How To Get Final Expense Insurance For Hepatitis In 2024

Learning how to get final expense insurance for hepatitis is an important step, regardless of your current stage in life.

Planning for the future becomes especially crucial for seniors living with hepatitis, given the desire to shield their loved ones from the financial stress associated with end-of-life costs.

Our comprehensive guide will delve into the significance of final expense insurance for hepatitis patients, guiding you on the journey to finding a policy tailored to meet both your needs and budget.

Burial Insurance For Hepatitis A, B, And C

Securing burial insurance, or final expense insurance, with a pre-existing condition like hepatitis is absolutely feasible when you engage with the right agent.

Indeed, hepatitis is on the list of health impairments for which we can provide immediate, same-day coverage.

To access affordable quotes from top-tier, A+ rated insurance companies within your state, kindly utilize the quote toolbox on your right.

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Have you experienced denial when applying for burial or final expense insurance?

Or perhaps you’ve only been presented with plans that are pricier and come with a two-year waiting period before any benefits come into effect?

It may mean one or more of the following:

  • The agent you’re dealing with does not work with top-rated A+ insurance companies.
  • Your agent is not well experienced and does not have extensive knowledge of their insurance carriers’ underwriting process.
  • The agent does not specialize in cases with high-risk consumers that need burial or final expense insurance.
  • Your insurance agent is not willing to go the extra mile for you.

In short, you need a new insurance agent!

With us here at you are more than just an application, you are a valued client. We treat every client as a VIP and our long list of clients that got the best possible final expense insurance through us can attest to that.

Understanding Hepatitis and Life Insurance

Life with hepatitis can be complicated and challenging.

Many people with this condition often wonder how it impacts their ability to secure adequate life insurance.

The good news? Hepatitis doesn’t exclude you from finding comprehensive coverage.

Insurance providers today understand the complexity of hepatitis and have developed policies tailored for those living with this condition.

A vital aspect of planning your financial future is knowing how your health condition affects your insurance options.

While the prospect of discussing your health condition with an insurance provider might seem daunting, it’s an essential step.

Honest and transparent communication can help you find an insurance policy that respects your unique circumstances and offers the coverage you deserve.

Burial Insurance Hepatitis C

The Bad News

High chance of rejection is the reality of applicants with any type of Hepatitis (especially Type C) getting a burial or final expense insurance with insurance companies that simply do not have what it takes to take on Hepatitis.

Obviously, you would not want to get stuck with an insurance agent that does not have access to insurance companies that have no means of helping out applicants with Hepatitis.

The Good News

There are a few insurance agencies out there that can accept applicants with Hepatitis with flexible options that can cover anybody that has Hepatitis no matter how mild or severe their conditions are.

The Truth About Hepatitis A, B, and C What Kind Of Insurance Plan You Will Be Offered

With today’s advancements in medicine, Hepatitis A and B can be very much easily treated, and Hepatitis C is no longer a death sentence.

With that said, there are still insurance companies out there that still refuse to take a second look in applicants with Hepatitis that they will immediately dismiss applicants with Hepatitis right away.

Thankfully, the truth is there are insurance companies out there that have burial or final expense insurance plans for any type of Hepatitis that are designed to take on the risks.

These Top-rated A+ companies keep up with the times to provide the best possible insurance options for everyone.

The Best Kind Of Burial Or Final Expense Insurance For Hepatitis

The best insurance policy type is the one with the lowest rates and immediate insurance coverage starting from day 1.

Depending on the insurance company, they are called Level, Simplified or Preferred policy. In this article, let’s use the name “Simplified”.

for our seniors over 81 or even over 85 years of age, (YES, we have final expense insurance for seniors over age 85!!!) to get qualified for a Simplified type of policy, you need to apply for final expense insurance with an underwriting process.

The process involves answering some questions about your personal details and specifically with regards to your Hepatitis condition.

The Underwriting Process For Hepatitis

By going through an underwriting process, you are mainly aiming for the simplified type of policy which has the lowest rates and with an immediate insurance coverage starting on day 1.

It is important to keep in mind that every burial or financial insurance company has different sets of questions or different wording of questions it asks.

Just like underwriting questions for Atrial Fibrillation and depression, the underwriting process will be the same for hepatitis.

They will also assess your medications history for thorough checking of your Hepatitis condition and other illnesses that you may have.

Every insurance company will also react differently in their findings and will offer insurance plans according to their rules and guidelines.

Common Questions In Every Underwriting Process

To simply put this, the timing of your diagnosis and treatment of Hepatitis weighs in a lot with what kind of insurance policies you will be offered.

Here are some common question examples from insurance companies on their underwriting process.

  • When were you diagnosed with Hepatitis? if so, what type?
  • Have you ever had or been treated for any kind of liver disease or condition?
  • Within the past 24 months, have you been diagnosed or been treated for any type of Hepatitis? if so, what type?

Here The Thing With Insurance Companies With Different Types Of Hepatitis

Hepatitis A and B are oftentimes an acute infection where the infected person can recover within months. With hepatitis A and B also both have available vaccines that are effective.

Hepatitis C, on the other hand, has currently no effective vaccination to date. Furthermore, many of the people with Hepatitis C do not experience symptoms that result in late detection.

Hepatitis C has the highest percentage of people getting a long-term infection making it the type that will often be chronic.

Making Hepatitis C the worst type of the 3 types mentioned. With those common circumstances regarding Hepatitis…

Almost all of the top-rated A+ insurance companies will not really watch out for type A and B that they will offer you insurance plans that will not cost extra.

