5 Tips About Buying Burial Insurance For Parents [Same Day Approval]


Always appreciate your parents today and always. Remember all the sacrifices they have made for you through the years. The sleepness nights, the unconditional love they always have. Love your parents and remember as we grew up, they grew older. Life is one big circle. It is our turn to take care of them. Do so with Love, Patience & Smiles.


Can I Take Out Funeral Insurance For My Parents

The questions I get asked the most are:

  • Can I buy funeral insurance for my parents?
  • How to buy life insurance for my parents?
  • How to take out a life insurance policy on someone else?
  • Can I get life insurance on my parents without them knowing?
  • Can I get burial insurance on my parents?
  • How do I get my parents quotes today?

Above all, these are the questions that are asked often. In fact, having senior parents that don’t have a burial policy can be stressful. As long as you have insurable interest and they are aware then you can purchase funeral insurance for your parents.

Can I Buy A Life Insurance Policy For A Family Member

Can you buy burial insurance for parents? Is our number one question daily. Yes, you can. Our main goal is to provide you with the best funeral cover for parents. Furthermore, we will hold you by the hand and show you how to buy life insurance on a parent.

Can I buy funeral insurance for my parents?

Can You Buy An Insurance Policy On Someone Else

Can I take out a funeral plan for someone else? Yes, you can purchase a funeral plan for someone else as long as they are aware.

Can I get burial insurance on my parents? Yes! It could be your mom or dad, a close relative, or a loved one who has no family and you are their next of kin. It provides peace of mind not for just you but for your loved one as well.

Funeral Insurance For Under 50-year-Old Parents

If you are looking for burial insurance for your parents that are under 50 then you will be limited. In fact, if we are going to talk about this let us talk about who is the best at this age.

Let’s face it, being under 50 and looking for burial insurance is not common. For instance, most consumers under 50 are looking for a 30-year term. It is possible to get cheap burial insurance quotes. The key here is, do not put this on the back burner any longer. Life gets busy and we too are consumers just like you. We think we have time but all in all, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Best Funeral Insurance For Seniors

However, if you are healthy then Mutual of Omaha burial insurance is the best with their Living Promise final expense product.

Furthermore, if you have significant health issues then Great Western offers a fabulous guaranteed issue whole life policy. This policy is available for age 40 and above.

Both Mutual Of Omaha and Great Western have a maximum of $40,000 in coverage.

Can You Buy Life Insurance On Your Parents

Funeral cover For Parents over 75

Purchasing insurance for old parents is so incredibly important today. Whether burial quotes for your mother or burial insurance for parents over 80 getting insurance on someone else is easier than you think.

There are dozens of burial insurance companies that offer level same day instant coverage. What about no medical exam life insurance? There are NO exams as we have mentioned previously.

What if my parents have multiple funeral policies? That is OK too! More often we find that parents want to fill in the gaps because the policies they have now are just not enough to cover their funeral expenses.

Perhaps they want to leave a legacy or a trust fund for their grandchildren. Ask us how this is possible and we will give you a step by step process!

No Exam Life Insurance For Parents

How much life insurance can you get without a physical? The beauty of this same day instant burial policies is that there is no exam! This is simplified whole life no medical exam!

There are some medical health questions like we have mentioned, but that is it. As you know every carrier has its own guidelines, once we qualify you, we isolate the best top rated A+ rated carrier.

Then we can give you an accurate quote based on some basic common health questions every carrier is required to ask.

How Does Burial Insurance Work When Buying For Parents

Is burial insurance worth buying? Burial insurance (also known as final expense life insurance or funeral insurance) is the type of life insurance that will help bring peace of mind for you and your parents.

Life Insurance costs are nothing compared to funeral expenses that you can accrue when your parents passed.

Final expense insurance the type of insurance that will cover all funeral expenses, medical bills, funeral directors, funeral home and more.

Above all, when your parents pass away a claim form would be filled out and submitted with the death certificate. In fact, we will hold you by the hand through this emotional time every step of the way.

