Life Insurance with Pre-existing Medical Conditions
final expense insurance on oxygen

Getting Final Expense Insurance on Oxygen [2021 Guide]

Quick Tip: If you are on oxygen and looking for same-day burial coverage fill out the form to the right. Oxygen therapy is used most commonly for people who suffer COPD, Pneumonia, heart failure, etc. It is so imperative you have a final expense policy in place to protect your loved ones from the financial…
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Burial Insurance After a Heart Attack

How To Buy Burial Insurance After Heart Attack [2021 Review]

The best time to buy burial insurance is before you have a heart attack. After a heart attack or other heart conditions, the risk of death can go up by 20%. If you are in your 50’s and haven’t bought burial insurance yet, it may be time for you to do so now. Burial insurance…
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elderly with diabetes looking for burial insurance

Get the Truth about Burial Insurance For Diabetic Seniors [2021 Review]

Diabetes is a chronic disease that impacts the way your body processes sugar. People with diabetes are at higher risk of heart and kidney disease, stroke, blindness, limb amputation, and death. Many people suffering from diabetes require insulin injections to keep their blood sugar levels in check. Diabetes can also affect your insurance coverage for…
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