Burial Insurance With Dependent Activities Of Daily Living (ADL) [2022 Review]

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In the event of your death, you may want to consider purchasing a burial insurance policy. This will protect your loved ones from financial burdens and caregiving responsibilities that would be challenging for them to handle on their own.

Burial insurance with dependent activities of daily living covers expenses such as funeral costs, cremation or other arrangements, and medical expenses incurred by family members who are providing care for a deceased person in the last 12 months before death.

In addition, this type of coverage also includes benefits if there is an accidental injury or illness that leads to death within 1 year after the accident or illness occurred.

There are several different types of policies available so make sure you research all options carefully when shopping around for burial insurance plans!

Final Expense Insurance For Help Dependent ADL

What does a burial policy cover? When we wake up in the morning, we sit up in our bed then think what we should do for the day, slide to the edge of our bed and get up.

We go to the bathroom, use the toilet for maybe #1 or 2 then clean ourselves, step in the shower, then brush our teeth and comb our hair.

We pick what we want to wear, get dressed then maybe go to the kitchen to make breakfast or head out for one. Set the table, sit down and eat, afterward we clean up after ourselves, wash the dishes, and do what we have planned for the day.

All of these are our typical activities of daily living (ADL) that we sometimes take for granted.

In many cases, we find our clients are adult children looking into final expense insurance for parents. At this stage of life, it is quite common. The adult children know they will be faced with that financial burden.

Activities of daily living (ADL) are defined by insurance companies as various daily living activities or routines that a person does without needing assistance.

The independent ability to perform daily living activities in eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring and continence.

Burial Insurance For Help Dependent ADL

If you need help with your activities of daily living and you’ve decided that it’s time to invest and get a burial or final expense insurance, know that you’re not alone and we can help you and we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

You may have experienced a decline after the decline from insurance companies’ underwritten plans and that you’re constantly being offered plans that cost the highest with no immediate benefits.

If you think that it’s impossible to get qualified for an underwritten plan if you need assistance in your ADL… you’ve been working with the wrong insurance agency.

We here at InsuranceForBurial.com have helped a lot of folks that require home health care and ADL assistance get the best premium for a burial insurance coverage for their situation.

We can absolutely help you too.

Epilepsy And Final Expense Insurance Companies

Does epilepsy affect life insurance? The truth is, every burial or final expense insurance companies will ask if you need assistance in your ADL.

Most insurance companies define activities of daily living (ADL’s) as any of the following:

  1. Bathing
  2. Dressing
  3. Eating
  4. Toileting
  5. Transferring
  6. Continence

If you are dependent or in need of help to perform some of these activities then the insurance companies will consider you as ADL assistance dependent.

In addition to ADLs, there are more abilities to live independently that applicants can be evaluated. These are called Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLS)

What are the activities of daily living (ADL)? IADLS include the following:

Taking medicine – Independently being able to take the appropriate amount of medication at the right time daily without supervision or prompting. For example, Stroke patients who need daily help and supervision.

Food preparation – The ability to independently plan, prepare, cook, and serve food needed for meals and snacks without assistance.

Housework and chores – Doing light to heavy housekeeping tasks such as washing the dishes, cleaning floors and making the bed without help.

Using the telephone – Independently answering the phone, finding numbers before dialing, operating the phone on your own.

Shopping – If you can do these things on your own, like, buying food, clothing and other items.

Traveling (either locally or afar) – To travel independently or using public transportation without assistance.

Managing finances – Independently handling all or some finances with minimal to no help. Paying bills, keeping track of day to day purchases and income.

Blindness – dependency to do all of the above.

The incapacity or need help to carry out these IADLS will suggest that you have declining mental or physical health to the insurance companies.

Assisted ADL Underwriting Process Of Final Expense Insurance Companies

In the underwriting process, burial insurance companies will try to assess aspects of your health by asking health questions and reviewing your history of prescribed medications.

Insurance companies will ask about the following aspects of your health:

  1. Health questions about any present and past diseases and lifestyle.
  2. Prescribed medication history assessment.

As a general rule: If a disease, treatment or procedure, living conditions, habits, types of assistance (like ADL), etc., is being asked, then the insurer has issues with it and it’s a risk for them and that they might charge you higher premiums or decline your application.