Buying Funeral Insurance Policy For Parents

Can I buy burial insurance for my parents?

(also known as funeral insurance for parents)

Your parents took care of all your needs growing up.

Burial Insurance For Parents

Now the roles have changed as you are the adult children asking yourself, can I buy funeral insurance for my parents today?

Burial insurance (also known as, final expense life insurance) is one of the best things you can do for your family.

Now you are wondering, how to buy life insurance for your parents… The easiest and most affordable and with Same Day Approval is Final Expense… Let’s begin!

So, is funeral insurance a good idea?  YESSS!!!!

Take advantage Today with SAME DAY INSTANT APPROVAL!  

In fact, let’s dive into some tips to help you get a jump start on protecting your loved ones today. 

How To Buy Life Insurance For My Parents

Know Your Parent’s Health History

**The more information you can provide us, the better we can assist you in the best price and best carrier!

Have the following ready when you call us for a quote:

  • height/weight
  • their phone number and address
  • Date of birth
  • Prescription history (past medication lists/current)
  • Medical history (dates of procedures or surgeries)
  • health conditions
  • who will be the payor of policy ( who will pay the premiums)
  • beneficiary name/names (date of birth)
  • amount of coverage desired

What Is The Difference Between Life and Burial Insurance For My Parents

Is Life Insurance and Burial Insurance The Same?

What is the difference between burial and life insurance?

What is burial insurance?

Well, its life insurance. Yes, it is the same thing. Burial insurance is nothing more than a small simplified issue whole life policy. Can I buy life insurance for my parents is like we have stated above a very common question?

In contrast, to clarify, term life insurance is the most common type of life insurance to purchase at a younger age. Such as a 10 year, 20 year or 30-year term policy that usually required a medical exam.

These have all the same meaning:

  • Final expense insurance
  • burial insurance
  • funeral insurance
  • cremation insurance

So with purchasing a burial insurance policy for your parents, it is usually a very simple process which in this day and age takes no more than 30 minutes to have an active policy.

So when you buy life insurance for burial rest assure you will be covering your final expenses and they are one and the same.

Does my policy have cash value? Over time these simplified whole life policies do accrue cash value. You can ask your independent agent to give you a illustration of how this works.

Work With An Independent Insurance Agent

 **We have the ability to shop you to multiple carriers in one simple phone call.

Qualifying you Instant Same Day Approval. It just does not get any easier!

We are licensed in 49 states and have clients throughout the United States and beyond.

Insuranceforburial.com will walk you through the application processes and ask you some qualifying health questions.

We will help you understand the differences in buying life insurance (burial insurance). Some of our clients often ask us about 20-year, 30-year term policies. (We will touch that in a moment.)

Based on the information you provide us we will know exactly what you will qualify for.

Whether that be instant same day simplified issue-level benefits or guaranteed issue life insurance.

Instant Burial Insurance For Parents

Don’t put this off any longer!!!

Can I buy burial insurance for my mom today? The bottom line, you will have instant same day approval in less than 30 minutes for your mom and dad. Why would you put that off?

Burial insurance is not requiring a medical exam. This life insurance coverage (burial insurance) is long term. Rest of your parents’ life!

In fact, premiums will not increase!

Once you do this, you don’t have to think about it and you can go on living your day to day, enjoying life!

Is burial insurance a good idea?  ABSOLUTELY!

What is the Goodman Triangle

Very Important Tax Tip! You will thank us later!

Very Important to understand there are 3 key components to the Goodman Triangle of any life or burial insurance policy.

If the insured (YOUR PARENT) is different than the payor (YOU) and the beneficiary is let’s say, your brother (JAX), when your parent dies, JAX would receive the full death benefit as he is the beneficiary. But YOU are the payor and the IRS will view this as a gift to JAX and tax you accordingly.

How do you avoid the Goodman Triangle?

The Payor and Beneficiary should remain the same person.

What Does Burial Insurance Cover For My Parents

Achieve Peace Of Mind

You finally took this task off your to-do list!  You have created a final expense life plan for your parents.

