The Truth About 2024 State Regulated Life Insurance Program

I am sure you have seen or heard about the state regulated life insurance program or the state regulated life insurance program to pay final expenses, but is it legit?

Burial life insurance is different from state to state. The cost will vary depending on the kind of coverage you want and where you live.

You can get burial insurance through our insurance agents, a funeral home, or an online company, but not all states allow consumers to buy it directly from the insurer.

Burial life insurance policies are often very affordable and a great way for your loved ones to lay you peacefully in peace.

When buying burial life insurance, you must know what kind of coverage you need so that your family has no surprises after they’ve laid you down for good!

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What Is State Regulated Life Insurance?

State-regulated life insurance companies sell all kinds of insurance products in your state.

To sell any of these products in your state, life insurance companies must obtain a license from your state’s insurance department.

A state-regulated life insurance policy has nothing special about it. The insurance company must submit financial information about their product and company to obtain a license.

Once they have met all requirements, the department will issue the license. The state regulates all insurance companies.

Is The State Sponsoring These Plans?

You’ll find a statement at the bottom of the card: “Not affiliated with or endorsed by any government agency.”

Only Social Security can provide money for funeral expenses (if you qualify). No state benefits cover funerals.

Using this lead generation strategy, you don’t have time to wonder whether this is a hoax before you give out your personal information.

To get your personal information fast, you must fill out the card with your name, address, age, phone number, spouse’s name, and age.

Sending your information to this state-regulated life insurance offer will result in receiving massive mail solicitations and phone calls from insurance agents who want your business.

Will Moving To A Different State Affect My Burial Insurance Policy

Of course, you can get life insurance regardless of your state. Several laws regulate how your state treats you once you die.

These laws and regulations influence your final expense insurance, burial insurance, and pre-need burial plans.

This impact is because each state has different laws regulating burial or funeral insurance policies. That is to say, each state is different in treating people when they pass away.

For example, California is included in some states with restrictive burial and funeral laws.

In fact, according to Californian laws, if you deposit human remains anywhere except a cemetery, you will be charged with a misdemeanor and could be sent to jail or fined a penalty of up to $10,000.

Similarly, some states consider the participation of the funeral director important in the burial process, no matter where the deceased is buried.

This might sound strange to you, but the required participation or presence of the funeral director affects the funeral cost and the way burial life insurance works.

That is what makes finding burial insurance laws of the different states essential if you want to make the most of it.

The state of Texas has lenient burial insurance laws.

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Does Your Residence State Affect Burial Insurance Rates 

To answer the question precisely, your residence’s state affects your burial insurance rate.

However, it affects very few policyholders in a few states. For instance, policyholders in Washington, California, and New York have strict burial laws that affect their burial insurance rates.

The rest of the states have the same burial insurance rates.

The concerning thing about the burial insurance rates is the laws in different states that govern what burial insurance policies can or cannot allow and cover.

There are some states where a limited coverage amount is available.

Take a look at the summary of burial insurance rate coverage with monthly premiums in different states;

Average Cost of A Funeral In The United States
Type of FuneralAverage CostHigh PriceLow Price
Traditional Full Service Burial$7,552$20,475$3,850
Full Service Cremation$6,218$19,300$2,555
Direct Cremation$2,184$9,800$275
Affordable Burial$3,911$10,600$1,630

Average Cost of Burial Insurance For Females

Age of Applicant$5,000$10,000$15,000

Average Cost of Burial Insurance For Males

Age of Applicant$5,000$10,000$15,000

The table shows that burial life insurance is an inexpensive and worthy investment for families to cover funeral costs.  

Unlike other life insurance policies, you don’t need a program to pay more than you are covered. 

Depending on the specific burial laws, burial life insurance provides coverage in all states.  The burial life insurance aims to protect the needs of the deceased’s family in the event of a policyholder’s death.

Moreover, people who suffer from different health conditions can have a change in the rates. Burial life insurance policies are commonly graded as death benefit policies.

How To Find Burial Life Insurance Laws of Different States

Is it worth buying burial insurance?? Oh Goodness! Yes it sure is!

How do I compare market life insurance with cheap funeral plans? No matter in which state you live, understanding the state laws of burial life insurance helps you plan your funeral expenses.

Even if your parents move from state to state, this article will shed some light on obtaining burial insurance for your mom and dad.

Also, remember it does not matter if they have a pre-existing condition. We are contracted with the top A+ rated insurance carriers that accept many health impairments by offering you and your parent’s instant same-day coverage!

You would be surprised some of these health impairments include Atrial Fibrillation, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Comparing senior funeral plans in today’s world can be intimidating. The funeral industry has many products that deal with end-of-life expenses.