Every Burial Or Final Expense Insurance Company Have Different Ways To Ask About ADL

Here are the common ways that ADL will be asked in the underwriting health question:

  • Do you require assistance with activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, dressing, taking medications or use of the toilet?
  • Do you currently require assistance with transferring, toileting, bathing, dressing, eating, or are you bedridden?
  • Are you planned for hospital confinement, or currently confined to a nursing facility or assisted living facility?
  • Are you currently receiving home health care services or, in the last two years, have you received home health care services for more than three separate periods of care?
  • Are you currently in a wheelchair due to a chronic illness or disease, or require assistance with activities of daily living such as toileting, bathing, dressing or eating?

If you say yes, then it would imply to burial insurance companies that you need ADL assistance. You will be declined for the underwritten plan from most burial insurance companies.

However, you still have another option, and it’s your last resort. You can avail of a “Guaranteed Issue” (GI) plan.

A guaranteed issue plan is kind of a “fail-safe” plan when you’re ineligible for the underwritten plans.

As the name suggests, you are guaranteed to be accepted given that you are legally capable of entering into a contract.

It is a plan with no underwriting so there will be no health questions asked or prescribed medication history review and you can be approved for less than 30 minutes if you’re working with a highly experienced insurance agency.

What To Expect When Offered A Guaranteed Issue Policy

What is Guaranteed Final Expense Insurance?

  1. Payment rates will be from 40 – 50% higher – Since there aren’t any health questions, they are substantially faced with practically the highest risks which are why they simply charge a lot more.
  2. 2 years minimum of waiting period – Given that the insurance company provides is taking all of the risks on guaranteed issue policy, they will additionally require a waiting period with usually 2 years minimum. If the client dies by accident within 2 years from day 1 of approval, the client’s beneficiaries will receive the full face amount.

Guaranteed Issue is the last resort when all other options above were not offered.

How to quickly Find The Best Burial Or Final Expense Insurance For Required Assistance In ADL

Here’s a COMPLETE list of the qualities that you should be looking for in an insurance plan and the insurance company that offers it when concerned about needing assistance in ADL:

  1. The insurance company with the lowest monthly premium for a GI plan.
  2. The insurance company that can offer the best plans for different situations needing assistance in ADL.
  3. The policy has the highest benefit payment that can protect you soon for needing assistance in ADL.
  4. The insurance company does not take issue with you being hospitalized within the last 12 months because of gastric bypass surgery (if you ever had it within that time)
  5. The insurance company must not have issues with you needing ADL assistance.

How Does Needing Help With Continence Affect Burial Insurance

The insurance agency that you would need to move forward with must have the following qualities when it comes to finding burial coverage for someone in need of ADL assistance:

  1. The agency must be independent to have access to a lot of different insurance companies that can possibly offer the best coverage for you if you require help in ADL.
  2. The agency must have insurance agents that are highly experienced burial or final expense insurance specialist that have the passion to help you! Not the companies.
  3. The agency only offers the best policies from the country’s top-rated insurance companies that have stood the test of time in the insurance industry with stable finances and a proven track record.

We here at InsuranceForBurial.com can exactly get you these coverage qualities for needing ADL assistance.

We have easily helped a lot of clients that are in need of ADL assistance issues secure coverage plans from the country’s top-rated insurance companies that have stood the test of time and challenges in the insurance industry.

Whatever your assisted ADL situations may be, we can present you the best possible offers with the use of our well-earned knowledge of the underwriting questions and rates of every top-rated burial or final expense insurance company that we represent.

What Is The Average Cost Of Burial Insurance

InsuranceForBurial.com Final Thoughts

We are an independent insurance agency with a team of highly experienced Final Expense Insurance Specialists that has access to the country’s top-rated A+ insurance companies that only offers top-tier insurance policies with innovative additional benefits at no extra cost.

We have a driving passion to make sure that EVERYONE gets the best burial or final expense insurance coverage in the market! No matter what their health issues are.

With us guided by your health details, we will only come back to you with the best options if you’re in need of ADL assistance.

Talk to us now! We promise you a simple no-nonsense interview process with no pressure at all whatsoever.

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A burial policy can help families plan for the future, with a lot of different options that cover everything from cremation to embalming. Whether you’re working on your own retirement or trying to provide financial support for a family member who is struggling financially, it’s an important decision worth taking the time to explore in more detail. You may be surprised by what you find when we take a look at all of these possibilities together! At Insurance for Burial, our professionals are here to answer any questions and make this process as easy as possible. Give us a call today – we’re ready when you are!