The financial burden has been lifted not only off of you but off of your mom and dad. Let’s be real, I am sure they could not rest easy knowing this would have been financial distress for you.  

Now go back to living your day to day life!

Can I Buy A Life Insurance Policy For My Parents Without Them Knowing

Final Expense For Parents Frequently asked questions

What is the scoop with a funeral policy for parents? Generally speaking, you may be feeling overwhelmed and you have questions such as:

  • burial life insurance for parents no medical exam!!!! Will my parents need a medical exam?

No, unlike term life insurance, this type of life insurance is a Simplified Issue Whole Life Burial Insurance Policy ~ SAME DAY INSTANT APPROVAL. Ask your independent agent about the terminal illness rider built into many of the burial insurance policies. Such as, Mutual of Omaha or Royal Neighbors of America.  

  • How do I get funeral insurance rates and quotes today?

How do you buy burial insurance for your parents? To start, you can fill out the quote box to the left, or call us, we are your personal independent agents. We are here 7 days a week to answer your questions.

  • Is burial insurance for seniors the same as funeral insurance?

Yes it is, burial insurance comes in a few names. The types of burial insurance remain the same even though it may be called different things. 

  • What if my parents have health issues? What is the best funeral insurance policy for them?

Depending on your parents health issue, the type of life insurance they may qualify for could be a graded benefit. However, they would still get same day instant approval. Burial insurance quotes are based on your eligibilty, some basic health impairment questions and a few underwriting questions. Once we collect some of that data, we will isolate the best carrier and be able to give you an accurate funeral insurance quote based on your personal profile.

  • Can I purchase life insurance for my parents if they live in a different state?

There are state regulated laws for burial insurance that will vary. It is best to ask your independent agent as they will guide you best! The beauty of modern technology today! You can live in California and your parents live in New Jersey. The type of life insurance requirements today are voice signature instant approval or email signature instant approval.  For this reason, all you need is your phone in most cases!

  • Do I need my parent’s consent?

Can I purchase burial insurance for my parents without them knowing? For terms insurance purposes, life insurance on a parent without their consent is insurance fraud. Additionally, there also needs to be insurable interest. Therefore, there has to be some kind of financial burden on you when your parents pass away.

What factors decide the insurance premium?

How much is funeral insurance? There are a few factors that decide the monthly premium. Age, health, (some high-risk health impairments may require a guaranteed issue policy) and if they are tobacco users. Do they have Congestive heart failure, Perhaps chronic COPD, etc?

Can You Have 2 Funeral Policies

Is it legal to have more than one funeral policy? The truth is, YES!!! Quite often people who have a policy feel that it may not be enough to cover their final expenses and do not want their loved ones to come out of pocket at all.

In many cases, people have life insurance and purchase a final expense policy strictly to leave a legacy to their children or grand children. This is quite common and a very smart thing to do in these uncertain times.

Can I Make The Payments For My Dads Burial Insurance

Absolutely. Your dad will be insured. You can be the payer. Many of our clients ask this question. 

Although some burial insurance laws might differ from state by state, you will want to ask this question to your agent. For instance, Burial insurance NY might have different guidelines or product limitations than say Florida.

How much is the average cost of a funeral for my Parents

So, what is the average cost of burial insurance today? Traditionally the cost of a funeral in most states is anywhere between $8,000-$12,000. Burial/ funeral expenses can add up.

With this in mind, here is a list of burial expenses that are typically associated with a traditional service. (Cremation would be less in cost and the cost of funeral expenses will vary from state to state):

  • funeral home (ceremony)
  • casket
  • flowers
  • location
  • funeral directors fee
  • transportation (limousine, hearse)
  • gravesite
  • embalming etc…

Burial insurance coverage is insurance to cover the financial burden you will endure when your parents pass away.

When your parent dies, the life insurance companies will pay the beneficiary the death benefit. Henceforth, this will help you pay for all their expenses and or debt and medical bills as well.