This policy type is usually called Simplified, Preferred, or Level which has the lowest monthly rates and has immediate insurance coverage.

Hepatitis Medications That Are Being Asked About In The Underwriting Process

Aside from the health questions, insurance companies will also review your medication history. Below is a list of common Hepatitis medications they will look out for. So if you’re taking any one or more of these medications, you will be considered to having Hepatitis.

  • Boceprevir
  • Daclatasvir and sofosbuvir (Daklinza)
  • Dasabuvir-ombitasvir-paritaprevir-ritonavir (Viekira Pak)
  • Elbasvir-grazoprevir (Zepatier)
  • Glecaprevir-pibrentasvir (Mavyret)
  • Incivek
  • Infergen
  • Interferon Alfacon
  • Intron-A
  • Ledipasvir-sofosbuvir (Harvoni)
  • Olysio
  • Ombitasvir
  • Ombitasvir-paritaprevir-ritonavir (Technivie)
  • Pegasys
  • Rebetron
  • Ribasphere
  • Ribavirin
  • Roferon
  • Simeprevir
  • Sofosbuvir and velpatasvir (Epclusa)
  • Sofosbuvir-velpatasvir-voxilaprevir (Vosevi)
  • Sovaldi
  • Telaprevir
  • Victrelis

These are just the most common Hepatitis medications, there are may be more out there.

What Insurance Companies May Offer After Your Underwriting Process With Hepatitis

The health questions and your medication history assessment from the underwriting process will let insurance companies know when exactly you had Hepatitis.

The timing of when you had Hepatitis will significantly affect the quality of the insurance plan that you will be offered.

Here are the common offers you will get according to when you had Hepatitis.

You Were Diagnosed With Hepatitis C WITHIN The Last 24 Months

Navigating burial or final expense insurance with a recent Hepatitis C diagnosis can be challenging.

You might encounter plans offering standard rate, immediate full death benefits from day one, but with a higher premium due to the risk factors.

Only a few A+ rated insurance companies provide such plans. Still, in less optimal situations, options like Gerber Life Insurance’s Guaranteed Issue policy are available.

If you’re unable to qualify with these companies, consider a “Graded” or “Modified” plan.

These plans usually offer a progressive benefit: 30-40% of the full death benefit in the first year, rising to 70-80% in the second.

Given the complexity, direct consultation with an insurance agent is critical to ensure you choose the most appropriate insurance product for your situation.

You Were Diagnosed With Hepatitis C AFTER 24 Months Ago

To simply put this, if you are free from Hepatitis C for the last 24 months, then congratulations on beating it and for being qualified for the best burial or final expense insurance plan.

The best is where you pay the lowest rates with an immediate full death benefit starting from day one- this insurance plan is sometimes called Level, Simplified or Preferred policy plan. (Let’s use the term “Level” for this article)

Here is our go-to burial carrier for hepatitis: Savings Bank Life Insurance (SBLI) at Standard rate. Day one Coverage!

  • Hepatitis that has been cured and is over 2 years ago (treatment must be 2 years old too)

You Were Diagnosed With Hepatitis A or B WITHIN The Last 24 Months

Should you be grappling with Hepatitis A or B, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll be eligible for a Level type insurance plan.

Why is this the case? It’s because Hepatitis A and B have efficient vaccines and often, they can be treated within six months or less.

As such, several top-rated A+ insurance companies have tailored Level type insurance plans specifically for individuals coping with Hepatitis A and B.

Among our reliable carriers, Mutual of Omaha and SBLI are standout options we frequently recommend.

How To Find The Best Burial Or Final Expense Insurance For Clients With Hepatitis A, B, or C

Looking for the best funeral or final expense insurance when you have Hepatitis A, B, or C can feel tough. But having a knowledgeable insurance agent by your side can make a big difference.

That’s where we come in. At, our goal is to help you find the best possible insurance for funeral costs at the lowest price.

Our team is full of experts who specialize in this kind of insurance. We’re passionate about helping people with any type of Hepatitis find the best possible funeral insurance policy.

With more than 26 years of experience helping folks with their insurance needs across 49 states, we know the ropes.

We’re familiar with the ins and outs of lots of top-rated insurance companies. We know how to find policies with extra benefits that don’t cost you more. This knowledge helps us guide you better in your search for the right insurance.


1. Is it difficult to get life insurance with hepatitis?

While having hepatitis can influence your life insurance options, it’s not a barrier.

Many life insurance providers specialize in offering coverage to individuals with health conditions like hepatitis.

They provide comprehensive policies tailored to your unique circumstances.

2. What does final expense insurance cover?

Final expense insurance typically covers all costs related to end-of-life expenses.

This includes funeral services, burial or cremation, medical bills, and even any outstanding debts.

By securing this type of insurance, you can ensure these costs don’t fall onto your loved ones.

3. How much does final expense insurance cost for hepatitis patients?

The cost of final expense insurance can vary depending on several factors, including your age, health condition, and the policy’s coverage.

However, with the right research and understanding of your needs, it’s possible to find an affordable and comprehensive policy.

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Securing your family’s financial future is one of the greatest acts of care you can provide.

If you’re living with hepatitis, don’t let the uncertainty deter you from planning ahead.

With the right final expense insurance policy, you can offer yourself and your loved ones peace of mind, knowing that they’re protected from any financial burden that end-of-life expenses may bring.

Remember, everyone’s situation is unique.

It’s vital to thoroughly research and consult with a qualified insurance professional before making any decisions.

With the right guidance and knowledge, you can find an insurance policy that best serves you and your family’s needs.

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