InsuranceForBurial.com was brought to consumers to have the fastest, no hassle, and most convenient way to purchase burial insurance. IFB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Specialists.

If your goal is to obtain burial insurance today then you came to the right place!!

Our goal is to provide same day, instant coverage to anyone in under 30 minutes! We provide the top A+ rated carriers that offer a simple no-nonsense voice signature application. 

Making it the fastest process in the industry. Our process includes:

  • Qualify you with between 3 to 9 questions (Depending on Carrier)
  • Pick the rate you want
  • Call Insurance company on a three way call to approve you!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!!

Danny Ray Life Insurance Specialist

Danny Ray is a Senior specialist with over 28 years of experience in the investment and insurance industry. He has licenses in all 50 states and is appointed to over 3 dozen A+ rated carriers. 

He has a passion to make sure EVERYONE gets the most affordable coverage on the market. Not only does he provide the lowest cost burial insurance but he also is knowledgeable in all facets of life insurance. He has clients in all 50 states and also diplomats overseas. 

Give Danny a call anytime at his direct line, 888-531-7955, or email, ceo@InsuranceForBurial.com

Lisamarie Monaco Burial Insurance Specialist

Lisamarie is a Burial Insurance Specialist that is licensed in 31 states. She caters to the senior market with passion and enthusiasm. She absolutely loves what she does. 

She is also a professional photographer and an Ordained Minister in her spare time. So you know she pays close attention to detail. 

Give Lisamarie a call anytime at her direct line, 888-659-7010 or email, lisamarie@pinnaclequote.com