Cremation & Burial Insurance Florida: A Comprehensive Guide

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The process of planning for your final arrangements can be overwhelming, difficult, and confusing. We are here to simplify it with our Ultimate Guide For Cremation & Burial Insurance in Florida!

This guide will cover all the basics you need to know about cremation and burial insurance so you can make sure that your loved ones are taken care of and give peace of mind after you’ve passed on.

Funeral Costs in Florida

Funerals in Florida cost a lot, and the average cost is around $6K. If you or your loved one passes away without planning for final expenses they might be left figuring out how to cover rising funeral costs- though there’s help!

Funeral insurance can be purchased ahead of time so that any debts left behind won’t burden family members after their death. However, it could also just pay off all outstanding debt from life as well if provided with funds beforehand.

Final expense insurance is the same across all 50 states, but in Florida, there are a few unique rules.

This guide will outline how can help your family with an affordable burial policy after you’re gone so they don’t have any surprises coming up afterward.

Also, including what steps should be taken and when funeral planning begins!

What Are 6 Items Outlined By The Funeral Rule

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has very strict guidelines for funeral homes and it applies to every state.

Example instructions from the FTC include:

  • Pricing – Agents are required to quote prices over phone if requested, general list included in person too;
  • Casket Costing/Billing Information-Price lists should show available options as well what type of caskets or coffins you can purchase at different price points along with where they would be delivered;
  • Burial Container Price List When Applicable – If applicable this could mean anything such as whether someone wants granite laid out ahead o ver their grave instead an urn placed inside a vault
  • Contracts between funeral directors and end-users must include an itemized list of charges as well as a time period within which they will be paid out before legal action may occur if there is no agreement reached between both parties involved in regards this matter.

Cremation and Burial Information in Florida

In the event of death, each state has its own laws on how to deal with bodies and certificates. These vary from cremation all the way down to embalming which can be done if deemed necessary by a funeral director at your request or family’s discretion.

It is important you know these regulations beforehand so that there are no major complications during such an emotional time period in one’s life.

What are the Requirements for Death Certificates in Florida

In Florida, the funeral director or physician must file a death certificate within five days of receiving confirmation that an individual has passed away.

This action takes place before they can bury someone in their grave and cremate them for cremation purposes only; it does not apply if there are any other religious requirements that would prohibit such procedures from happening right away after burial.

Can you have a Viewing Without Embalming

A body must be refrigerated if the burial or cremation will not take place within 24 hours of death with some exceptions for military funerals in certain cases, government employees who die overseas while serving their country.

Florida law does not require embalming.

Florida Direct Cremation Laws

Cremation in Florida can be complicated. There are a lot of rules and regulations to keep track of, but luckily we’ve broken down everything you need for hassle-free cremations for seniors are here!

The first step is choosing what kind of container will hold your ashes: either an urn or concrete scattering box? If the former then there’s no 48 hour waiting period required before proceeding with incineration as well.

However –you cannot scatter them anywhere on land unless given permission by both parties (the person whose remains were being scattered/landowner).

Cost Of Cremation In Florida

Funeral expenses in Florida can reach up to $7,000.

The average cost for a traditional burial is about 5-6 grand but this may vary based on what you want and need.

In addition, from the type of service used (product) as well as where said services will take place which could be more or less expensive than most funeral homes around town depending upon location.

It is beneficial to have a checklist when someone dies in Florida to know what you and your family need to take care of in a very difficult time.

Cost Determined by Type of Service

Type of ServiceDescription of ServiceCost for Service
Cremation No ServiceNo viewing or service$400 – $3,500
Burial No ServiceNo viewing or service$1,400 – $4,700
Cremation ServiceViewing, & service$1,800 – $5,550
Tradition ServiceEmbalming, viewing, hearse, & graveside service$4,400 – $8,880

Funeral homes and retailers are always looking for ways to save money. For example, you may purchase a funeral product locally or online which will result in lower prices than what your average retailer offers.

The Funeral Product Cost Breakdown

Funeral ProductProduct DescriptionCost for Product
CasketAvailable in a variety of materials & finishes$1,100 – $7,500
Rent a CasketAvailable for family viewing$800 – $1,400
ContainersEnvironment-friendly cremation$175 – $7,550
UrnCremation only$100 – $2,600
Family PlotSpace for Casket or cremated remains$250 – $12,500
Grave StoneMany materials to choose from$300 – $20,250

Funeral Costs Jacksonville, Florida

Type of ServiceCost on AveragePrice Range
Cremation No Service$1,700$700 – $3,000
Burial No Service$2,350$1,975 – $4,600
Cremation Service$3,650$1,950 – $5,250
Full Burial Service $6,900$4,900 – $8,750

The cost of cremation in Jacksonville, Florida will be slightly different than the cost of cremation and traditional burials in other cities in Florida.

We will continue to give you a breakdown and average cost below.