Burial Insurance For Parents Over 50

Can I get a life insurance policy on my mom? Yes!  She is over 50, and still young. Health is still good? Then YES! The rates will below

In fact, chances are if your mom or dad has put this off for years, they will be so happy you are helping them with this burden!

Burial Insurance No health Questions For Parents

What is the best funeral insurance for senior parents with high-risk conditions?

When it comes to our parents, our beloved family members who have a chronic illness, there are companies that offer guaranteed issue policies. They are not that much different from a traditional life insurance policy. 

With the exception that there are no health questions. Minimum and maximum coverage amounts vary by carrier for age 50 -85. 

Burial Insurance For Parents Over 60

Is it possible to get a burial insurance policy for parents over 60?  

At this age, your parents are probably still in good health.

I just read a survey that said 69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. Click Here for this survey.

Is this enough for you to cover burial costs? Is this enough for your family to cover your burial costs when you pass away?

All things considered, the short answer is NO.

For this reason, many families take a burial policy out for themselves or their parents.

Think about that, do you have $10,000 -$15,000 to cover a tremendous funeral bill?

Term Life Policy For Your Parents Burial Expenses

Is this a good idea?

No!  Do not even bother! Here is why!

When term life insurance would be a good idea:

  • Car loan
  • Home mortgage

If any of these needs to be protected than shopping for life insurance for parents over 60 might be a good idea as this may cover the cost.

Also, a term might be a good idea to cover estate taxes if need be. It’s important to also keep in mind, the 30-year term will not be available at this age. So if you need a larger face amount for longer periods of time as a senior, ask us about the GUL product.

However, as far as to term…..

Also with a term policy, when the term ends, your parents are older, their health status may have changed. Consequently, the life insurance cost is considerably higher.

You will be forced to consider a guaranteed issue life insurance policy with no health questions. With that, there is a two year waiting period if your health deteriorated.

These types of policies will cover accidental death from day one!

As a matter of fact, the life insurance cost may be slightly higher.

(Remember, something is better than nothing) ~ Do you have $8000 -$12,000 for funeral expenses?

Once you decide on the life insurance plan for your parents, we can then discuss the face amount and life insurance quotes.

It is imperative to purchase a burial policy for your parents today and not put it off.

In fact, as your parents’ age, the premium payment will increase.

Of course, we tend to think we have all the time in the world. This simply is untrue.

Our good health today could change tomorrow, a slip and fall, a high-risk heart diagnosis. This can all result in a major financial loss on every level.

Final expense life insurance no exam is a no brainer!  

Burial Insurance For Parents Over 70 It IS Possible!

Again, final expense insurance is ideal for people over age 70. Life insurance for my parents made easy is an achievable task at this age.

You are here for a reason, you want to give your parents peace of mind and they do not want to put the financial burden of funeral costs on you in the event of their death.

Who has the best burial insurance?

Although there are dozens of burial insurance carriers to qualify with and choose from, here is just a sample who offer INSTANT SAME DAY APPROVAL via VOICE SIGNATURE AND EMAIL SIGNATURE…

  • Royal Neighbors
  • Liberty Bankers
  • Prosperity
  • Mutual of Omaha (see info below)

Mutual Of Omaha Burial Policy For Parents

Mutual of Omaha is also known as United Of Omaha burial insurance. They are an A-rated Superior carrier that also offers Same Day Instant Coverage!

The Truth About Funeral Insurance With No Waiting Period For Parents

Keep in mind, as long as you qualify for a level benefit plan, these are simplified whole life policies that are same-day coverage. Same-day coverage means NO Waiting Period.

Life Insurance Quotes For Parents

How Much Does Burial Insurance Cost?

The average cost for burial insurance is going to be based on your profile. 

There are quite a few factors: 

  • Age
  • Medical history
  • Current Medications, etc.
  • Medical conditions/surgeries 

Below are sample quotes for a healthy 60-year-old female, non-smoker. The face amount of $15,000. Level benefits. 

can i buy burial insurance for my mom

Burial And Funeral Insurance For Parents

What’s the difference?

This is a question that is asked often. I will try to answer it as best as I can.

