

This insurance option is a good option for applicants who have minor medical or health issues, depending on your answers to the knockout underwriting questions. The payment model for the death benefits with this plan is staggered and you don’t get paid 100% of the death benefits on day one.

Instead, American Amicable Life Insurance will pay 30% if they die during year 1 after purchasing policy; 70 percent in year two; then full payout only available until three years from purchase date.

Modifies Plan (Return of Premium Death Benefit, ROP)

The Return of Premiums insurance plan is a unique product offered by the American Amicable Insurance Company. This kind of policy has an additional tiered payment option for death benefits which differs from other policies, and it also comes with a 10% interest rate payable in either 3 or 2 years (depending on age) at the application date.

The graded two-year period is ideal for those who have aged 65+ as well; this way they have to pay premiums monthly instead of years until their 65th birthday.

This plan is the “modified” option because it comes with another choice – you can wait 3 years and get up to 10% extra for premiums, or claim 100% of your death benefits after just 1 year. If an accident happens in any given year before then, you’ll still be eligible for all-or-nothing financial security at either end of the spectrum!

Terminal Illness Rider ADB

Terminal Illness Rider – Accelerated Death Benefits – This rider allows policyholders to enjoy the full death benefits for their policies if they are diagnosed with a terminal illness within 24 months from applying. In addition, this benefit is free!

Policyholders are able to receive a guaranteed 5% of their policy’s face value each month in addition to immediate death benefits when this rider is purchased.

Unfortunately, the plan cannot be offered in all states because it is not considered life insurance due to its fixed premiums regardless of age or health and the lack of any chance for investment return on your premium dollars.

How much does it cost and how do I get started

The final expense insurance rates are variable, depending on your age and the preferred value of the coverage.

As an example, those looking to insure $10,000 worth of death benefits in case they die too soon due to complications from smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products will pay a monthly premium between $27-$32 according to their gender (female/male) and how old they are at the time of purchase.

For the Graded Death Benefits Plan, females and males aged 50 can expect to pay $30 or $38 per month in premiums for a policy worth up to 10 thousand dollars.

For those who are 85 years old at the time of enrollment (or soon thereafter), they will have an even higher premium as this plan is graded – with rates increasing by about 5% each year from age 75 onwards.

Why you should choose American Amicable over other life insurance providers [Claims]

American Amicable life Insurance company’s toll-free number is the first stop for those who wish a claim to be processed.

The application can also either be faxed or sent by mail, but both of these methods require time processing that may take up more than 24 hours depending on what day it was filed and how many other applications were already in process before yours came through.

The benefits of choosing an affordable plan with a low monthly premium

  • No Medical Exams – The other advantage to the final expense insurance plan is that there are no medical exams, so approval will come much faster than with any life insurance policy. Approval usually takes about a week or two; sometimes it happens in a few days!
  • The cash value of your whole life insurance policy is how much the company owes you if they were to cancel or stop paying for it. This amount can be withdrawn at any time, but only in certain circumstances such as death, dismemberment from accident/illness, and so on.
  • Some riders include accelerated death benefits and terminal illness-accelerated death benefits; these allow for an individual with advanced cancer or some other lifelong wasting disease to enjoy what little time he has left before his condition worsens and kills him.
  • Optional riders are a great way to customize your life insurance plan and offer extra protection wherever you need it. The Accidental death rider, for example, offers coverage at an affordable rate of $2500 per year with minimum payments.
  • This is perfect if you have dependents who rely on your salary or other income sources in order to survive without the family breadwinner being present from day-to-day; then this would be something worth considering when shopping around for plans that best suit what’s important to you!
  • There are also two special riders for the grandkids: a Grandchild Rider valued at $5,000 and applicable to anyone under 21. The maximum number of units that can be purchased is 2.
  • Nursing homes with a waiver of premium rider are able to provide immediate death benefits and policies start immediately. The waiting period is only 90 days, so the timing does not affect families in any way.

Is there anything else I need to know about this company before purchasing a policy from them

What are thier knockout questions

Insurance companies are always looking for sneaky ways to make more money, but most of the time they don’t have much luck. One way is asking you a few key questions and matching your answers with certain “knockout” criteria that determine what type of plan you’re eligible for final expense coverage.

  • Do you find yourself in need of daily assistance with basic tasks like bathing, dressing, toileting or eating?
  • Are you hospitalized currently, confined to a registered nursing facility, wheelchair or bed because of some chronic disease/illness? Currently on assisted breathing care at hospice home health care for an illness that affects your living activities such as dressing and helping with toileting.
  • Have you ever been or had a medical diagnosis, undergone kidney dialysis, or diagnosed with diseases like congestive heart failure and dementia?
  • Have you been diagnosed or medically treated by medical professionals for a disease called AIDS, which is often linked to HIV and can be potentially fatal if not detected early on in the illness process? If so, then this article may provide some information that could help your situation.

If one answers “No” to all these questions it’s an ideal setup that would qualify them for immediate coverage under their insurance policy with Death Benefits Final Expense Insurance Plan However this is not always true as most individuals who suffer from some type of illness will be approved but they may just receive less money than those qualified through the instant qualification process.

Some of their Niches and Underwriting Questions

On top of the knockout questions, there are several other health-related questions that will be asked. For example:

  • Insulin or diabetes-related diseases, including TIA and other forms of circulatory disease.
  • The condition of the heart can be diagnosed as cardiomyopathy, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Huntington’s Disease or congestive heart failure.
  • There are a variety of cancers known to exist, not counting squamous and basal cell skin cancers.
  • If you have been diagnosed with one of the following in the last 12 months, or if your treatment for drug and alcohol use has caused changes to any organ within these categories – heart, kidney, liver lungs brain. This also applies to diagnosis or treatments regarding melanomas lymphoma systemic lupus leukemia.
  • In the last 24 months: internal cancer/melanoma; leukemia; COPD; cirrhosis liver disease ; ulcerative colitis stroke and other heart related illnesses improvement circulation paralysis neuromuscular diseases please consult with your doctor before entering into this competition.

Underwriting Process

The American Amicable Life Insurance underwriting process includes the following:

  • Obtaining application information online
  • Speaking to an agent over the phone about your medical history and current medications
  • Running a check with a Medical Information Bureau (MIB) or Pharmacy Database. This is done for every applicant, regardless of their health condition at this point in time – it doesn’t get any more personal than that! A client build based on your weight ratio will also be incorporated into our decision making process when we find out if you’re approved for insurance coverage by us.

The company, American Amicable Life Insurance Pros & Cons


  • Premiums are LEVEL!
  • Coverage is for LIFE!
  • Cash value accumulation
  • Free riders options


  • Claims not being paid in a day
  • Not competitivly priced


For American Amicable Life Insurance customers, it’s important to understand your coverage options and know what you need in terms of benefits. Decide now if the company is right for you or not by reading our review, contact a licensed agent at 1-855-380-3300 or get a quote today by filling out the form to the right!