That doesn’t mean that all products are good, but knowing about your state’s laws can help avoid bad financial funeral decisions.

Hiring the services of a local attorney in such a case is a wise idea to understand the impact.

Likewise, an attorney can explain to you the positives or negatives of the burial laws of your state on the insurance policy or end-of-life planning and guide you in the right direction. 

Furthermore, attorneys can help because they are qualified professionals who know and understand the state regulations and can guide you on how to plan your family’s future.

What Does A General Burial Life Insurance Policy Cover 

What does a burial policy cover? Before delving into burial plans of different states, let’s quickly overview general burial life insurance policies.

Precisely, it is a cash benefit payable when the policyholder dies. It follows the terms of the insurance policy when it is purchased.

People purchase funeral plans to ensure their families can cover the final expenses of burial, funeral home, memorial services, and cremation facility.

What is worth noting here is that there is no law or rule about how that money should be spent.

It all depends on the beneficiary -the person who receives the burial insurance amount and is responsible for funeral duties.

The following may be included in some of the final expenses a beneficiary can incur for the costs of the funeral;

  • If a loved one dies in another state, the beneficiary has to travel to carry out funeral duties.
  • A beneficiary might need to serve and feed the funeral guests.
  • Funeral expenses, including the coffin, funeral services, mortuary charges
  • A beneficiary might need the services of a probate lawyer to settle the estate and property issues

Although the face value of the burial life insurance policies is modest, a beneficiary gets a lump sum of money.

To receive those final expenses, the beneficiary must submit a copy of the deceased’s death certificate.  Additionally, a death certificate may take time if the cause of death is suspicious.

It is a suicide case or a legal matter.

However, many funeral homes accept a photocopy of the insurance policy that guarantees your prepayment.

They often contact the insurance company to confirm that funds are coming from the insurer.

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Does Burial Insurance Have Cash Value

Can you cash in a burial policy? Because your burial insurance policy is a simplified whole life policy, the cash value builds over time.

Not only does a burial policy offer you cash value, but these burial insurance policies also offer you living benefits.

This means that if you become terminally ill, and you can tap into the policy while you live to help pay for your medical expenses.

In contrast, prepaid burial insurance through your funeral home does not offer living benefits. If something was to happen to you, you could not utilize this feature in a prepaid burial policy.

Burial insurance policies give you more bang for your buck and offer you something that is completely priceless… PEACE OF MIND!

State Laws for Burial Life Insurance Plans

Do funeral homes sell burial insurance?

Most states require funeral directors’ participation; the funeral industry has designed a burial life insurance product.

Some states, such as California and New York, allow funeral homes to sell the product without needing licensed insurance professionals.

Technically, this life insurance product refers to the Prepaid Burial Life Insurance Plan.

What Is The New State Regulated Final Expense Insurance Program

It generally incorporates the following details;

  • Burial Life Insurance Plan is a whole life product that funeral homes sell.
  • In some states, policyholders must name funeral directors or funeral homes as the product beneficiaries.
  • Burial Life Insurance Plan includes a cash value component. That means many states allow funeral homes to withdraw the interest rate that increases on each year’s cash value.
  • Not all funeral homes offer these benefits.
  • Burial Life Insurance Plan is sold to lock in final expenses costs as funeral costs double in ten years.
  • Not profitable. If you shift to another state, the burial life insurance plan might not correspond to the burial laws of that state. Some states, such as New Jersey and New York, have strict rules for burial life insurance plans.

There is no denying that a burial life insurance plan effectively prepares and protects your family from the impact of funeral costs. 

It is important because there is a continued rise in funeral costs in American society compared to other countries.

The best part of burial life insurance is choosing the beneficiary. Most importantly, your family can decide how to spend the insurance money.

Can You Have More Than One Burial Insurance Policy

Yes, you most certainly may. Many of our clients purchase more than one policy for their parents equal to the maximum face amount.

Senior care final expense insurance for your parents is key. This gives your entire family peace of mind knowing you will not have to worry about the financial burdens in the event of their death.

So when you ask if burial insurance is worth it, all in all, it is priceless!


Is burial insurance worth it? YES! In a nutshell, burial life insurance policies offer plenty of death benefits to cover the funeral cost.

It typically varies from state to state, governed by the burial rules and regulations of the state.

Many insurance companies offer coverage for funeral expenses, but they may have restrictions according to state burial laws.

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The laws and regulations that dictate how your state treats you when you die will impact your final expenses, burial insurance plans, and pre-need arrangements.

Contact us today to get the help of an expert who can walk you through choosing a plan that is best for your current needs to make sure that everything goes smoothly during this challenging time.

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