NOTHING!!! They are exactly the same. You see life or burial insurance carriers like to dress up these policies to make them more popular with seniors.

So for marketing purposes, they use these names:

  • Burial Insurance
  • Funeral Insurance
  • Final Expense Insurance

Again, these are all the same!!! Just a small whole life policy!!

What is Voice Signature?

Voice signature is the best thing since sliced bread!

The entire burial insurance is done via the phone with you, your parent (must be present), your agent and the carrier representative.

The carrier will obtain your information, some health questions, verify the information you provided to your agent.

The application process is approximately 10-15 minutes.

What is Email Signature?

If you and your parents live in two different states, the carrier will email you and your parents the application for signature.

Once you receive the email. You will sign the application via Docu-Sign and receive immediate approval or denial. It is literally a few clicks of your mouse. Meanwhile, your agent will guide you if you have any questions during this process. 

Burial Insurance Guaranteed Acceptance For Parents

What is a guaranteed issue life insurance company?

In rare cases, if your parents do not qualify for simplified issue whole life due to high-risk health issues, there is always the guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies.

Same Day Instant Approval No Health Questions!

Yes, that’s right, burial insurance no health questions asked!

Slightly higher premiums, but the insurance costs are nothing compared to funeral costs.

Is there a 2-year waiting period? YES. Here is how it works.

The amount of coverage will remain level. If you die within the first 2 years of natural causes, every premium paid into the policy plus 10% will be paid to the beneficiary.

If you die from an accident within the first 2 years, the full death benefits are paid to the beneficiary.

After the 2-year waiting period is over, it does not matter if you die from natural causes or an accident.

Some people look at this as a financial loss with a 2 year waiting period, however, you must remember something is better than nothing.

It’s a simple conversation. As an agent, I have an AIG guaranteed issue agent login to the agent portal, and the application is submitted in under 5 minutes!

Yes, funeral insurance for parents in under 5 minutes!

I guess the question of, “Can I buy life insurance for my parents have been answered!

What Type Of Final Expense Life Insurance Is Best For My Parents

How to buy burial insurance for parents?

First, you call Insuranceforburial.com!

The best answer to this is the best one they qualify with. Insuranceforburial.com will ask you some basic qualifying questions, and based on some medical history we can determine which carrier will be the best fit.

Meanwhile, we will shop you multiple A+Rated Carriers in one phone call. 

Burial insurance with no waiting period doesn’t get any better than this!

Burial Insurance Quote For Parents

Final thoughts… How to buy life insurance on a parent.

We look forward to helping you secure and protect your loved ones today with burial insurance!

Funeral insurance for your parents made easy with Same Day Approval. Don’t put this off any longer! Burial insurance cost is the cheapest as it will be Today!

If you are looking for burial insurance in California, burial insurance in Texas or even burial insurance in Florida, We have you covered! Insuranceforburial.com is licensed in 49 states! The art of final expense insurance has come a long way. 

In a simple phone call with your computer, phone, and your independent agent. You will have same day instant approval in less than 30 minutes. 

Fast Quote Burial Insurance For Parents

Go ahead fill out the form to the right, get a fast quote Now!

How To Put Life Insurance On My Parents

First, start off by talking with your parents today. They do not want you to have this financial burden. Discuss their medical conditions and medications they are currently taking. Like we have mentioned, you must have their permission to get life insurance on them.

Once you and your parents are on the same page, give us a call. We will shop you to multiple carriers listed above and more. No one can be denied coverage!

At the end of the day, you will all have that peace of mind.

Where Can I Get Life Insurance For My Parents

Free Burial Insurance Information at a click of a button! Ask me how Now!

Call us today to find out how to buy life insurance for my parents with instant same day approval! We will shop you multiple A+ top-rated carriers instantly.

On behalf of my life and business partner, if you have any questions for us, call (855) 380-3300 ext. 2. Ask for me, Lisamarie and I will schedule your phone appointment to discuss your options!

For more information for Elder Care, CLICK HERE.

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