How Much Does a Funeral Cost in Miami

Type of ServiceCost on AveragePrice Range
Cremation No Service$1,300$400 – $3,200
Burial No Service$2,250$1,750 – $2,440
Cremation Service$3,275$1,700 – $4,880
Full Burial Service$6,250$4,400 – $8,225

Funeral Costs in Orlando

Type of ServiceCost on AveragePrice Range
Cremation No Service $1,825$800 – $3,300
Burial No Service $1,800$1,715 – $3,100
Cremation Service $3,325$1,700 – $5,490
Full Burial Service $6,975$4,350 – $8,880

Tampa Funeral Costs

Type of ServiceCost on AveragePrice Range
Cremation No Service $1,650$700 – $2,300
Burial No Service $2,675$1,470 – $4,300
Cremation Service $3,650$1,700 – $4,725
Full Burial Service $6,850$4,440 – $8,300

Does Florida help with Funeral Expenses

If you’re planning on leaving final expense life insurance money to benefit your loved ones, then make sure they know how and when. You may want a will too!

When it comes time for paying final expenses like funeral costs in Florida – which can be expensive- having these things taken care of ahead puts less stress upon everyone involved with making tough decisions during such an emotional period after losing someone close.

Burial Insurance Florida

Planning for the inevitable should be a priority in life. Everyone needs to have their own end-of-life wishes and plan accordingly.

In addition, making sure they are covered with insurance that will take care of final expenses if something were ever to happen or writing down what those things could be before it does occur so there’s no question about who owns them later on when someone else claims your property as theirs.

  • Term life insurance policy that provides temporary coverage. It’s cheaper and easier to acquire than other types, but each term expires after a set amount of time so you have to buy another one if your current plan isn’t up yet or else risk losing what little protection it offers in case something happens during the interim period between renewals The downside? They’re only available for short periods before they require renewal at more expensive rates–and who knows how much worse things will be by then!
  • Whole Life Insurance stays active no matter what happens during that length: even death can’t touch them since premiums never go up or decrease due to illness!
  • Final Expense Insurance – Florida families who are concerned about covering final expenses should consider burial insurance. Permanent life insurance develops cash value that can be borrowed. Like whole life policy, this remains in place until you die and payments are based on factors like age or sex with no medical bills or exams needed!

What about Government Funeral Assistance in Florida

The Federal Government offers a one-time Social Security death benefit. This benefit is a one-time payment of $255, which is payable to spouses and dependent children of eligible deceased people.

The state also has some assistance programs if no other source provides the money needed for funeral expenses – check out these victim services at Florida’s Division of Victim Services!

What is the Average Cost of Cremation and Burial Insurance in Florida

If you are between the ages of 50 and 85, your monthly benefits package will be worth an average of $20-$180 per month for a final expense policy with 8-20 thousand dollars in it.

Please understand, the exact cost depends on age, gender, health condition/impairment, and the exact coverage amount desired.

Monthly Rates for Males

Age Good Health GI

Monthly Rates for Females


What are the Leading Causes of Death in Florida: What You Need To Know

In Florida, people die in a variety of different ways. Accidents are the top cause of death with more cases coming from suicide than national averages and this is true across all counties in the state.



Heart Disease





Chronic Liver Disease

Kidney disease/failure

Respiratory Disease

Is There a Medical Exam for Cremation and Burial Insurance in Florida

The idea of an uninsured, healthy person paying for insurance premiums can be daunting. But don’t worry! No medical exam is required. There are just a few quick health questions and you’re golden.

Insurance companies now use electronic health records to determine if someone is eligible or not. There are no longer any physical exams needed by final expense plans at all.

Will Burial Insurance Cover People with Medical Conditions in Florida

Life insurance is a great way to protect your family’s future. With soft underwriting guidelines, it may be easier for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, especially those who have long-term medical conditions like diabetes, or high blood pressure get approved quickly!

The amount you pay on this type of policy will depend on the coverage amount you choose and the type of product you qualify for.

What Does Burial Insurance cover?

In addition to being fixed, burial premiums remain the same regardless of how good your health gets. A final expense policy covers several expenses related directly to the funeral of a named insured, including a casket, funeral service, visitation/viewing, hearse, digging and filling of the grave, a cemetery plot, grave vault or grave liner, minister, headstone, flowers, and more. We can help you find the right final expense coverage.

What is a 14 Day Free Look Period

In Florida, you have a 14-day window of opportunity to cancel any burial insurance policy without penalty.

If you choose to cancel after the free look-up period has expired, you can cancel it, but the insurance carrier does not have to refund premiums paid after the free 14-day free look-up period has expired.

How Do You Get a Burial Policy In Florida

Burial insurance is always a good idea. Florida residents should make sure they’re getting it from the right insurance company and have done enough research before purchasing anything.

In general, this just makes sense for everyone no matter where you live or what kind of funeral insurance plans are made with your family ahead of time! has experienced agents who will help you achieve your goals of protecting your loved ones from this financial burden.

The best way to prepare for your loved one’s death is by getting a policy with the right coverage amount and monthly premium that you can afford.


The decision to purchase cremation or burial insurance is an important one. It will help you plan for the future, and can also protect your family from financial burdens in the event of a loss.

We hope this guide has given you some valuable information about how these insurance policies work, as well as what features are most helpful when it comes to selecting the right policy for your needs.

If you’ve found our post useful, please share it with friends and family who may be looking into purchasing life insurance!

You never know when they might find themselves in need of protection that would have been provided by their choice in funeral-related coverage today.

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